An energetic ‘sixth’ sense, hard to morph into a logical pattern, yet a vital tool in decision making. However we must first tell the difference between Intuition VS fear or desire as we often may want something so deeply that we assume this or that is gong to happen. There is a simple difference between, which is about chronological order and logic, emotional or psychological reasons. Intuition is lacking in all of those because it is in fact Random and free from reasons or judgement.

When we feel something intuitively, we cannot explain why that is. Deep down we consider it truth and the fact is that we do not need any (physical) proof to validate that what we sense will become a fact or is already a fact without validation.
The difference between intuition VS fear and desire is that intuition remains stable. Fear and desire can come and go in ups and downs, they highly depend onto that which is meaningful within our life such as a certain job, a romantic interest,… however Intuition is similar to a fact that doesn’t fade or change. I’ll discuss this more later in the article.

Astrological indications

Intuition has many relationships to specific houses, signs, planets but most importantly is to know that a clean intuition is indicated by an unafflicted Jupiter in the natal chart. That’s when you can truly trust that whatever you feel is truth. When Jupiter is afflicted our intuition is distracted by other/external factors. These intrusive factors are linked to whatever planet afflicts Jupiter. If it’s a square from Mars it may point to an insatiable desire or something you feel angered about that may prohibit the natural flow of intuition, but it can also be linked to something of physical nature such as overall health that is messing around with your own energetic being. If it’s a hard aspect from Neptune you may struggle with self delusion or escapism and may tend to morph a belief into something that’s not constructive or healthy at all. Neptune square may even point to a struggle in believing in anything at all because life has betrayed you in some way. This is also an aspect where people should not work with their intuition at all and in fact it’s better not to trust the predictions of someone that has Neptune square Jupiter, these people need to stay away from Occult matters because they will always struggle to see truth.

When the Northnode is found in the 9th house or in Sagittarius, these people usually have a strong intuition but may struggle to trust it because it’s out of their comfortzone. It indicates a life where one has to develop their intuitive skills and abilities. Often these people sense something intuitively but may ignore it or fear to accept it and they end up repressing what they feel.

29° planets
This is a critical degree and always points to a clairvoyant skill, whether one accepts or ignores it. One tends to feel worn down by life as if they’ve done something over and over again. You intuitively know the reasons behind events and may ‘blindly’ go with the flow as you intuitively know the purpose of it all. You may see things before they happen or had the chance to prove. Often people work with their intuition or neglect their inner ability to foresee things as it frightens them. There can be a deepfelt discomfort with whatever planet resides on this particular degree because it entails the feeling of a ‘final exam’, there is often crisis linked to this degree as well, yet often times people who have their sixth sense/channel open and functioning, they’ll handle the crisis calmly as they intuitively know where it will lead them to.
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This is the planet of the higher mind and consciousness. It’s the planet that brings us sudden flashes of insight out of the blue and sometimes it’s even considered shocking. Tapping into your Uranus energy is done by meditation and allowing to expand the mind through spiritual practices such as Astrology (Uranus ruled). A prominent Uranus is often indicated when in a harmonious aspect to the Sun or Moon, one has an increased ability to ‘see’.

The planet of other dimensions and sensing things beyond this world. However not the most easiest energy to deal with as there is pitfall between delusion VS picking up on something. To work with Neptune, your physical body has to be balanced, you need to have profound understanding of the dimensions, you need to be free from judgement in order to tap into Neptune because it transcends the logical and practical realms which our life mostly consists of. A strong Neptune is when it’s in a harmonious aspect to the Sun, Moon or P.O.F

Planets on the Galactic Center
This is the point in the horoscope at 27° Sagittarius, that opens a portal for downloads and higher knowledge. People that have any planet or point on this particular degree will have instinctive and intuitive insights, often considered revolutionary or shocking to others. There is a pioneering element to this point in the sky.
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If one has many (personal) planets or points in Water signs or houses, it increases the sensitivity to environmental factors but also spheres. These people are emotional but often as a result due to sensing so much more than the mundane human being. Intuition can be strongly developed when they accept their own sentimental side.

She is our sixth sense, a channel, she is the power to look through the facades of things and people depending in which house she’s placed. This becomes the area of life where you foresee situations by a gut feeling. Lilith in 7th has a skill to spot bullshit in others, they look right through their masks. Lilith in 9th has a skill for tapping into higher spheres and intuition. Lilith in 1st has a skill for sensing something through their body and therefore these people’s physical self becomes a communicator between the ‘i’ and the surroundings. Lilith in water houses or signs is very intuitive.
Lilith is picking up on things you can’t explain or see, and if you were to try so, you’d fail, because she connects us to others realms and dimensions. She picks up on subtle energies and carries the memories of prior lives and the trauma.
Lilith is our ability for clairvoyance but often her gift is denied and ignored. Or she is broken down and closed off as a result of negative experiences with our direct environment, that discouraged us to trust our intuition.
Lilith is also how you fight back to compensate the disappointments deep within.

Working with your Intuition

Personal language
Ask the universe and you’ll receive. That’s what i like to say about this. ‘Coincidence’ is not a fact, it is a human construct to make logic sense out of things that are hard to explain. If you doubt than ask for a sign and you’ll get one when you’re (sub)consciously ready for it. An example would be numbers, which is what i use to navigate through the chaos of life. When i feel something or i’m looking for a validation of something, i often get a specific series of numbers thrown at me. Sometimes those numbers appear out of nowhere and than i simply know what it means or what it’s trying to tell me. That knowing is as a result of (practice) what those numbers were linked to in the past, i see it as a signature of something or someone that’s trying to connect with me. The point is ; you have to figure out your ways, your language to best communicate with higher dimensions and your own higher self.
When you receive a signal, stick with your instinctive response. Don’t overthink or overanalyze, the first impression is truth.

Intuition is not only a instant gut feeling, but it can also come in the formation of dreams. This is also one of my languages in knowing or sensing something. When you’re getting a predictive or insightful dream, you often wake up with a feeling of wonder and a general “what the heck?” as if it truly happened. Such dream sticks to you the whole morning or even a full day. It rises questions and deep down you know it entails truth. If your dream involved another person and you’ve felt their presence, it may have been an astral dream, nonetheless it can help to contact the person and ask about certain things you’ve seen or felt in your dream, see if there is a linkage. I have to note that dreams can be very realistic but sometimes they’re just symbolic. Apply your own symbolism as the first attempt at deciphering the meaning. Yes you can consult doctor google, but it’s best to invest in some good books with reliable information to interpret your dreams.

It may help to use cards such as a Gipsy deck, Lenormand deck, tarot deck,… I personally use the first two to get signals or ‘validation’ for anything i’ve sensed. Here again, when you pull a card, stick to your first (intuitive) input.

Astrology can be a helpful tool to determine if you’re in tune with your intuition or not. Usually Hard Neptune transits ‘derail’ us and are hard to navigate intuition, yet dreams can be the only real source of intuitive information during such transits. Positive Jupiter aspect to Mercury, Moon are an indication of intuition that’s activated. I like to use the Galactic center in such cases too. Every time the Moon is on the G.C i consider it a portal for downloads and intuitive input. Go sit somewhere in silence, meditate and allow yourself to receive whatever randomness you’re getting without the judgement of the logical mind. You can draw an event chart for the moment you’ve received insight, look if anything was on the G.C, than you sure as hell just received something divine.


Just like learning to draw, intuition is a skill which we can choose to develop. We all have the ability within, some may have it more prominent than others, but the choice to work with your intuition is free will. It can help to look back at times in your life when you’ve felt something and that eventually manifested into something real. Analyze that event ;
•What was the timeframe of sensing something, how long before the event took place?
•Did you have any reason to sense it?
•Did you feel confused when you tried to make logic sense out of it?
•Did it feel like it was a truth without any validation for such?
Practicing intuition goes with ups and downs, and yes you’ll have moments when you thought you’d sensed something but eventually that never happened. If this is the case consider if there was any deep desire involved into that moment.
Maybe you thought “oh this guy, when he comes back from his travel around the world, i feel like we’re going to collide again” .. Listen to your own words, your own voice, do you hear the desire in this? that’s the difference we need to learn to distinguish. Analyze yourself, are you infused with intense desire or fear? Don’t let your intuition be colored by a specific feeling (at that moment or timeframe) that’s overwhelming you, intuition usually comes randomly.

It’s important that you give your intuition time to unfold, both by developing the skill as receiving results and validation.
Sometimes we foresee an event right before it happens, sometimes we foresee an event years prior to it manifesting, therefore you have to be patient with the outcome.
An intuitive feeling is something that will stick to you, it won’t fade or change, whatever you feel to be a destined event or happening, continues to be a subtle sense somewhere in the chambers of the soul.
I’ve had predictive dreams about meeting someone about 4 years prior to meeting this person, just as an example of how long those predictions can take to manifest.

When tapping into your intuition there are a few things that are important to consider :
•Empty your mind
•Be free from judgement

It’s interesting because only in our dreams are we free from judgement. That means dreams are still a pretty strong source for intuitive information. Just mentioning it…
It may help to first meditate a little so that you’re calm and relaxed. Make sure nothing is bothering you to much at any given moment. Intuition won’t come to us when we’re tense, stressed or overemotional. We have to be neutral and willing to receive whatever ‘randomness’ comes at us.

A Helpful tip
If you think you’ve got this intuitive vision or message, but you’re not entirely sure… Question yourself!
It happens that we see something pass by in a glimpse while scrolling on our phone, or that a fear has been with us since that last conversation with our partner. Whatever it is, we may think we have a premonition, but it came as a result of something very small that just happened a few seconds prior. Ask yourself :
How did this vision reach me, was there anything small leading up to this?
Have i been busy thinking about this particular thing?
Was this really random or do i have a reason for feeling this?
Analyze your own thought patterns. They are like this continuous loop of images and information, one leading to the other, always a result of what was prior. If you’re able to spot this, than you’re one step closer to distinguish the difference between a ‘random’ thought or actual intuition.

What it feels like
Intuition is something else, you cannot compare it to a specific wanting, a fear, a dream or imagination, yet the difference may be hard to spot. Analyze the moment when you first had an intuitive input and see what emotion and feeling was with you. Again just like anything else, it’s a skill we have to patiently learn and develop with trial and error.
It’s similar to a feeling as if it already happened, as if it’s a truth, as if it’s a fact before it even had the chance to become a fact. It’s a feeling of certainty and the root of intuition is that we cannot explain it but we consider it truth by instinctive feel.

There is a distinct between Intuition and desire or fear. Firstly we can determine fear or desire by a reason why that feeling exists. Secondly, fear or desire can be rationalized by logical thinking whilst intuition is not.
There are a few questions you can ask yourself if you doubt :
“I know we’re going to meet again BECAUSE this and that and shit”
That’s an indication of desire.
“I feel this is going to happen BECAUSE i fear that this will happen”
That’s an indication of fear
“I feel that today will be the day BECAUSE i’ve had this feeling before”
This may point to desire/fear, something that’s been on your mind often.
Again, i highlight, Intuition has no “Because” what so ever. Intuition is more so like
“I feel this and that because i simply feel it deep down and i don’t know why”

•Repetition (until you get it)
•It has no reason
•It has no physical validation or root

Personal experiences

Throughout my life, i’ve had several moments when i received intuitive insight and premonition. It happens every now and then that i foresee what’s to come.
What i did is writing down all the dates and times i could remember when having these feelings, to better understand how my intuition or clairvoyance works. As a result i figured there are several ways how i’ll get the message.

I have Jupiter at 29°
Mars and Venus at 29°
Pluto in 8th
Sun & Mercury in Scorpio
All adding up to intuitive inclination.

– It’s often an inner voice, that speaks in present tense, very determined, random without a reason.
“Today is the last day of…”
“Today i find…”
“Person X will drive by..”
“Tonight something happens..”
“Take the test..”

Another way i receive insights about what’s to come, is through dreams. These feel incredibly vivid, real and stick to my memory for a whole day if not months to years. Often there is a familiar energy to these dreams, such as a person (even someone i don’t know yet at the time).
I remember a time when i had re-occurring dreams about my Twinflame (which i didn’t know at that time), i woke up and felt homesick, i couldn’t shake the images off my mind. I told my then partner about these dreams, that i was cheating on him, because these dreams felt wildly realistic, as if i cheated in my dreams, but my actual partner was not to be found in those dreams, so it was more so like a parallel experience. (afterwards i discovered it was a shared dream with my twinflame, before meeting one another).
As i said “i won’t cheat on you” to my partner, my inner compass was glitching and going into a whole other direction. Deep down i knew these dreams were real and that i would leave because of such an energetic person. and yes, that did happen 5 years later.
So basically i was lying to my partner, but deep down i knew the truth.

Other times i’ve noticed that the premonition comes through a deeply physical experience (linked to lilith in 1st)
I needed to take a shit (which is rare in my case during the day), i felt nervous and saw an image in my head of my partner biking home at the time. And yes, shortly after, he came home by bike.

I’ve noticed that when something bad is about to happen, i feel a ‘doomsday’ energy in the air. An overwhelming heaviness that i can’t explain. These premonitions turned out to be true.

So… My advice would be : Write it down. So you can study YOUR ways to how you receive the insights and intuitive input.

Will add more later

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