As the name Lucifer would bring a lot of assumptions related to Satan, the dark and evil, the actual meaning of this Asteroid is very different. Lucifer means the bringer of light, the shining one, morning star. Lucifer is the same archangel as the Hebrew Samael, in which the story differs from what we know in Christianity.

Lucifer was an archangel whom disobeyed God. He was intelligent and beautiful. But “Pride came before fall”, he wanted to go his own way and left God. Testing the belief system of those who obeyed Him. Because everyone saw God as the ultimate good in the world, therefore Lucifer became the ‘evil’ as he choose to go his own way, think for himself. Lucifer is rebellious. This is what most of us believe as the Mythology of Lucifer. It’s often based on religious or cultural background. A social instruction.

The real meaning of Lucifer in Mythology is strongly tied to the Hebrew archangel Samael.
Samael was the brightest amongst all archangels. One who delve into the depths of everything in order to find the light and truth.

Lucifer (1930)
Keywords : Bravery, testing, conquering, diving deeper, truth-seeking, intellect, beauty
Tempted to go your own way, (excessive) pride, where ego get in the way, where you want to be seen in a better light, could symbolize your own personal horror story, self-serving, tempted to take short cuts, where you need forgiveness, where you may lie to yourself (repression), Thinking for yourself instead of following the crowd, coming up & speaking up,
Having something useful to offer that you believe in

What it means in the birthchart
The asteroid should be used in a tight orb of 0-3′. It’s most powerful when in a conjunction to one of the planets or angles. Lucifer is much about bravery and here you’re willing to take risks to change what has been taken for granted. Often you may feel alone on the journey as a strong Lucifer indicates going against the mainstream or patriarchic standards. Lucifer is about developing your ego without fear and trusting in yourself. It’s not negative but could come across as negative in the perception of others at first sight, as you’re doing things differently, your way. However, simultaneously you may feel a bit anxious as you fear to be viewed as evil for choosing a new and different approach for questioning the leaders and authority figures. It can create self doubt which limits the ego and therefore failure. But in the end, Lucifer is about aligning with your truest self.

Lucifer in the Houses

A need to overcome….
1st house = Selfdoubt, insecure about own personality
2nd house = Doubt about values and possessions
3rd house = Insecure about speech or how to bring your message
4th house = Doubts about what you feel and where your home really is
5th house = Doubt about expression and creativity
6th house = Doubt about health, routine, service, practical things
7th house = Relationship doubts, insecure about the people around you, doubts about justice/equality
8th house = Doubts about intimacy, the meaning of life
9th house = Doubts about religion and freedom
10th house = Doubts about authority and existing structures/norms
11th house = Doubts about humanity, networking, future
12th house = Doubts about intuition, loves solitude
(More research needed)

Lucifer in aspect

A need to believe in….
Sun = Your own power and light, creativity and expression, keep ego in check
Moon = Your intuition, emotions and nurturing, keep stability in check
Mercury = Your ability to speak, communicate and bring messages, keep sanity in check
Venus = Your ability to love, beautify and bring balance, keep overindulgence in check
Mars = Your ability to fight, to be assertive, drive and passion, keep patience in check
Jupiter = Your ability to teach, learn and discover, keep ideologies in check
Saturn = Your own authority, ability to build stable structures, keep pessimism in check
Uranus = Your revolutionary ideas, discovery, intelligence, keep awareness in check
Neptune = Your imagination, creativity, service, keep reality in check
Pluto = Your ability to transform, your own power, ability to look beyond, keep construction in check
Chiron = Your ability to heal, keep self-pity in check
Northnode = Your own purpose, the strength of getting out of your comfortzone, keep overindulgence in check
Lilith = Your own sexuality, divine feminine and vulnerability, keep revenge in check

Lessons of Lucifer
Align the ego, heart and mind.
Ground your motivation and intention in serving the collective, in a constructive way.
Dare to look into the dark, question what doesn’t make sense to you.
Educate yourself to find truth.
Overcome your fears and doubts.
Dare to walk alone.
Think for yourself.

More research needed, keep an eye on the page if you’re interested 🙂
Created : 28-06-2021