Soul Arousal (Research)

I’m looking for people, couples who’ve experienced intense sexual soul arousal whose Synastry i can research for specific indications. By that i mean that the soul connection gets your soulish love juices flowing without having any control. It means the eyes are enough to ignite arousal, or unphysical things such as spheres, details in the other person’s identity, sound,.. get to you so deeply that your sexual chakra blossoms. This means the physical realm has less to none significance within the shared arousal, it’s something you feel deep within that’s overpowering the 3D aspect of sexual merging. A type of arousal you’ve never experienced before, could feel like being high or drunk, addictive and healing, increasingly getting more intense or the level of intensity that doesn’t seem to cool off. A type of arousal that can take place on a physical distance. This is a rather rare experience which seems to happen only once in a lifetime. Unless you disagree, feel free to start a debate in the comment section below.

If you’ve experienced this and feel comfortable sharing, please feel free to contact me.
I will need :
date of birth of both people
exact birth hour of both people
place of birth of both people

Thanks in advance!

Love & light,
PlutonicDesire // Eva-Desiree

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