Sun ☉
> Self
Essential self, will, individuallity, vitallity, power, Who you are
Represents the father
Spends 30 days in each sign
Archetype : The king, the masculine, the ego
Signify : Leaders, Authority, Religions
Friends : Moon, Mars, Jupiter
Neutral : Mercury
Enemies : Venus, Saturn, NothNode, SouthNode
Direction : East

Moon ☽
> Emotions
How you feel, subconscious, instincts, habits, memory
Represents the mother and places of living
Spends 2 ½ days in each sign
Archetype : The mother, the nurturer, the mind and memory
Signify : Familiar people, fluctuations, residence, liquids
Friends : Sun, Mars, Jupiter
Neutral : Mercury, Venus, Saturn, NorthNode, SouthNode
Enemies : None
• Direction : North

Mercury ☿
> Communication
Your style of communication, reasoning ability, the way you think, process of information, interests
Stays in one sign from about 14 to 30 days, depending on its motion
Archetype : The messenger, the intellectual, the creative
Signify : Business, Neighbors, schools, publishing, occupations within buying, selling
Friends : Venus, Saturn, NorthNode
Neutral : Sun, Moon, SouthNode
Enemies : Mars, Jupiter
Direction : North

Venus ♀︎
> Love
Beauty, attraction, possessions, art, aesthetic, love language
Represents the wife in a man’s chart
Stays in a sign approximately 23 days to a little over 2 months (Every 8 years it returns to the same degree and over time forms the pentagram)
Archetype : The feminine, the artist, the beauty
Signify : Social activities, Arts, luxury
Friends : Mercury, Saturn, NorthNode, SouthNode
Neutral : Moon, Jupiter
Enemies : Sun, Mars
Most benefic in a Nightchart
Direction : South-east

Mars ♂︎
> Action / courage
Your physical energy, combativeness, enterprise, courage, sexdrive
Stays in one sign for about 1.5 months
Archetype : The warrior, the passionate, the actions
Signify : Steel, weapons, fire, mortuaries, bricks, sports, strength
Friends : Sun, Moon, Jupiter
Neutral : Saturn, SouthNode
Enemies : Mercury, Venus, NorthNode
Most malefic in a daychart
Direction : South

Jupiter ♃
> Expansion
Growth, prosperity, abundance, wisdom, generosity, higher mind
Represents the husband in a woman’s chart
Tells you where you’re lucky (based on sign, house and aspects to other planets)
Spends 1 year in each sign
Archetype : The philospher, the adventurist, the wisdom
Signify : Material wealth, religion, law, education, clothing, gatherings
Friends : Sun, Moon, Mars
Neutral : Venus, SouthNode
Enemies : Mercury, Saturn, NorthNode
Most benefic in a daychart
Direction : North-East

Saturn ♄
> Restriction
Limitations, restrictions, caution, organization, endurance, dicipline
Tells you where you have to face your fears and where you are ambitious
Spends 2 ½ year in each sign
Archetype : The teacher, the father
Signify : Poverty, defects, hermits, old people, rocky places, corpses, graves, ruins
Friends : Mercury, Venus, NorthNode, SouthNode
Neutral : Moon, Mars
Enemies : Sun, Jupiter
Most malefic in a nighthchart
Direction : West

Uranus ♅
> Revolution
Originality, independence, rebelliousness, inventiveness, insight, everything unexpected
Spends 7 years in each sign
Archetype : The rebel, the revolutionary, the freedom-lover
Signify : Prime ministers, inventors, discoverers, pioneers, chiefs, rulers

Neptune ♆
> Imagination
Spirituality, dreams, psychic abilities, intuition, disintegration, compassion, self-sacrifice, deception, illusion, addictions
Spends 14 years in each sign
Archetype : The mystic, the dreamer, the artist, the delusional
Signify : Democratics, mystics, psychics, hospitals, charities, mediums

Pluto ♇
> Transformation
Eliminations, destruction, regeneration, renewal, transformation, death
Spends from 14 to 30 years in each sign
Archetype : The spiritual warrior, the destroyer, the transformative
Signify : Idealistic organizations, combatting social organizations, ideas ahead of time

Chiron ⚷
> The wound
Past hurt, future healing, shame, insecurity
Stays about 8 years in each sign, But when it moves within Saturn’s orbit, it takes less than 1-½ years to speed through the sign.
Archetype : The wounded healer

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