But.. WHO is behind this website?

Getting Astrology books as a present when i was born, seems like they smelled it from afar
that Astrology would be a very important path and passion of mine when growing up.
I started showing interest when i was 16, but never really went into the mathematical depth, until 2017.
I encountered my past life husband…
This triggered the absolute hell out of me, to research, to pin point where those feelings where rooted.
”OH.. yes, Southnode conjunct Juno , Moon exact conjunct Moon, i thought i recognized  your energy, Dibil’
It was a year of big change in which Astrology became a huge part of my everyday life.
Up until now, i am still learning Astrology on a daily independent basis in which i experiment
with various predictive methods.

I shall insert a cute pic of my face right here now (April 2020) :

avatar neutral666
Plutonic yet? IKR , just kidding. But ikr.

Personal background :
I started studying the basics of Astrology in 2012, i lost my focus due to other stuff happening in life.
In 2017 i picked up where i left and continued.
In 2018 i bought a course which was absolute shit and a waste of money.
I created ‘PlutonicDesire’ and founded this website.
In 2019 i purchased a decent course to structure my knowledge.
I am one of those who enjoys complex stuff but making it simple
and understandable so that everyone can benefit from the ancient knowledge
= Astrology
Just a little side note : My way of writing can be sarcastic, unfiltered, sexual and realistic.
I want to be raw in the way i write about things.

My Approach :
I am a reality slapper, but with a heartwarming approach.
What i love most, is to encourage people
Help them on their path of understanding difficulties and challenges,
To help people to transform.
Leveling up.

My Birthchart :
I have actually used my own birthchart multiple times on this website,
however you may never knew that.

birthchart e

My purpose :

”To simplify the information that’s randomly spread on the internet”

I write & research out of own experiences. Most of the things mentioned on this site ;
i have been through them personally, that’s why certain obscure topics are to be found on here,
because one wants to know the root of it, and i am not alone in this search.

“I use my wounds constructively and shape them into educational knowledge
which ignite my desire to shine light into darkness.”

Which is the literal translation of my Virgo Moon conjunct Chiron in 6th house.
I desire to help others, guide others on occult paths, such as Astrology.
I am currently studying and constantly improving my website, knowledge & skills.


Other projects aside from Astrology

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