A chart is  cast at the time when transit Sun returns to the sign & exact degree of the natal Sun. This chart is only valid for 1 year (from birthday to next birthday). The location where you celebrate your birthday is important since it influences your whole SR (solar return). Here we can use Astrocartography to see where in the world it would be best to celebrate your birthday to provide you with the best SR chart. A solar return can trigger the natal potential either by ease or struggle, it shows the main themes for the upcoming year as well as the expected events.
This chart should be read along with the natal chart as only the things promised at birth, can manifest through the Solar return.

One cannot run from their fate, so the Solar return chart for the place of birth remains an active chart, and the main source to work with in yearly forecasts. Interpret the relocation S.R as additional information and perspective.

Before diving into the Solar return… :
What is the Profection year Sign/Lord. This is an important planet that will influence the theme and events for the whole year.

How to start interpreting a Solar Return
House placement of the SunArea of life that is highlighted, main expression, your focus for the year. Where you’ll express yourself mostly or what your concern is all about.
Sign on the AscendantHow you approach the upcoming year, your outward lens and type of action. Indicates what interests you may have or develop. Links up to body parts that are highlighted.
House placement of ASC rulerYour main concerns or the area of life that has most of your attention , the underlying motives
Stellium in house/signFocal area, where you may be most busy, area of life that requires action, healing, development and balance
Planets conjunct AxisProfound influence, a direct energy and strongly felt. Will manifest the energy of that planet. If Saturn = a break, separation especially if Saturn is not in it’s preferred sect.
Northnode house/signWhere you should grow towards, life area that brings fated & karmic events. Uncertain, insecure, fear, overcoming.
ConfigurationsEase or challenge. A T-square may point to an exaggeration of the focal planet, being pulled in various directions, instable. The need to learn balance.
Aspects between house rulersHow different areas of life interact with one another, this can also represent what people influence your life
Hemispheres with most planetsArea of action ; you, me, inner, outer
Quadrant with most planetsInvolvement. Your own action, cooperation or just thoughts without much action
Dominant element & ModalityIndicates whether there will be (major) new beginnings or not. Good, bad or neutral years for new projects. Cardinal energy is about new beginnings.
SectConsider the influence of the benefic & malefic by sect.
Negative sect = Denial, hardship, damage, imperfection, disgrace, loss, illness, separation
Positive sect = Promote, reward, good fortune, desirable things, gains, attraction, ease
Critical degrees & Fixed starsThese will have a big influence onto the upcoming year, often resulting in crisis. A planet conjunct a fixed start pushes the main theme and signification of that fixed star to the forefront.
More about degrees
Compare Solar return to the Natal chart
S.R planets conjunct NA planetsMerging energies, check what house the natal planet rules, this is the area of life that’s influenced by the S.R
S.R ASC in NA houseAffected area of life. Where most events will play out or have an influence. If this happens to be your Profection sign/house it will become an amplified theme and concern
S.R ASC ruler in NA houseThe topic you’re focused about, where you take action, what your concerns are all about
Repeating aspectIf you have a natal aspect between two planets, but these two planets happen to be in an aspect in the S.R than it acts as a natal potential.
S.R planets in the same sign as natal chart Activation of natal promise. Analyzing these will help to understand the purpose of a natal planet.
Important months

The Lunar Return chart that has the same ASC sign as your S.R chart becomes a month of heightend importance
You can make 13 Lunar return charts for a whole year.

Meaning planets & houses

What the planets represent in the Solar Return chart 

• ASC = Approach to life and how others see you, physical body
• Sun = Main focus of the year, Highlight
• Moon = Emotional focus, needs & concern, soul-searching, Fluctuations
• Mercury = Mental focus, communication, contacts, playground, Awareness
• Venus = Joy, happiness, indulgence, need for harmony, Attraction
• Mars = Focused energy, action, conflict, accidents, Efforts
• Jupiter = Expansion, abundance of wealth/knowledge, benefit, Protection
• Saturn= Karmic, responsibility, lack, loss, delay, need for stability, Challenge
• Uranus = Sudden/unusual events, freedom, creativity, ideas, Change
• Neptune = Inspiration, illusion, spiritual connection, inward, loss, Healing
• Pluto = Endings & beginnings, desire, power(lessness), psychic, Transformation
• NorthNode = Focus, confidence, attitude, attraction, karmic, Growth
• SouthNode = Need to let go, lack of action, Skills
• POF = Small luck, overcoming/finding a way out of a problem
• Lilith = Frustration, deception, irritation, sexual matters

Retrograde planets = the need for a review, a revisit regards what that planet symbolizes + the themes and life area of the house that this RX planet rules over. For example if Mars is retrograde in the Solar return, but also happens to be the ruler of the 7th house, than a review is needed regards your actions, passion, approach and energy (=Mars) that’s put into relationships, business partnerships, clients, close friendships and other people in general (=7th house).

Retrograde = Revisit, review, internal energy, delay, returning, something that’s broken (and needs repair), deal with what you have first before taking more onto your plate, change, internalized energy. Often the planetary energy manifests near the end of the solar year.

What the houses represent in the Solar Return chart 

• 1st = How you present yourself, personal concerns and needs
• 2nd = How your income, possessions, values will be, self-esteem
• 3rd = How you communicate, contacts with others
• 4th = How your home situation will be, family, property, parents
• 5th = How you will express yourself, possibilities for romance and creativity
• 6th = How your daily routine, health and work will be
• 7th = How your relationships with others will be
• 8th = How you will transform, get money from others
• 9th = How your attitude is towards higher education and travel
• 10th = How the outside world will see you, possibilities for building career
• 11th = How your communications will be, your desires and goals
• 12th = How you will seek peace, isolation, spirituality. condition of health

The Hemispheres

Southern (Top half) :
Focus on the outer world, other people, relationships, being recognized, your career, leadership
Northern (Bottom half) :

Introspective, self-reliant, out of the public eye, focus on home and family, work, your job, service to others, the community and neighbors
Western (Right half) :
Other people, family, the partner, coworkers, being responsive to others
Eastern (Left half) :
Self-awareness, self-reliant, self-motivation, career, friendships

The Quadrants 

The quadrant with the most occupation by planets symbolize what area of life
will be more highlighted within that year.

1st-4th house : Personal needs
5th-8th house : Involvement with others
9th-12th house : Personal wishes and hopes, isolation and thinking


Cardinal : an active period, playing an important role in the outside world, a lot of activity
Fixed : continue past projects, nothing much changes, can get stuck
Mutable : new endeavors, preparations, change, instability, needs flexibility 


Earth : bringing things into practice, need for stability and safety
Fire : very active year, starting new things
Air : need for interaction, mental activity
Water : more focused onto emotions and needs, creative energy

Most occupied houses or Stellium 

Angular (1, 4, 7, 10) : New projects/relationship could take place. New beginnings
Succedent (2, 5, 8, 11) : Things you have started could / need to be finished
Cadent (3, 6, 9, 12) : A year of change or mental activity

House placement of the Sun

Angular : Most activity / productivity in the first 4 months
Succedent : Most activity / productivity in the middle part of the Solar year
Cadent : Most activity / productivity in the last 4 months

Planets in Cardinal signs bring about new beginnings towards what the planet signifies

The Ascendant = Highlights, important themes & approach 

Aries = Initiative, impulsive, opportunities, courage, new beginnings, active, search for identity
Taurus = Finances, home, stability, practical, patience, beauty, improving, search for stability
Gemini = Outgoing, sociable, curious, busy, hard to commit, adjustments, search for new skills
Cancer = Emotional, sensitive, security, defensive, protective, home, family, search for a safe heaven
Leo = Creating, children, romance, appearance, drama, expressive, hobbies, search for self expression
Virgo = Work, habits, health, routine, busy, practical, analytical, search for duties and healing
Libra = Compromising, balance, relationships, creativity, skin, artistic, search for balance
Scorpio = Intensity, introspective, alienating, extreme focus, changes, search for transformation
Sagittarius = Adventure, restless, breaking free, optimistic, study, spirituality, travel, search for truth
Capricorn = Responsibilities, career, business, black-and-white thinking, search for structure
Aquarius = Independence, Breaking out, renewal, creativity, change, search for innovation
Pisces = Dreamy, directionless, escapism, artistic, addictions, inspiration, search for escape

The ruler of the SR ASC can provide you with clues as in what area of life you’re most likely to experience the focus.
Such as ASC ruler placed in 7th house brings the focus onto relationships. ASC ruler placed in 12th house
brings the focus onto going inward and isolation, mental health can be a theme here.

Whenever the SR ASC is between 14-16 degrees, the core themes of the sign will be a major theme.
Example : ASC Libra shows a year where relationships are a big concerns on the native’s mind.
ASC Virgo indicates a year in which there is a big theme around health, routines and service, and so on.

The signs represent the nature of the activities and areas 

• The energy of the SR starts to effect 20 days to 3 months prior to your birthday
• Situations and experiences around your birthday will be the theme of the next year
• The Ascendant sign = your personality in the upcoming 12 months
• A stellium, Sun or Mars in 1st, 6th or 12th house are considered difficult
• Connections between the houses.
For example : If the ruler of the 2nd house is placed in the 7th house, it indicates financial loss to a partner
• 11th house relates to death and mourning most of the time
• Trines/ Sextiles to Uranus and Neptune are considered bad luck
• Saturn = shows the area where you will be tested in the next 12 months
• NorthNode = highlighted area that needs care, where your focus will be, where karma comes from
• ASC ruler or natal chart ruler placed on the Rising side = person will have a lot of power that year
• SR ASC the same as ASC of natal chart = a very important year
• SR ASC the same as ASC of Natal chart = Fulfilling the promise
• SR ASC the same as DSC of natal chart = a difficult year
• SR ASC falling into Natal 6th, 8th or 12th house = difficult year
• Sun & Moon conjunct = an important year of new beginnings
• House where the SR ASC falls into your birthchart is the area that will be highlighted
• A lot of aspects to the Sun = Active year and other way around
• Planets conjunct any house cups or an angle = strongest energy (max. orb 5′)

Vertex in the Solar Return

The Vertex (Vx) is always located on the right side of the circle, as it’s a fated point that involves other people,
where we learn, experience and feel. Here are some of my own observations to what it could bring. 

Through the houses 
VX in 5 : Sexual experiences, Pregnancy, children, meeting a lover
VX in 6 : Health matters, accidents
VX in 7 : Meeting significant people, falling in love
VX in 8 : Intense (sexual) experiences, major changes, deep transformation

Aspects to SR house rulers
This shows what areas of life are involved in the fated matters.

Vx – 1st : Things involving the physical, actions taken by the native
Vx – 2nd : Matters of money, changing values
Vx – 3rd : Communication, siblings, neighbors, writing
Vx – 4th : Deep emotional experiences, home, moving, mother
Vx – 5th : Sexual matters & experiences, children, pregnancy
Vx – 6th : Affected health and routines
Vx – 7th : Involvement of partner/others, change in partnership/circumstances
Vx – 8th : Surfacing of trauma, sexual matters, surgeries, mental health
Vx – 9th : Foreign matters, learning, spirituality
Vx – 10th : Change in status, image, career
Vx – 11th : Via internet, networking, friends
Vx – 12th : Suffering, undoing, holding secrets, far away places, cheating

Aspects to Planets
Conjunctions, squares and oppositions can show some form of challenge and hardship, which is dependent on what planet is involved. Squares to the Moon seem to bring emotional difficulty in which circumstances with others are a cause.

Vx – Sun : Enlightenment, highlighting
Vx – Moon : Emotionally involved or affected, soul
Vx – Mercury : Communication, writing, mental/intellectual, thoughts
Vx – Venus : Love matters, romance, partnering
Vx – Mars : Sexual experiences, anger, activity, accidents, surgeries
Vx – Jupiter : Learning, foreign matters, education/study
Vx – Saturn : Hardship, breakings, responsibility
Vx – Uranus : Unstable, change, renewal, innovation
Vx – Neptune : Idealization, drugs, escapism, creativity
Vx – Pluto : Intense experiences, transformation, lifechanging


1) VX in 7th, square to Saturn (1st) and Sun (8th) both in 10th
The person experiences sexual repression/asexuality with a partner, which is explained by the fact that VX is placed in the 7th, so there is somehow a linkage to the partner or other people. As the VX is squaring the 1st ruler, which is Saturn, it shows hardship and challenges that the native experienced on a physical level (sexual repression and eating disorder), The eating disorder is shown by VX aspecting the Sun, which is the 8th ruler, 8th is the house of trauma and also mental health. The aspected planets are located in the 10th house, showing an outward manifestation that will be noticed by the surroundings of the native.

2) VX in 5th, square to Moon (12th) in the 9th house, and trine Uranus (7th) in the 10th 
The person had profound sexual experiences, both sexual repression/depression, which had lead to the native cheating on their partner with a foreign person. This is shown by VX in 5th (sexual/romantic matters) square to the Moon which is located in the 9th house, showing foreign matters/people, The Moon is the ruler of the 12th, which means there are emotional secrets being kept (feelings), but as it’s the Moon is also shows how the native is emotionally involved and affected. The trine to Uranus shows change, as Uranus is the ruler of 7th it shows a change in relationships, that year the native broke up with the partner. Uranus in 10th shows an outward change of status (becoming single).

Predicting with Vertex

The Vertex is what others bring to you, things beyond our own control and a point of fate and that what has to happen.
Look at the planet that rules the house where the Vertex is 
Than look for this planet in transit and when it makes an (exact) aspect to the Vertex
This may bring a fated event, this can be just the start of something that’s meant to be and therefore not always super significant at first, but part of what’s destiny.
Also look for transit Sun in aspect to that same planet.


Using the Moon 
Check what last aspect it makes before leaving the sign it’s placed in the Solar Return.

Void of course = Nothing much will change
Opposition = A separation, to make or to break
Square = Challenges are met successfully
Trine/Sextile = Good outcome
Conjunct = Good outcome, only if it’s to a benefic planet

Using the Lunar Return 
Check for the Lunar Return chart that has the same Ascendant as the Solar Return.
This will show the month(s) that are key to the whole year.
Important events could take place during these time periods.

Using the Transit Sun  
The house it transits through shows the area of focus. 
For example : transit Sun conjunct to the Solar ASC could bring a lot of vital energy and courage
to take back power or to undertake certain things which you otherwise wouldn’t feel strong enough for.

Using the Transit SR ASC ruler 
If the Solar Return shows a year of love (Libra rising), than Venus is the ruling planet of the ASC and therefore represents you.  Often an event with a lover takes place when the Transit Venus is trine, sextile or conjunct to Mars (7th house ruler in this example).

Using the Timelord (Profections) 
Depending in what profected house year you are, will give you a Planet that is of importance during the whole year. 
At first it is important to look at where this planet is placed in the Solar Return, as the house position will show the area of focus. Look at the aspects it receives from other planets to see how much it’s supported during the year.
Next step is to keep an eye on the transits of your Timelord to solar return planets, and transits that aspect your timelord.

Using the progressed S.R Angles
The angles move 1° per day. If your S.R ASC starts at 4° Taurus than 4° Gemini represents the next month. If the progressed angle makes a major aspect to any of the S.R planets it manifests as an event. The angles are about who/What
ASC = you, the body
IC = home, family, residence, parents
DSC = others, partnerships
MC = Direction, status, career, parents


Profected 4th house year = Moon 
The Moon becomes a very important planet. So aspects from the transit Moon and aspects from transit planets to the natal Moon will indicate important events.

Solar Return and health

Intercepted Signs
Health is seen through intercepted signs and planets. It doesn’t matter in which house the interception takes place, the issues linked to the sign will likely cause health problems in the upcoming solar year.
That means if Aries is intercepted, issues with fever, head(injury), anger, temper,… may arise.
If Scorpio is intercepted it could bring issues to the sexual organs, tailbone, ovaries, fear/trauma, obsession,…
Any planet that’s placed in an interception contributes to the cause of the health problems throughout the year.

6th house
The sign on the 6th house cusp will indicate what part of the body is likely to be more vulnerable to injury or issues.
Let’s say Pisces is on the 6th cusp, it could mean confusion, mental issues or addiction.
The degree of the 6th cusp

1st house
Any planet in the 1st house will indicate what’s on the native’s mind most of the year. If Moon is place here, the native will be more emotional than usual and may struggle with moodswings. If Saturn is placed here is may indicate the native will lose weight due to difficult circumstances or may feel suppressed in their expression and identity.

Solar Return + Love 

• Sun / Moon in 7th = Very strong indication for a new relationship, if you are single
• Venus / Mars in 7th = Strong indication for a new relationship, mars is a sexual relationship
• Jupiter conjunct Moon in 7th = heavenly in love
• Jupiter in 1st = attracting relationship opportunity
• Moon in 1st = wearing emotions on your sleeves
• Venus in 1st = meeting a lover
• Neptune in 7th = meeting a soulmate, or being cheated on
• Moon in 5th = falling in love
• Venus in 5th = falling in love
• Neptune in 1st = feeling in love
• Venus conjunct Neptune in 7th = Deeply in love, idealization
• Uranus in 7th = difficulty manifesting a relationship with the person you are interested in
• Neptune in 5th = year of falling in love (careful for deception/illusion)
• DSC in Aquarius = shows change in relationship(s)
• Saturn in 7th = Barriers in a relationship or for commitment, serious relationship
• Stellium in 5th = Good time for dating and romance, affairs
• Stellium in 7th = A lot of focus and movement in the area of relationships
• Mercury in 7th = A proposal can come your way
• Venus in 6th = Can attract a mate into your life
• Venus conjunct Mars in 1st or 7th = New love interest
• Sun conjunct Juno = Shows a year of possibly meeting spouse
• Venus conjunct ASC = A focused year of love matters
• Venus or Jupiter at 12-13° in a Cardinal sign

Juno square Uranus may result in a rebellion against the current commitment, a need to break free, especially when Juno is in 7th, you may feel restless within the existing commitment to your partner.

Juno sextile/trine Saturn indicates serious commitment, you take love very seriously and are very skeptical and picky to whom you allow to be your partner.

Juno sextile/trine Neptune means you could feel dreamy about an ideal mate, an intense desire to be with your other half.

Juno retrograde in the solar return could indicate the need to finish off karma with someone ; a pastlife connection re-entering your life. or experiencing dissapointment in the matters of love. A lack or struggle of commitment.

More information regards finding Love in the Solar Return chart : Click here