The degrees mentioned below should be perceived with great care, having something on this degree won’t necessary mean that one will die in a violent way, but this overview could help in further study and understanding.
It’s especially prominent when the Ascendant is on one of these degrees.
When the Sun or midheaven is on such degree it also becomes more ‘significant’.
Sometimes it’s within an orb few minutes of one of these degrees (1 degree difference possible)
It’s important to consider the strength, if it’s afflicted the fatal degree could become more prominent.
The natal chart should indicate sudden/violent/unnatural/… death before making any judgements.
Most malefic planet (by sect)

It may help in forensic researches such as an event chart or natal chart of victim.

14° AriesSuicide, death in a terrible way,
18-19° AriesDeath by violence, fearful & miserable death, early death
22° AriesDeath through danger
27° AriesViolent death (fornix)
8-9° TaurusDeath by suicide, self-inflicted
17° TaurusDeath in duels or brawls
25° TaurusDeath of partner
0° GeminiDeath by suffering or labor
11° GeminiSudden or unpleasant death
22° GeminiViolent death (spine)
25° GeminiDeath by hands of a man
26° GeminiDeath of husband/wife, murder
15° CancerSuicide
28° CancerDeath sentence, violent death
7° LeoHeroic death, murder
8° LeoViolent death, accidents (eyes, vena cava)
9° LeoDeath through disaster
24° LeoInduced death, drowning, stifling
25° LeoSudden death, drowning, poisoning, suicide,
26° LeoViolent death, bodily attack
27° Leo Sudden death by poisoning, drowning
28° LeoDeath of partner or divorce
29° LeoViolent death
16-17° VirgoDeath by judicial decree, violent
29° VirgoDeath by judicial sentence
7° LibraSudden death
15° LibraSuicide
29° LibraAccidental death, murder
8° ScorpioViolent or sudden death
23° ScorpioDeath of friends
1-2° SagittariusViolent death, attack
21° SagittariusDeath on dueling ground, in a scuffle, gallow
23° SagittariusSudden death, violent
26° SagittariusSudden death
27° SagittariusSudden death ( of someone), violent, no natural death
28-29° SagittariusEarly death
6° CapricornTragic death
8° CapricornViolent death, accident, sickness (veins, knee)
14-15° Capricorn Suicide
4° AquariusEarly death
7° AquariusDeath by hunger
10° AquariusDeath sentence, death by danger or injury
3° PiscesDeath penalty (nerves of the right foot)
10° PiscesDegree of death, premature death
16-17° PiscesDeath by drowning (cruciate ligaments)
22° PiscesSad death, suicide
25° PiscesDeath of friends or partner
28° PiscesDeath by suicide, murder

Observations :

A person who was murdered for drugs and money,
had a malefic planet on 6° Capricorn (tragic death)
A person who committed suicide had the ascendant at 22° Pisces (sad death)
and MC at 26° Sagittarius (sudden death)
A person Who was murdered had the midheaven on 7° Leo (murder)
A person who was murdered had all angles on 29 degrees = crisis, karmic,
endings and most malefic on 27° Sagittarius (violent death)
A person murdered by father had most malefic at 21° Sagittarius.
and MC on 18° Scorpio (18° is often misfortune).
A person murdered at age 0 had Sun/Moon midpoint at 18° Aries (death in a terrible way)
A person murdered by drowning (river) had ASC/MC midpoint at 17° Pisces (death by drowning)
in 12th & POF on 1° Sagittarius (violent death)
A person who was prematurely murdered had Chiron 8° Leo (violent death) in 12th,
Sun/Moon midpoint at 29° Sagittarius (early death)
A native with Moon on 18° tends to experience misfortune such as death or premature death.

In the solar return chart of a woman who lost her spouse through suicide :
Descendant on 17 degrees Aquarius (degree of depression and melancholy, bitterness, isolation)
Uranus (7th) on 9 degrees Taurus (death by suicide)
Saturn the most malefic in the chart (nightchart) and co-ruler of 7th, in a square aspect to Mars at 18 degrees Aries (Death by violence, fearful & miserable death, early death). Northnode was at 22 Gemini, indicating violent death and square to Venus (lover).

About 65% people who died from alcoholism had the ascendant ruler in an aspect to Neptune.

Often i see 18th and 29th degree appear. A possibility of the most malefic planet (by sect) on such degree.