Currently moving house & in the process of renovation so i’m a bit hard to reach .
Please keep in mind that i may not reply right away. Thank you for understanding 🙂
Updated : May 27th 2022

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Personal approach :

I approach every reading with intuition and may write about things that stand out from your chart which has a linkage to your personal story and questions, this means any inner dynamics which may cause the current situation as it is, any karmic pattern,… this to help you in understanding yourself, shine light into parts that are hard to get a grip on. In the end, my purpose is to encourage you, bring strength, hope and the power of transformation.

I’m well known with relationship issues, struggles with self-esteem, sexual repression or trauma, blockages, eating disorders, twinflame journeys,.. All Plutonic themes is where my soul has the most connection to in understanding and guiding.

I used to study social assistance and psychology, but never finished this study as I work the other way around : I start at the outcome/result and work my way back to the core/root. Here I have my second approach and attempt at being of service to people who need help & guidance, but with a more in depth tool : Astrology.

In no way i’m a certified psychologist, i’m aware of the sensitive topics and how vulnerable a person could feel. I treat people with respect, free from judgement.

Keywords to my service :
Raw honesty & open-mindedness
To use my wounds to heal you
Combination of Astrology, psychology, spirituality & reality

Reading options :

Relationship astrology (Synastry & Composite)
• I discuss your birthchart in regards to matters of love
• Most influential dynamics between you and your person
• Any soul connection, karmic linkage, pastlife
• Opportunities & challenges
• First meeting chart (optional)
• Current influences onto the composite

Solar return & yearly influences
• Profections
• Yearly themes and focus
• Influence onto the birthchart
• Important timeframes
• Any personal concerns such as work, love, health,..
• Anything that stands out with Progressions / Solar Return

• The building blocks of you ; basic elements
• Hacks to recognize & understanding when you’re out of balance
• Purpose of your soul & life’s lessons
• Sect (day/night chart)
• Interceptions / Duplications
• Aspects and planetary influences
• Any personal concerns : Love, finances, work,…

Astrology Report :

• Readings contain 9-12 Pages as a PDF format
• Prices are below €100
• I aim to finish the report within 1-2 days
• PayPal Only (until I find more trustworhty options)
• English & Dutch options

I’m open to returning clients or people who are looking for someone to walk the path with them.

If you need a listening ear, a conversation with an Astrologic flavor, or anything you need help with interpreting, you can contact me, here I work with free donations.

Contact :

Send me an e-mail briefly explaining your personal story, questions, concerns,..
And the type of reading you’re looking for. If you want me to look at anything specific, don’t hesitate to let me know.
We’ll discuss what reading suits best for you.
Plutonic.desire [at]

I am based in Gent, Belgium with options to receive clients in person in the nearby future, once my office is set up.
Updated : May 27th 2022

Disclaimer :
The feedback that’s given after a reading has been received,
can be added to the review section of my website anonymously,
If you prefer me not to share it, please let me know in your email.
Feedback can be given directly onto the website aswell.

Hope to help you soon, bring clarity into whatever darkness you reside.