Most of us know about the Mercury retrograde because every time when traffic is shit, your phone is glitching or an ex returns,.. we associate it with the Retrograde period. Bombed with astro posts screaming “be careful with contracts at this time” or “make a back-up to be safe” and the classic one “it’s a time to reflect back, rethink and all the re’s”.
Sure, the transit periods certainly activate these type of events and (collective) needs. But as the internet only provides us with a lack of in depth information, i wish to share with you the deeper meaning of Mercury retrograde in the birthchart.

Mercury represents that what you think, how you perceive the world around you. therefore it’s the lens which you understand life through, your opinion of reality. The way how we ‘understand’ reality, is through our mind, the brain, so Mercury retrograde ‘distorts’ this process and takes a whole other pathway that’s different from those born with Mercury direct.

I am a Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, and once i discovered the greater truth, the puzzle pieces fell into place.

The deep truth of Mercury retrograde

People born with this, function differently, they have an unusual wiring and a non linear way of thinking. In fact these people may process information backwards, such as in my case : when i study (research) i start at the result and work my way back to the root, to have a better understanding of the whole picture and reality.
The retrograde is known for an internalized energy and mechanism. It often points to something that’s broken or that what does not function ‘properly’ or ‘normal’, but retrogrades are also an indication of past lives and baggage that’s brought into the here and now.

Here’s the truth :
Mercury retrograde stands for the denial of reincarnation by the native’s soul. The soul did not want to reincarnate but was forced to return to the 3rd dimension to fix the issue and the pain that’s left inside.
Because of the fear to reincarnate these people are often (strongly) disconnected from the physical plane, these people feel misplaced and prefer to live life through a soulful lens, in other words, these people see reality differently and have their own unique lens. Some may choose to live life through the fantasy and inner world, because it’s better from their point of view. In the early years these people often fight against their physical body, either consciously or unconsciously, and it translates itself through Mercurial health issues most of the time such as breathing, the lungs, hands, thought patterns and process,…. birth defects, born too soon or too late, and this can also point to mental health such as autism, phobias, dissociation,… These people seem to fight, almost all of their life, against the reality of being alive and having a body which result in the issue to truly ground themselves.
They are still connected to their past live(s) and often have a strong sense or memory of such.

It indicates a struggle to navigate this dimension for it’s a place where they did not want to be, the deeper lying reason for returning is that they need to heal their faith. But on the flip side, these people are deeply connected to the cosmos and the higher realms as this is their comfort zone and language, they understand that what transcends the material world better. These people need to learn to trust and restore their connection with reality, this is the reason for being put back on earth, to see things differently and release the lens of pain and disappointment as a result of past life misfortnues.

The Mercury Retrograde can express itself in different ways… The native may become overly pessimistic, depressed and struggles with dark thoughts and even suicidal desires. They dissociate often and live in their own head space.
But the positive manifestation, the way to heal the baggage inside your Mercury, is by shifting the focus onto something positive that can serve you well in this 3 dimensional plane. Look at the sign where Mercury is and the themes that connect to it. My mercury retrograde in Scorpio increases my desire and interest for the occult, ever since i learned about Astrology, i did not return to ‘reality’ and choose to stay within this stardust fueled way of life, as a means to navigate reality and find deeper meaning in things.

Think about artists, those who reside in their own fantasy world, but they manage to translate their world into this dimension in the form of arts, so that they can contribute to reality, to connect with this world by receiving recognition for their uniqueness. These people are often spiritually inclined and some may choose to walk the occult path, translating their visions and divine messages into human language, to connect to this earthy plane and serve.
These people need to find their unique way to walk life while being who they are. To restore faith in life.

Typical Mercury retrograde issues :
• Mental health issues
• Physical issues (Mercurial)
• Not feeling alive
• Dissociating or living in a fantasy world
• Disconnection from reality
• Unusual thought process
• Intuitive and connected to spirituality
• Disordered thinking or habits such as eating disorders, compulsive behavior
• Depression

Healing the Mercury wound :
• Grounding techniques (breathing exercises, dance, yoga, singing,..)
• Accept your uniqueness
• Mindfulness
• Hypnosis and regression (if desired)
• Learn about your intuition
• Positive and constructive thinking
• Fresh air and movement

From observation i feel like Pisces Mercury people can have very similar struggles as Mercury is ‘weak’ in Pisces. These people have a natural inclination for other realms and artistry.
People who were born with Mercury direct, whom have Progressed Mercury turning retrograde, will experience these issues and may come to feel disconnected from reality.