Fast, efficient, structured database on Astrological information
With the purpose of self-education and research.

To simplify the information that’s randomly spread on the internet

Digging deeper, beyond the surface


The event chart has the same angles as my Birthchart, how lovely.
POF exact conjunct my prenatal Eclipse point. Brilliant.
Asteroid “Desiderata”  (Italian for “Desire”) is conjunct the IC in an orb of 1′.

I created a word document for a friend whom i wanted to explain Astrology to
Than the first prototype was born as a blog on tumblr.
In October 2018, i bought the domain name,
But for as far as my memory goes, there seems to be a starting date at December 1st 2018 too.
Now we are here.

PlutonicDesire focused on diving deep to find truth, whether it’s through study, research and literature.

Founded, created and written by the Plutonic human behind this website
Anno October 29th 2018

One person, one big passion

Part of my official first name is ”Desiree” and i am a Scorpio.
The sign of Scorpio is linked to desire.
Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio.

1+1 = 666