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Hi dear visitor,

I’m dropping a little message here to inform you that i’m active behind the scenes, as always.
However that means i write and edit while you scroll, research and read on my website!
I’ll post links to pages on my website via instagram, so that you’re up to date with what’s new on here.

My time is spent researching, philosophizing and questioning nearly everything. Always seeking new ways, unknown asteroids, testing current methods, tidbits, hacks,.. You name it

Here you’ll find a structured overview of anything Astrology, but there is also the Blog section, where i write things from own experience, sharing my philosophies. With the purpose to help you and broaden the perspective.

I guess the name of my website already suggests the topics of choice.. i’m a Scorpio stellium and deeply passionate about anything we repress, that traumatizes, that make us feel insecure or misfortunate, the occult, symbolism, etc.
In short : I am motivated by what shatters us to pieces as i seek out ways to find meaning, positivity and healing.

Some new pages :

Love letter to obscurity
Purposefully cosmic
Galactic Center
Degrees of the musician
A root of infidelity
Overcoming an eating disorder
Asteroid Pholus
Signs & Locations
Nodal Returns
Depression & Melancholy
Degrees of death
Love degrees
Asteroid Lucifer

I’ve started to make video’s when the inspiration hits me : Videos
You can find more on this website too : click here

PS : if you feelin generous, there is a donation button on my website. No necessity but appreciated.

Thank you for visiting, hope the website is helpful to you!


Eva-Desiree // PlutonicDesire

2 thoughts on “Follow my ass for updates <3

  1. I can’t wait for your Twin Flame book. You must continue your (our) Mission! You are the chosen one! I am also a Twin Flame (for 20 years in the contact-non-fucking- contact, we were never a real couple, we never lived under the same roof, I was never in a normal couple with him. We were never in an official, committed ‘relationship.’ We do not even date each other. Yes, but now I know. This is us, Twin Flames. We hurt each other. Cheating. Humiliation. Revenge for cheating, ignoring. We are of the violet flame. So we learn forgiveness and unconditional love. We’re not home yet …
    However, there are two types of us, Twin Flames, the first Moon – carries those who will come together to the union. But this trip is fucking hard: nothing officially starts. Nothing officially ends. We keep connecting and disconnecting, we keep coming back to each other and every time we connect – becomes a ■ milestone in our spiritual journey. Until we realize that we are alone all our lives. Pure alone. All this longing, all this pain because we don’t live under the same roof, all this anger, why doesn’t he choose me as his wife, me as the mother of his child… And that’s the point. Alone. Alone. Alone. For 20 years and more. … Stop. Turning point. And then we connect with the Creator. And then we come into (re)union. Home. Which manifests in 3D as a physical

    1. Thank you for your message! i can relate to your story. It’s difficult to pinpoint anything really, you described it beautifully of no ending no beginning. However i do believe nothing is ever made to possess, our 3D existence is mainly a temporary path where the soul’s consciousness can evolve through earthbound experiences where in the end we have to root back to our own essence, the soul. That transformation and growth does not happen without profound intensity, emotions and experiences. Unconditional love is the main purpose as for what i believe and feel. Often we don’t have much choice but to simply set free, trust. I’m grateful you support my journey and idea of writing it all into a book. It’s a wild process, not the easiest and experiences keep adding up. Thanks for dropping by and sharing! Take care

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