The north and southnode are very important points when it comes to our soul’s growth and purpose.
They bring about karmic situations that could feel draining and uncomfortable, but eventually become a key in our development.

It helps to… :
Study the natal meaning of your Northnode
Look back at when you last had this transit
Stay open-minded and eager to learn
Find symbolic meaning in events

More about the Nodes :
The Northnode

Nodal Square

When the transit Northnode is square to you natal northnode
Themes : Tension, struggle, action, choices, change, “this or that”
Ages : 4-14-23-32-42-51-60-70-79

This is a time to find out what your goals and desires are and to create room to move forward. It’s a stand still by what direction you wish to go, to see what you’re taking with you and what you leave behind. Make adjustments wherever needed, in preparation of forward motion. Circumstances or people can push you out of your comfortzone, but these will help you in learning new skills and perspectives. This is a time to learn where you belong but often this awareness comes through uncomfortable and challenging situations, circumstances or people. Understanding that what you do now, is really you, or a projection, dysfunctional fantasy,… To find out whether the current version of you and life circumstances are in alignment with your desires. Be open to learn new things.

Half Nodal Return

When the transit Northnode is opposing your natal Northnode (or conjunct Southnode)
Themes : Redirecting, re-analyse, release, uncover, heal, going back
Ages : 9-28-46-65-83

Time to go back into the past, to see if what you know and do now, is in alignment with your purpose. Old wounds, habits and conditionings are likely to (re)surface, bringing your awareness to what’s dysfunctional or outdated. By understanding your past and where you came from, you’ll understand why certain things exist in the here and now. If there’s anything from the past that you’re still holding onto that’s not serving you towards your goals, than now is the time to research, understand and heal. To benefit your forward motion in life. This is a karmic time, when circumstances and people (from the past) cross your path, to bring up and out in the open, that what you’ve been neglecting, ignoring, repressing or taken for granted. Finding new ways to do what you do now, having a new refreshing approach.

Nodal Return

When the transit Northnode is conjunct to your natal Northnode
Themes : Purpose, turning point, illumination, destiny, resolve
Ages : 18-37-56-74

This is a time when things fall into place, a full understanding of where you’re headed with a strong sense of purpose. There is a rise in confidence and within the skills you have, the courage is strong but often times necessary as it’s possibe that some things were left unfinished, your intuition will guide you in the right direction, know what belongs to you and what belongs in the past. This is a time of fates events and karmic payouts, circumstances, situations or people may cross your path to remind you of your destiny and true essence. It can bring feelings of ‘i’ve been here before’, but no you have the opportunity to improve and manifest your goals. Find satisfaction within who you truly are. Careful with overindulgence or exaggeration, practice self-awareness. Activate your potential. What doesn’t belong to you, has the opportunity to flow out of your life.