The Galactic Center is the heart of our Milky way.
Located at 26-27° Sagittarius
Moves 1′ per 72 years

Keywords to the Galactic Center

• Gateway to the subconscious
• Divine consciousness
• Divine knowledge & truth
• Soul memory
• Transformation & change
• Portal to higher vibrations
• Spiritual power
• Shift in energy & consciousness
• Pioneering & standing out
• Release & healing
• Channel for divine messaging
• Intuitive downloads
• Awakening

When a natal planet is conjunct to the Galactic center, it opens a gateway to our own subconscious and the higher spheres of consciousness. Take the conjunction with an orb of 2 degrees. It’s an amplified divine power and force within that connects us to the ability for downloading higher knowledge, intuitive wisdom. However, we all have the galactic center somewhere our natal chart and this energy is in essence available to anyone.
If you have a planet, important asteroid or angle on the GC, than you have a super power and a mission, to bring higher wisdom to the collective (about whatever is conjunct the GC).

People who have personal planets, angles or asteroids on the Galactic center, have a special quest in which they may pioneer or change a standard. They often feel misunderstood or an outcast. Their ideas are revolutionary and refreshing, however often perceived as shocking ad odd by others. These people may internalize the GC energy as a result of not being taken seriously for their revolutionary visions, but this inevitably becomes the purpose. These people have to accept their higher consciousness and act upon it.
The planet/Asteroid/Angle on the GC is what you’re destined to develop, destined to bring you awakening.
You may feel like a walking library of wisdom at some point.

The same applies when a transit planet is conjunct to the Galactic Center, it opens our possibilities to reach understanding beyond the here and now.
• Keep track of when the transit Moon conjunct the G.C as this is a great timeframe for meditation.
• An event chart with an angle or planet on the G.C means an event that will bring higher consciousness.

I’ve noticed that important meetings or events have a strong connection to the Galactic center.

Personal Example

I have the Galactic Centre located in the natal 9th house, the house placement by itself indicates the life area where divine creativity is rooted within, but also the area of life that’s connected to personal transformation, assigned by the cosmos.
Exactly conjunct to the Galactic center is the Asteroid Amor, which stands for unconditional love. My natal Venus & Jupiter are Sextile to the Galactic center and Asteroid Union is exactly trine to the Galactic center aswell as Amor.
So there is a strong linkage to 9th house matters which also include foreign lands or people. In reality this is very much true as one of the most significant and important connections (Twinflame) is with a foreign person. I happen to meet him for the very first time when transit Sun and my Year lord (Mercury) were exactly conjunct in the skies on top of the Galactic center.
Basically this means a Union that’s meant to happen, a divine Union, a union that aids in awakening.
The experience was deeply powerful and intense, old emotional wounding had the chance to be nurtured and seen.

As the Galactic Center is within my 9th house, it also means that there is a linkage to dreams and visions.
Years prior to meeting this foreign person, i had visionary dreams about a foreign man.

The Galactic Center is connected to the Twinflame. It is a repetitive pattern that oozes through the contact. Such as important events that take place between twinflames, will have the GC activated in the event chart. That’s one way to figure whether you actually met your Twinflame. BULLSHIT DEBUNKED.

An example :
The concept of lightlanguage crossed my path, i felt really intruiged by it, so i tried to channel. As i sat down, trying to relax and tap into the non judgemental state of mind (subconscious).. i softly spoke the word : “Maisele”
afterwards i looked it up and used Google translate with the ‘detect language’ option. To my biggest surprise, this was an Estonian word (which i had never heard of). It translates to “to the wordly”.
At the time of channeling, the Galactic center was rising (on the ascendant)
And on top of that.. my Twinflame is Estonian. I basically downloaded his language.
PS : my northnode line crosses right over the place he lives. (northnode sagittarius in 8)