Currently i’m a bit hard to reach as i have been dealing with a lot of setback and exhaustion (chronic).
Please keep in mind that i may not reply right away. Thank you for understanding 🙂

Twitter (no longer in use)

Slowly, but steadily i’m growing and working towards creating readings.
I’m always learning, ever evolving, never done researching and understanding the human psyche.
I do have a strong philosophy that i want to incorporate into the contact with every client.

• Raw honesty
• To use my wounding to heal you
• Combination of Astrology, Psychology & Spirituality + Reality

What drives me most, is to help people who have relationship issues, struggle with self-esteem, sexual repression or trauma, blockages,..
All things Plutonic is where my heart and soul is put into. To encourage people to transform and recreate a stronger self.
I once wanted to become a therapist, i did start those studies for psychology in 2012, but never finished those, and the reason for that is that i work the other way around. I start at the outcome/result and work my way back to the core/root. It’s just how my brain works 🙂
It hurts me to see unhealthy love, i listen to your story with focus and analysis, just know beforehand that if delusional themes pop up, i’m here to wake you up. No more co-dependency, but first work through those possible trauma’s with lots of patience, respect and love. All things are connected, everything starts with yourself, so to understand who you are first, will create and attract healthier relationships.

I’m completely open to follow up’s or returning clients who are dealing with longterm situations.

Important side note :
Shame does not exist, your story is safe with me. Don’t worry about shocking me, that doesn’t happen, so you can peacefully tell your story.

Astrology reading Options :

• Birthchart
• Solar Return
• Lunar Return
• Synastry & Composite

Format :

• PDF, usually 10-13 pages
• Skype possibility for returning clients

Guidance & Advice :
Based on personal experience combined with psychology, astrology and a realistic approach.

• Relationships
• Twinflames
• Eating disorders
• Sexual trauma

Disclaimer :
In no way i’m a professional psychologist, i’m aware of the sensitive topics and how vulnerable a person could feel and actually is. I treat people with respect, without judgement. I’m here as a warrior, a survivor to help.
Even if it’s just a listening ear, communication is necessary for healing.

Format :

• Chat – 1 hour
• Skype – 1 hour

If you want a reading, please contact me via Instagram.
You can give a brief explanation of what your concerns are.
If you feel unsure about what type of reading you want to go for,
than we can figure it out together what would help you best.

Regards prices, i remain humane.
Payment via Paypal only
I aim to finish your PDF within 2-3 days
This will be send to you by e-mail or facebook, whichever way you prefer.

Hope to help you soon and bring clarity into whatever darkness you reside.