Through my website and Astrological work, i get in contact with other people and clients whom experience intense soul connections. These often resemble a twinflame connection, which is what I’d love to talk about in this post.
One repeating theme is the limited ability of manifestation such connection often entails. Either one or both already reside in a relationship or is married to someone else. There may be a significant age gab, both are separated through circumstantial matters or distance, sometimes practical reasons greatly inhibit the manifestation,…
Those limitations are experienced as bittersweet, agonizing and complicated to live with through such profound intensity found between twinflame pairs.

I have been writing about my personal twinflame experiences on here but behind the scenes I’m dedicating my time to write a book about it. Which is rather tricky, challenging and requires a lot of internal work in order to put it all into words. Those twinflame pairs in (permanent) separation may find themselves struggling to explain the soul tie to their current earthy partner. This is one of the reasons why i resumed writing my book.
note : initially I started writing in October 2019 but had a break of 2 years. In the summer of 2022 I decided to pick up where I left and continue the journey of writing it all down, to the detail.

There are many websites out there that explain the essence of a twinflame connection, however often it is portrayed as our destined partner, the ultimate and the forever love. I have a very strong controversial opinion on that, one that I had to uncover myself through my own journey.
Twinflames are called our mirror soul, our twin soul, the other half, a cosmic love and partner. And it’s that last one which I’ll be using as a way to explain what such purpose main truthfully entail, to some.
The journey is entirely unique and personal to each twinflame pair. Some eventually reach the state of union, some do get married but there are others that don’t merge and reside in the state of separation for a long period of time or even permanent.

The essence of Love

Love is a powerful energetic force between two people. Love is able to make or break us, I assume we can all agree on that one. It doesn’t happen just with anyone. We fall in love with the right person at the right time. We cherish deep feelings for that special person when the power of love struck us. It occurs when someone has the perfect ingredients to our individual lessons and journey of growth, within our individual path of evolving consciousness. Love is an instinctive attraction and magnetism to someone.
Love is multi dimensional and it can variate from parental love, love for a pet, family love, platonic love, romantic love and cosmic love. But the highest level is unconditional love. One that resembles to death. Bear with me, I’ll explain why this linkage exists…

Love does not blossom when our grip is too tight, as the energy is fragile. This draws us back to the certainty that love can make or break. But when Twinflame love occurs, we experience the most profound level of love one can ever experience. It is so compelling that it turns inevitable to resist, unbearably painful when it doesn’t manifests into an actual relationship. The only thing we can do is to love unconditionally, a natural given between twinflame pairs. They both love one another on levels that are beyond this world.

The essence of unconditional love is to trust and let go. That’s the same principle that’s required from us when someone passes. I’m not saying you have to pretend that your Twin is a dead substance. It is eternal, it’s a connection which cannot be fought against, only accept and cherish.

But why do we experience this, is The Question we all wonder… All love stories exist with a reason. Love always comes with a purpose. It is a necessary experience to break open certain parts within us. There is only one key to the layer where our soul resides. That means there is only one person. Our twinflame embodies a whole other dimension of cracking the boxes of our subconscious being. In order to feel what’s embedded into our soul, we need our own soul to hold the mirror up.

Think about it, all we really are, all what we own that’s immortal.. Is our soul. The physical existence is temporary.
So do the sensory experiences only last for a short while in comparison for how long our soul’s consciousness prevails.

The content of ownership, is our own soul. Through a provisional sensory perception we experience emotion and being. To confront, to die, to evolve – Eva-Desiree

If we do not learn to transcend the human desires, we cannot evolve into unconditional loving on the highest level.
If our grip is too solid onto all what’s temporary, we will suffer great loss and agony. Inflicting trauma onto our own soul.
Rise above the human tendency for validation in the physical plane. That is the main purpose of a twinflame connection. The parts where we truly feel and come to union, is the soul. We don’t need a human vehicle to validate such. We think we do, but in that earthy tendency we only hurt ourselves. This is the most liberating thing which we can evolve into ; surrendering and trust. A twinflame teaches lessons of beauty, a gift which we can shine onto our further path as an individual being.

Your Twinflame is a teacher, guide and inner voice that lasts for eternity. A warmth and strength. You cannot fight what’s endlessly you, your own essence. Don’t hurt yourself trying to bend it into something it’s not. A twinflame transcends 3D and mainly functions within the 5D.

It is purposefully cosmic, filled with human inabilities for sensory perception, so we learn to transcend. To learn how to live through our soul. The human experience is a temporary drive-through, a gateway to expand consciousness. Wholeness exists at all times through any dimension. Remember, it’s the limited human perception that causes hurt. Set free, set free. It never dies.

Common process of evolution

The feelings we cherish for someone can morph and change. Think back of a time when you loved someone dearly in the past. You may figure that you don’t have the same feelings no more. But if you’re doing love right, than this person usually has a special place within our memory.

“I don’t rent out places of my heart, They’re sold” – Quote of a good friend of mine

The everlasting hunger you feel for your Twinflame, is able to become tolerable. A huge part of human existence is that we are mental beings, that means our mind is powerful. We can think ourselves into deepfelt hurt but equal to that amount of (self inflicted) hurt, we can transform that mental ability to broaden our perspective onto our own emotions.
Chances are high that you may experience deep aches within your temporary/permanent separation, which are often a result of the human need we have to feel closeness or to sense some sort of validation that the connection is true and real. But the absolute joke many of us seem to miss, is that a twinflame is always with you, inside your being, it’s an inevitable part of your own essence.

Yes, the love between twinflames is completely distinct from any other love we feel. But as we’re dealing with a human ache (separation), so can we use this human perspective to understand the here and now. As in ; we feel this pain because we undergo consciousness through a human lens.
So again, a twinflame connection forces us to learn to see things through the lens of our soul.
Our soul doesn’t have hands, a mouth, leg or whatever. It’s an energetic being of consciousness that continues to evolve through any incarnation.

What next?

The lessons of true unconditional loving is a leveling up within your own consciousness, which you take onto your further path. If that sounds depressing to you, try harder to loosen the grip onto the human perspective of validation. Nothing is ever made to possess. When you die, all things of material value are left behind and rot to nothingness. Instead practice gratitude for the experiences, your soul is growing and that’s the most beautiful part of what life on earth can gift to us. We’re able to expand our soul’s energetic level. But often this process occurs through a profound soul connection, love, relationships and the lancination those inflict.

Pain. In the Physical realm, it’s when we get stabbed and wounded, bleed and need to patiently walk the process from open wound to scar. But in the end the damaged skin becomes a stronger version of what was prior.
Pain in our soul can either evolve into higher consciousness or trauma which we take into the next incarnation. The choice is yours. Will you allow the human drive-through to tear you down, or will you allow this temporary path to show you the multi dimensional layers of love and being.

When you move on from your twinflame, whether that’s temporary or permanent. You’ll notice that what it taught you becomes a necessary strength on your further path. You may feel alone, but you aren’t alone, never.

Let go

Love unconditionally

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