Pholus is a centaur, just like Sagittarius he is half human and half horse. It’s the asteroid of major impacts and life changing events. Therefore i wanted to devote a whole page to this wonderfully erratic Asteroid as i’ve seen it play out rather wild and unexpected.

• 91-92 years to orbit the Sun
• Turningpoints
• Number : 5145

What is Pholus all about

• Force of radical change
• Explosive influence & escalation
• Exaggeration & extreme situations
• Spiritual emergency
• Spontaneous & instinctive actions
• Life changing consequences when we act upon it
• Intensifies what it touches
• Catapult to the unexpected
• Trigger of lifechanging events
• Small start of major events

On the positive side
• Awakens to your soul’s path
• Guide to overcome addictions
• Protective energy
• Magical and unexpected
• Overcoming obstacles with force
• Earth-bound consciousness
• Spiritual emergencies

Pholus in the natal chart

Pholus is a slow moving asteroid. Whenever it’s conjunct any of your planets in the birthchart, the energetic essence of that planet is amplified, exaggerated or causes major issues and turning points within the area of life related to the houseplacement of Pholus. An individual with Moon conjunct Pholus could have extreme emotional breakdowns or may be hyper sensitive. A person with Pholus conjunct Sun may have a very extreme self expression which can be physical as well such as extreme body modification. Pholus explodes for good or bad, it all depends on how you handle the energy.
Whatever it touches, will be a theme in life that stands out or causes major upheaval at some point.
Pholus is active within a tight orb of 2-3° max.

The houseplacement of Pholus becomes an extreme focus in life, crisis or turningpoints are often related to the topics of that house. Some examples :
a woman had Pholus in the 7th conjunct Venus (7th ruler), her spouse committed suicide. Pholus was at 23° which is the degree of cutting, abrupt breaking.
Another woman had Pholus at 11° in the 11th house square Lilith, one of her best friends cheated on her with her husband. Not to forget that 11° is the degree of friends, so here this again shows a litteral manifestation. Pholus was also opposing Uranus, the planet of friends but also sudden and unexpected situations. Never in her entire life would she had thought that one of her best friends would take her husband.
A man had Pholus in the 7th house at 11°, he cheated on his wife with a friend.
I have Pholus in my 6th house exactly conjunct Moon, i have to say i have huge issues with my intestines, i struggled with an eating disorder for 7 years and had a profound emotional impact in my life that changed me forever.

Pholus in Transit

Pholus moves incredibly slow but whenever it touches any of your natal planets or angles, it will manifest itself as something big and lifechanging. The planetary energy is exaggerated. Pholus is our necessary turningpoint, whether we can admit it or not. If you’ve been suppressing anything for way to long and Pholus comes along via transit, no shit that it will explode and you’ll instinctively act upon that. Pholus is active in an aspect orb of 2° max.

Some examples :
Pholus was conjunct my MC when i was hit by a car and broke my tailbone (Pholus in capricorn), i never returned to work ever since this event.
When transit Pholus is trine or sextile your natal Pholus, it can still bring shocking events, however those happen to better your life. An example i’ve seen was when a man had transit Pholus sextile to his natal Pholus, that was the moment he cheated on his wife. Although a sad event, he bettered his life in the sense of living truthfully to his own identity and essence as he was clearly repressing a shitton within that seemingly perfect marriage.
Another example from my own life is that when transit Pholus was exactly trine to my natal Pholus, i met my twinflame in the flesh for the first time. Without a doubt the most impactful day of my life.

I met the most impactful person in my life when transit northnode was exactly conjunct my natal Pholus. And for my observations it seems that any exact hit to my natal Pholus or from transit Pholus is directly linked to that one person i mentioned, my twinflame. Very interesting if you ask me.
Another example is that Solar arc Pholus was exactly conjunct my natal descendant when i met my Twinflame in the flesh. See, holy shit.

Pholus changes things DRASTICALLY to push us to our mission. When i was hit by a car, it pushed me to study astrology in depth. I needed this, the ‘freedom’ to dive into my passion as my broken tailbone resulted in staying home for a very long period of time with continuous extension.

Pholus in Synastry

Whatever it touches, it will exaggerate the planet. when conjunct to a personal planet or point, than the both of you have an extreme impact onto each others life. But Pholus also causes a person to feel deep admiration and a need to nurture.
The sign in which the aspected planet is placed, often creates themes that relate to the sign’s theme. For example when a planet in scorpio is aspected by someone’s Pholus, there is always something sexual or traumatic involved that gets exaggerated. These are my OWN interpretations of Pholus in synastry which i gained through observation.

Pholus opposite Sun is a shock that changes a person fundamentally. This can be a very creative connection where the Pholus person ignites the artistic side of the Sun person. They both feel immensely illuminated by one another. The ego dynamics can become explosive and destructive if not handled well. This can act as a deep confrontation with the self for both people. They can feel extremely inclined to explore their own dominant side, the Sun person is likely to have an exaggerated selfexpression. This can involve an impactful male figure.

Pholus square Sun can be somewhat uncomfortable. The Sun person may express themselves differently or may feel the need to dominate the Pholus person. Both people feel deeply inclined to explore their own ego and power dynamics with one another. The Pholus person may have the tendency to be submissive to the Sun. Pholus can expose unconscious parts of the Sun’s self expression (linked to the sign of the Sun) which may be deeply confronting and confusing.

Pholus sextile Sun can cause one or both to stand their ground through a confrontational shared experience. Children can be involved as the major impact such as parenting. They feel like they have a lot in common and they both understand their deeper motives of expression. The Pholus person can have an exaggerated amount of adoration for the children of the Sun person. They get along well of with extreme ups and downs most likely, differences in self-expression will be strongly felt by both. It’s possible that Pholus is the more dominating person and Sun can suddenly act out as a response to that.

Pholus conjunct Moon is about extreme profound emotional involvement, being extremely in tune to one another. An otherworldy attraction to one another. A lasting emotional impact. This one is incredibly nurturing and heartfelt. The Pholus person feels an overwhelming need and responsibility to care for the Moon person. They may forcefully decide to live together in extreme conditions or go to great lengths to make a homelife possible.

Pholus opposite Moon brings a turningpoint in the homelife and emotional makeup of both people. There is an incredible emotional attraction that can be somewhat unusual and very unexpected. When these two meet it’s a like a collision of two very different people that share a lot in common. The Pholus person has a deep desire to take care of the Moon person and they may meet through crisis. The Moon person can bring profound emotional experiences to the Pholus person for good or bad. The Pholus person could feel emotionally torn apart to extreme depths. These people can move in together very fast such as within the first week of dating.

Pholus trine Moon leaves a lasting impactful emotional experience. These two people ignite profound feelings within each other, hard to resist. The Pholus person has an overwhelming desire to be with the Moon person. The emotional needs may change drastically. This aspect is so powerful you’d break up your family for it if this conjunction occurs between you and a third person. The Moon person becomes aware of their own repressed emotional needs.

Pholus opposite Mercury means there are overwhelming thoughts about one another, there is an inability to get each other out of your mind especially the Mercury person. It’s hard to resist contact and the contact between these two is one that changes life forever when they meet. They may have met very suddenly that causes a complete turnaround and changes their perspective on life fundamentally. An exaggerated exchange of communication that only increases or shifts with periods of complete impactful silence.

Pholus square Moon can feel deeply uncomfortable and vulnerable. There is something about the Moon person that makes the Pholus person feel weird or it may feel like there is a huge emotional lack between them. However they can share an exaggerated amount of feelings with one another. There can be immense emotional clashes between them that confront them both with deep instinctive reactions likely caused by a painful past experience. Pholus has a big impact onto how the Moon person feels.

Pholus square Mercury is one where two people share powerful information with one another. There can be an exaggerated exchange of communication and thoughts. The Pholus person greatly inspires and stimulates the Mercury’s mind. They may be the first to share an impactful event with one another, such as being extremely close friends. They have impactful conversations and it’s likely that the Mercury person will say something at one point that will be experienced as shocking and overwhelming by the Pholus person, this can work both ways.

Pholus trine Mercury can bring profound and extreme forms of intense communication. The Mercury sign will indicate the type of contact between these two, it amplifies the traits of the Mercury sign. Pholus can be involved in the encouragement of Mercury to speak up or to take an important decision. They broaden each other’s mind through shared unfiltered curiosity. Often their contact is exaggerated and wildly intense. I’ve seen this contact between two people where the Pholus person empowered the Mercury person to report sexual assault which Mercury went through at that time (Mercury in Scorpio).

Pholus square Venus is about a lifechanging love. You’d do everything to be together and it’s incredibly difficult to ignore the amount of magnetic attraction these people feel for one another. Often the love of fate but not necessary the one you marry. There is mutual impact onto the relationship department as well as finances. It’s possible that one or both spend a significant amount of money. A relationship that can be mainly built upon material wealth and gains. Finances become an important factor between them. There can be an intense infatuation or crush, a deep desire and admiration.

Pholus conjunct Venus is an impact into the value system of the Venus person. Initially these two have an incredible bond that’s filled with generosity, warmth and overall great compatibility. However they can both change something fundamentally within their set of morals and values.

Pholus trine Mars brings a profound and impactful sexual experience between these two people. They may want to cooperate for something big. Both may act in ways they never through of, such as acting upon their sexual needs which were left repressed. This can indicate the sex of one’s life. The Mars person can feel deeply attracted and intimidated by the Pholus person. There is always some sort of sexual exchange whether it be through words, fantasies or the actual sexual deed.

Pholus square Mars creates an impactful sexual connection between two people. They met meet suddenly and are separated abruptly. Violence or physical injury can play an important role between them (i’ve seen this between two people involved in heavy body modification). Violence may tear them apart.

Pholus square Saturn indicates a karmic tie between two people of sorrow and suffering. One or both may prohibit something that’s considered important to the other. It’s like they are standing in each other way. It can cause the suffering of life or it can also mean an impactful older person is involved, which can be one of them, age gab. Karmic generational tie. An impactful and memorable break or separation in life likely caused by Saturn or that involves and influences Saturn.

Pholus conjunct Saturn gives an extremely sober vibe to the connection, they may feel inclined to share their own sorrow with one another. The connection is flavored with an undeniable heaviness and possible pessimism or intense realism. This is a karmic tie where people may meet for business related topics, however there seem to be a blockage within their contact. The Pholus person can feel deeply drawn and inspired by Saturn to change their views on the things they consider important. Saturn can greatly influence Pholus’s profession.

Pholus opposite Uranus is strongly indicative for a massive shock caused by Pholus. Pholus may act extremely rebellious and unexpectedly at some point which leads to great awakening of the Uranus person. But it’s likely going to cause major crisis in both of their life. It can indicate sudden separation through something big and unusual. The Uranus person can feel extremely uncomfortable around Pholus or it could feel like they disrupt their sense of peace and tranquility. Uranus could feel chocked by Pholus as if they continuously want something from the Uranus person. It can bring unusual expectations. an on and off connection which or an indication of online contact.

Pholus trine Uranus indicates two people who met in unusual and extreme circumstances. there may be a shared unusual life event between them where they relate to intense depths. They both awaken something within by knowing each other and they’re likely to feel inspired and empowered to embrace their authentic selves. Both can have a refreshing exaggerated effect upon one another, such as extreme expressions of the self. They expose new pathways to one another.

Pholus square Uranus can cause major upheaval and discomfort. The Pholus person may greatly distract or shock Uranus. There can be a great deal of interaction and mental stimulation followed by periods of complete silence. These people find it hard to follow any traditional rules and may excessively seek out ways to escape society or to be better and more awake than the other. They may have met suddenly in a very unusual place, this can be an indication of online contacts. Pholus can say things that are deeply shocking and hard to digest.

Pholus square Neptune is an indication of infidelity at some point likely caused by the Pholus person. Often there is something dormant or the Pholus person struggles to see the truth. They may deceit one another telling lies or portraying a different a facade to what they are in essence. This is the disappointment of life most likely to the Neptune person. Something about the Pholus person is overwhelmingly mysterious or kept secret. But the reveal is what causes major impact. It’s hard for the Neptune person to fully understand Pholus or Pholus confuses the shit out of them.

Pholus opposite Neptune can indicate a big loss, such as breaking the connection. one may abruptly disappear or deceive. Huge secrets can be involved in this connection. It triggers an awakening for both people likely causes by major scandal.

Pholus square Pluto is about an overwhelming mutual force of majority, there can be sexual power games between these two. Often there is a tendency to destroy each others life. This can be an aspect of enemies and rivalry. Pluto is creation and regeneration so it can also bring children. An impact that cause trauma.

Pholus opposite Pluto means the Pholus person ignites the necessary awakening and transformational process for Pluto. There can be extreme rivalry between the two. they may bond deeply at first but it may end destructively. Pholus destroys something in the life of Pluto, but this aspect can be mutual and both parties are likely to feel powerlessness and deep jealousy. Trauma induced impact.

Pholus sextile Pluto is indicative for a profound inner transformation. The Pholus person is likely to bring extreme experiences to the Pluto person often of sexual nature. This can be both healing and wounding. The Pholus person awakens the Pluto person to their own vulnerability and trauma’s.

Pholus conjunct Pluto is a about a profound shared experience of massive transformation. The Pholus person may help the Pluto person to move beyond fears and trauma’s or they cause the Pluto person to become more aware of them. Pholus is of great importance and impact onto the life of Pluto. Separation can be deeply painful.

Pholus conjunct Chiron is a massive wound. Pholus is likely to be abusive to the Chiron person. Sometimes past hurt is involved in the meeting between these two people. The Chiron person can behave excessively childish or from an old wound. there is likely a profound sense of powerlessness or discomfort. They can be extreme woundmates or bond because of a shared pain.

Pholus trine Chiron is about a profound healing impact which the Pholus person inflicts. They help to understand something that’s unique about the Chiron person, but this understanding can come through a painful event or awakening.

Pholus conjunct the ascendant shows a profound meeting between people, something about knowing each other is likely to have big influence onto how you see yourself and life. The ascendant person is greatly impacted by Pholus and may even want to look like them or they feel drawn to the appearance of Pholus. They both consider one another intimidating and could feel very nervous when together. The Pholus person can be wildly attracted to the ascendant person, going to extreme lengths to help them overcome something. The ascendant person pushes the Pholus person in a whole new direction in life. They can have a lot in common.

Pholus square ascendant indicates a powerful and sudden meeting between people. The Pholus person highly influences the ascendant person’s self expression, and they may alter their appearance due to the preferences of Pholus. The ascendant person may go to extreme lengths to please Pholus or there could be great physical impact between them. sharing an impactful physical experience. Pholus can make a strong remark about the Ascendant person’s appearance or body that greatly impacts the ascendant person in how they feel.

Pholus conjunct the descendant works both ways and can bring a lifechanging friendship or relationship between you, it can be somewhat unusual even. They may met suddenly through a shared acquaintance or via an existing relationship. Relationships become a huge theme bewteen them and may share impactful events.

Pholus conjunct the IC is incredibly intense, it may cause a shitton of tears and emotional upheavel but the Pholus person changes something on a fundamental level. There may be profound changes within your emotional make-up because of the Pholus person or they may be involved in a deeply personal process or may be the impactful reason for profound emotional experiences. This person is likely to touch you in extreme depths.

Pholus conjunct MC changes the direction of life drastically. Your status is forever changed. The Pholus person amplifies your responsibility and sense of duty. This can indicate a child-parent relationship. The Pholus person is responsible for lifechanging steps you undertake.

Pholus opposite Cupido is an indication that you fall head over heals for the Pholus person, feeling infatuated by them, it may help you to overcome old heartaches. Often the romance is left unmanifested, such as a transient or platonic love.
This one is more so an indication of a love affair rather than a committed relationship. Both people likely needed each other to change something drastically in their lovelife.

Pholus conjunct Cupido may result as exaggerated flirting and teasing one another. There is immense mutual attraction. This can result in an affair or office romance. Cupido is deeply aroused and infatuated by Pholus.

Pholus trine Cupido can be a platonic love between two people, or they both share a common background in love. There is an impactful natural flow between them which can be somewhat unusual such as two people becoming close friends who share the same ex relationship or a similar experience of being betrayed. Cupido could feel intensely drawn to Pholus, Cupido could feel inclined to flirt with Pholus.

Pholus opposite Lilith causes the Pholus person to act upon an instinctive desire or dark fantasy. often this one is very sexual. If one of them is in a relationship, this aspect is likely to be so forceful that it breaks up the relationship or one of them may want to destroy the relationship of the other. Lilith is able to awaken overwhelming sexual fantasies in the Pholus person. These two can be involved in a scandal of sexual nature. Both react extreme onto the desire to sexually heal one another. Pholus feels deeply intimidated by Lilith, there is something wildly mysterious about them. Pholus or Lilith may unconsciously imitate one another as there can be an overwhelming feeling of not being good enough. A desire to embody what the other looks like.

Pholus conjunct Lilith can feel deeply uncomfortable. Lilith may feel repressed or dominated by Pholus and can act from unconscious motives or past wounds. It’s possible that both connect to uncover and heal any past negative sexual experience, one or both could have been involved in assault. Pholus may disrespect a person close to Lilith or towards something that’s deeply vulnerable to the Lilith person. They may struggle to agree upon something.

Pholus trine Lilith is indicative for an intense comfort with own vulnerability when these two people are together. Often Pholus-Lilith contacts are sexual in nature and to some degree these people will be involved in a sexual act with one another. The Lilith person feels safe to explore their own darker side with Pholus. It leaves a lasting impact on both people when it comes to a raw expression of the self and their own sexual identity.

Pholus square Lilith can cause an impactful sexual event between two people. It can arouse unusual and exaggerated feelings in both even in a same sex connection there is likelyhood of some degree of sexual involvement with one another. Pholus may excessively desire to heal a sexual wound in the Lilith person. This one can be an indication of fuckbuddy’s. There is an overwhelming awareness of one’s weakness and vulnerability.

Pholus opposite Union is one where the Pholus person is likely to break a marriage. Or the union between these two people is incredibly impactful, hard to resist. They want to be together but with the opposition there is always a difficult choice to be made where life will change forever, for good or bad.

Pholus square Union causes an interruption within the marital life of the Union person. There can be an impactful separation between these two people or an impactful shared situation that’s inevitable. Being together causes a drastic change.

Pholus trine Union causes immense attraction between two people, they may desire to be together. A fated union that causes the both to feel oneness or deep understanding. They meet through a shared similarity or they feel like they have a great amount of personal issues in common. They relate to one another more than usual.

Pholus conjunct Union is a lifechanging connection that may suddenly appear. Nothing will be the same after meeting one another. A very fated relationship. The Union person can be involved in a deep transformation process of the Pholus person. The Union person can bring a lifechanging relationship. I’ve seen this aspect between a couple where the Pholus person’s virginity was taken by Union.

Pholus conjunct Amor can indicate an unusual level of unconditional loving between these two people. Often a lover or connection that changes something drastically. The Amor person can be shockingly in love with Pholus. However they may exaggerate their love by going to great lengths to be of service to Pholus. This works both ways and the undertone is unconditional.

Pholus opposite Amor indicates intense attraction and mutual loving, which is likely left unmanifested. An impactful love. These two can be involved in an affair. Pholus may fall head over heals in love with Amor or has an intense crush. This can work both ways where Amor feels deeply in love with Pholus. It can feel like a heartfelt shock when they meet.

Pholus square Amor indicates an exaggerated amount of mutual appreciation and love which is often platonic. They may share an extreme amount of time talking about love and relationships. The connection can be somewhat cheesy.

Pholus trine Eros can bring a very intense sexual encounter between these two people where it may strongly feel that they’ve found their ideal match. Nontheless sex will be an exaggerated theme and issues between them for good or bad. Sex or a strong physical attraction and adoration is likely the reason how they met. The Pholus person is likely to have unusual sexual fantasies about the Eros person.

Pholus conjunct Eros can be highly charged with extreme physical attraction. They may share sexual experiences or there is a complete absence of the sexual topic.

Pholus opposite Destin can create a separation of destiny. Two people are brought together by force.

Pholus square Juno can be an indication of breaking apart the relationship. It’s either Pholus or the Juno person that interrupts the relationship of the other for necessary reasons. There is a massive influence onto marital life and sense of commitment.

Pholus conjunct Juno is an impactful connection on both individuals. It may be hard to separate or there is a strong desire to be together. Commitment may be exaggerated. It can cause two people to fall in love or feel a sense of devotion that’s overwhelming.

Pholus conjunct southnode is likely the ache of life where something important is lost which is often the connection itself. Pholus is likely the one who break with the Southnode person, resulting in a deepfelt loss and sorrow. It can feel like you’re meeting someone from a past life, but often the connection is broken at some point.

Pholus square Northnode is an indication of a fated massive turning point. This can work both ways and can be rather shocking. The direction of life is altered or influenced by each other. It may cause a necessary break up. You’re both pushed to move beyond your own limitations.

Pholus conjunct Northnode is the turningpoint of life. The northnode person is responsible for a karmic tie between you. something that’s likely to last forever or pushes you towards your soul’s mission and purpose. A fated impact.

Pholus square Vertex indicates an inevitable meeting between two people, sometimes an exaggerated clash. This can be the shock of life where one is faced with their shadow self or their own true essence. A fated connection that alters life forever.

Pholus trine Vertex creates a fated and deepfelt meeting between two people. Being together changes them fundamentally and life for good. The fated turning point for both people, however it may be more exaggerated in the life of the Pholus person.

Pholus opposite Pholus is an indication of a significant age gab. You may meet as a result of a crisis in both your lives and being together further creates an impactful turningpoint for both. You’re both an impact onto each other and this dynamic may continue for as long as the connection lasts.

So, have a look at your natal Pholus, does its house placement, aspect and degree link up to an impactful event or turning point in your life? What about the transits and solar arc or solar return?
Please feel free to share your experiences

will add more later 🙂

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  1. Wow, I have also Pholus in 6th house exactly conjunct my Moon and I had issues with stomach and whole gastrointestinal tract for 10 years (and yes, it was a big catalyst for me and it completely changed me life and put me on my

    1. All interpretations are based on my observations and things i’ve seen in charts. the Pholus-Jupiter aspect i have not seen yet, therefore i don’t have an interpretation of such.

    2. I have Pholus in less than 1° from my 1° Libra Mercury chart ruler in the 5th House. Trine Uranus, Sextile Pluto. And transneptunian Zeus is also with a few minutes of my Mercury.
      Generally I don’t feel like my life has brought upon any radical or unexpected events as much as I’d hope

  2. As a Pholus person, I could say the information about Pholus synastry above is so accurate which is also rare on the net. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and leave your feedback, i truly appreciate it!

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