Astrology of Putain

If you can read french, very nice, than you’ll understand the title. If not, i suggest google translate.
Here is my personal approach to Putin his chart. A brief one

Sun at 13° Libra is the degree of a native that’s dishonest, lying, destructive, self-serving and business oriented
Sun in 12th house ( whole sign) means he is secretive, a behind the scene type of person, hard to figure out what he’s really about as if he is wearing a mask to the outside world and keeps a lot of secrets.
Sun square Uranus means he is unpredictable and has a very unusual personality.
Ascendant in Scorpio makes that he has an obsessive approach to life, could become destructive, it explains his prior years as a Spy (Scorpio is the ‘spy’ of the zodiac). He is intense, stubborn, very fixated with a desire for power.
Mars in 2nd house as the ruler of his ascendant, it means his main focus is onto gaining wealth, possessions. Mars is in Sagittarius which indicates foreign matters are involved or could have a strong focus.
Mars the most malefic in a daychart, as it’s the ruler of his ascendant it means he is the catalyst of his own misfortune, through aggressive (mars) actions. It’s in the house of money and possessions, having the most malefic here means it will fall one day. Mars is also the ruler of his 6th house which is about daily tasks and routine, aswell as health, so this could mean his health will decline rapidly (mars) due to excess negative energy or through violence (mars).
Mars 26° Sagittarius is the degree of a sudden death, it’s likely that it will happen very fast, could be bloody or aggressively.
Uranus in 9th house means he has unusual philosophies, very stubborn in terms of what he believes. Rebellious ideas and ideals, independent thinker
Uranus on 18°,this is a degree of misfortune with a very sudden and unexpected turn. It’s in the sign of cancer which is about execution. Uranus is in the 9th house which means foreign matters are involved, mainly foreign (9th) lands/property (cancer).
Neptune in 12th means there is a possibility of mental disorders. even more so because it’s conjunct tp Mercurius (the mind), there could be delusional thoughts and ideas.
Pluto is the modern ruler of his Ascendant, and it’s conjunct the MC which means his focus in life is also put upon getting major recognition, achieving mass power.
Pluto conjunct MC in Leo is a positions of power. a powerful (pluto) leader (leo).
Leo is also about fame, so you can translate this to ‘a famous leader of power’.
Pluto square Jupiter, this is an aspect of wealth, but followed by crisis. This aspect means he will lose it all one day. There is no chance of his wealth and power succeeding when it’s created out of destruction (pluto). This aspect requires a constructive approach, which he does not have at all.
Pluto 22° Leo is a degree of destruction, the fact it’s on his MC means it’s about his outward image and actions but as well as what he attracts into his life.
MC 21° Leo means he is his own enemy and very receptive of being injured.
Northnode 18° Aquarius is again a degree of misfortune, it means explosive, insecure, catastrophic, financial disaster and the danger of own life.
POF 22° Gemini , pof is a calculation of Sun, Moon and ASC, so it shows the focused point of a native’s personality. This degree in particular means a violent death, and POF is in the 8th house which is the house of death.
Chiron 7° Capricorn is a degree of a violent death.
8th house at 29° is a degree of crisis. It has a linkage to his own ending which is likely to be sudden and caused by some sort of crisis.

Now, he may be powerful now, but this won’t last forever. He is facing major opposition from all over the world.
Over and over again, i see Pluto square Jupiter in the charts of people who lose everything they own, forced to start all over again, so this loss is on his horizon and might happen faster due to his aggressive, destructive outward actions.
One has to use Pluto’s power constructively inorder to receive the fruits or benefit.
Pluto on the MC is about drastic changes in career and imago, that already happened, but Pluto is also the one who breaks down. Again a matter of time for his status to fail into nothingness.

Putin is currently in a 10th house profected year, which puts the emphasis onto his outward image, status, career. His 10th house is ruled by Leo (leader, fame), and the Sun is in the 12th house (whole sign), which creates this blend of career + endings.
Image + secretive. Legacy + loss. Actions + behind the scene.
I personally don’t believe he will succeed in any way. His Sun is conjunct to a malefic, Saturn does tend to act more constructively in a daychart, however it’s still a malefic and it’s located in a malefic house.
It’s a matter of time (saturn) for his career (10th house & Sun) to end and fail (12th house). Saturn is the ruler of his 3rd house, which is about neighbors, so it’s likely that neighbors (lands) have to force and stop him.
Besides that, Sun is square by Uranus in 9th, which is about sudden acts from foreigners. Not to forget his Uranus is on a degree of execution.
12th house is also about jail and hospitals..

Solar Return 2021-2022

His profected year ruler is the Sun, it’s placed in the 3rd house, a focus onto communication, speech, contracts, neighbors (lands). It’s conjunct Mars, ruler of the 9th, only amplifying the foreign matters. Mars in the sign Libra has a hard time making any decisions.. it’s combust (conjunct the Sun) so in shit condition so to say, or seeing things not clearly.
His 10th house (natal) is Leo and in the Solar return Leo is his ascendant, BUT it’s on 29° which means crisis, and ending phase. The Sun is opposed by Chiron in 9th house, which could be seen as injury caused by foreign lands, through fast actions (Aries).
His ascendant is on the fixed star regulus, which means ‘leader’ ,demanding and commanding.
Not to forget that regulus is about imprisonment and a violent death. His wealth and honor is only of short duration with this degree. It blows my mind the amount of shittyness in his chart, i declare his career will fail and he dies in tragedy.

Uranus conjunct the MC means there will be change in his career and status. it’s the modern ruler of the 7th house (in Aquarius) which means other people are involved within this change.
Note that the 12th house is occupied by Leo which also rules the Ascendant, so there is a relationship between him and 12th house matters ; loss, secretive, behind the scenes or behind bars.

It’s a matter of time for Putin to fall.
Soon his year lord, the Sun, will be opposed by Chiron + transit Sun will square his natal Chiron, this will be around the end of march, beginning of April.
I could see him being wounded in some way, either literally or symbolically.
Simultaneously Transit Saturn is opposing his Pluto, that’s two destructors at play, this will break at some point, Saturn will go retrgrade on june 4th and will station direct on October 23rd this year, right on top of his Northnode at 18°, degree of misfortune aswell as the danger of own life and financial disaster.

Venus, ruler of his solar return MC, is at 29°, again crisis is linked to his outward image. One who doesn’t handle constructively, shall fall. and it’s in scorpio, it means drastic changes.

I see Putin fall, for sure. 666% sure.

He might be a born powerful leader, but with such mass destruction it can only last for a short period of time.

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  1. Wow…thank you! Great interpretation of a natal chart. I’m learning so much since I came across your site. Look forward to more articles. I also was wondering do you transit s to a meeting chart?

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