07/05/2022: T. – Returning visitor
“Eva, thank you!! This was a great analysis and reading. You are spot on with everything you picked up from my natal chart. Indeed. You are a powerful writer and so intuitive. Good luck with everything in your life.”

20/03/2022: R. – Returning client
“Hey dear Eva, i wanted to take the time to let you know that J. was super happy with her reading. When i gave this present to her she had tears in her eyes and couldn’t believe. She told me it was so accurate and that it helped her so much, it’s a document which will help her become her authentic self. So again, good job! You’re really helping people with what you do. You give people the instruction manual to themselves, a confirmation that they’re not crazy and it’s something so valuable”

03/01/2022: V. – Returning client
“Thank you Eva. Glad 2021 is over now! Again everything was spot on for the predictions of 2021, even to the detail! Thank you for this. Hope to meet you soon in the upcoming year. Love V”

04/11/2021: V. – Returning client
“Stop doubting yourself!! greetings”

02/11/2021: V. – Returning client
“The reading fits perfectly!! unbelievable Eva how everything is coming to the surface… I read and reread again the last predictions that you’ve made. Really amazing”

13/10/2021: V. – Returning client
“Your explanation is phenomenal and interesting every time again!!!”

17/09/2021: R. – Returning client
“Heeey Eva, thank you for the 13 pages long of pure confrontation and validation. Your PDF is like an instruction manual voor me. Lots of things are accurate AF and i will work deeper into it. Other things awake my curiosity which i want to dive deeper into. It is a very handy tool for me which also validates that i’m not ‘crazy’ haha. Thank you for being so open and honest and clear, you’ve really helped me with this. If i ever can do something for you, i’ll do it with love and pleasure.”

07/01/2021: K. – Astrology reading
“Thank you for the nice reading . . we’ll meet again xx”

04/08/2020 : T. – Solar Rerturn Reading
‘’Wow super, So accurate in wat i leave now here. Hahaha crazyyyyy. Thx so much. I would late no body else look into my life this way ! Thx again very right and precise and i feel all of those words. You do this amazingggg ‘

31/07/2020 : A. – Transit Astrology
”It’s all spot on, pffff i need to process it. you give me strength that i havn’t felt in a long while”

30/07/2020 : S. – Natal Astrology
‘’Bravo… Is not enough. You deserve a standing ovation. I´m astonished by your brilliance behind the darkness ‘’

21/07/2020 : S. – Astrology
‘’Your contribute sharing those studies is great, I really appreciate your work and site. Thank you so much! Thank you very much for your time and also for the thought ‘’

16/07/2020 : S – Progressions Astrology
‘’Hey thank you for taking the time out to do that for me, I really appreciate that as I am completely clueless to reading my own chart ‘’

01/07/2020 : A – Astrology
‘’Thank you for these tips and supportive words, i appreciate that! ‘’

20/04/2020 : N – Astrology
‘’Great stuff here. Thank you for posting this. It takes bravery to approach this subject – whether privately or openly. It takes guts and balls to do it publicly, imho. Good work !!!
If I can help in any way – I will. I look forward to your future findings. ‘’

19/04/2020 : D – Astrology
‘’First I must thank you for your website. It is packed full of information that is so very useful and lots of things I have yet to discover. Thank you for anonymity in regards to the information. I looked and it’s pretty heavily aspected. I don’t really need to dig any deeper I think. I found my answers to questions already and your website helped. I hope it is a great success!‘’

18/04/2020 : S – Astrology (website)
‘’Ohh that´s amazing! Thanks for your work! ‘’

18/04/2020 : D – Astrology
‘’Utilizing the information on your site I was able to find Nessus in my chart and it’s interpretation was useful. And holy crapola it’s spot on!‘’

18/04/2020 : A – Astrology (website)
‘’It offers super useful info and I like that it is written very simple, clear, on point, offering very relevant information in a manner that is easy to understand for anyone.
Well done! I´ll continue the research on your website.
Actually, I´ve been looking for this kind of info for some time now and always landed on obscure sites with very few relevant details and tones of ads.
Keep up the good work! I think your engineer-esque approach will enable even the less familiar with astrology to get an idea about their issues of concern‘’

18/04/2020 : C – Astrology (website)
‘’Thank you so much for sharing and creating this very useful site!! I love it!!‘’

05/02/2020 : G – Astrology
‘’Hi dear! I hope you’re doing good. Thank you again for the description you made last year for my children. I saved them at my phone, and now I was reading what you said. ‘’

29/12/2019 : T – Astrology
‘’Thank you for advising and clarifying my transit. I feel it on myself that I am changing. ‘’

28/12/2019 : D – Astrology
‘’First, I want to thank you for this message because it really means to me. I can feel your emotions through these words and they are so accurate. ‘’

02/12/2019 : A – Astrology
‘’I want to thank you for taking time to do this, i know its not easy and it takes time to put all information together and have a better understanding on whats happening to someone else life. ‘’

30/11/2019 : S – Astrology
‘’Thank you very much. I felt somehow that i can share this, even if it is not easy. Thank you for you support‘’

30/11/2019 : F – Astrology
‘’Much appreciate the time you took to read through and offer help! ‘’

10/08/2019 : C – Astrology
‘’I wanted to touch base and thank you again!! Thank you for your kind words and further explaining the pluto venus Square! ‘’

25/12/2018 : T – Astrology
‘’Omg thank you so much you are too kind and so helpful, honestly! An empty 1st and 12th house sounds pretty interesting I will have to go delve into this now! 😀 Again thank you! X ‘’

22/12/2018 : M – Astrology

‘’Hello, Thank you so very much. I can´t tell you how much this means to me. I do appreciate your candid advice and confidentially. Thank you so much! I’m so eager to learn more about astrology. I’m now fascinated!!! ‘’

05/12/2018 : G – Astrology
‘’Thank you for your fast and thorough reply. It is all very true and i can relate to it a lot. It really helped me and I appreciate it! All the best! 🙂 ‘’

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