> Where you bring luck, expansion and growth in each other’s life. Jupiter brings protection towards the house is falls into.

1st house :
This is a highly encouraging and optimistic place for Jupiter. You will both love being with one another because you make each other feel good. Of course other aspects need to apply, however, this shows that the two of you have a lot in common and feel better when you are with each other than on your own. The Jupiter person will more than likely be very complimentary of the house person, and encouraging them to be themselves. The two of you will likely have much luck with another, while out and about.

2nd house :
The Jupiter person will make the house person feel very good about themselves and will even point out their many talents. The house person is likely to be quite generous with the Jupiter person. The Jupiter person may have some great ideas on how the house person can increase their personal wealth through presenting money making ideas in which the house person can benefit from. This placement indicates good feelings with one another. Other aspects must always be taken into consideration, to see how this would play out. The house person may become very protective of the Jupiter person and vice versa.

3rd house :
Jupiter will help expand the house person’s way of thinking and will most likely bring “lift you up” when you are feeling down. This is a very encouraging position if other aspects allow. You will both enjoy talking about many subjects together and will probably think alike or in similar ways. This is a great position for communicating you will both be positive, and willing to talk things through when and if you have disagreements.

4th house :
Very close relations will be a result of this aspect. This is an excellent position for setting up a home or family together, you will find that the both of you have much in common. There may be striking similarities between your family’s and this indicates your family life will be very positive. The Jupiter person might involve the house person in all their family affairs, and may even provide a positive extended family for the house person. This can also indicate the Jupiter person will provide the house person with a very happy home life, both of you will love being at home together. The home is likely to be big and spacious or there is a desire to manifest this.

5th house :
This indicates that you two will be romantic, playful and very creative together. The Jupiter person will stimulate the house person’s creativity and playfulness. This may be true love and it’s best in which you are always feeling abundant together. This can also indicate a large family together, or many children. If not you will both at least love being around children or perhaps playful like children yourself. Of course as always, all aspects need to be taken into consideration, for the most accurate depiction.

6th house :
There tends to be a outgoing concern for the others well being and a desire to help or be of service. The Jupiter person will make the house person feel very cared for. This is the house of service, daily chores and health and indicates the areas in which the Jupiter will be willing to go above and beyond for the house person and will enjoy talking about the daily activities. This placement is a very caring placement and indicates the Jupiter person will want to be of service to the house person perhaps by helping them run errands or dealing with the day to day activities or by caring for them in areas of health and well being. This can also indicate the two of you will have lots of pets and animals or a desire to have pets.

7th house :
You will both love being around each other, the feelings of hope and optimism will be ever present. A long term happy partnership is possible with this placement. The Jupiter person will bring much to the partnership and the house person will likely benefit. You will both feel good with each other, and will do really well in a business partnership. This partnership will be based on honesty and integrity, but will be positive making you both feel very confident and abundant together.

8th house :
This indicates deep intimacy and sharing of all resources openly. The Jupiter person can bring many benefits to the house person and will likely be very generous. You will enjoy getting to know one another on the deepest level, wanting to know each other inside out. This indicates that the two of you will have the opportunity for a bond that is based on sharing everything. This placement stimulates a great longing for the Jupiter’s occult knowledge, and it also brings expansion regards sexual experiences. This is one of the best positions for an intimate relationship as the Jupiter person will help to uncover and heal past trauma’s. Sex can be tantric.

9th house :
This relationship will have a expansive element to in which you both will learn and grow intellectually, spiritually and in areas of travel, culture, religion, philosophy and intellectual understanding of higher or moral concepts. The house person will respect and even look to the Jupiter person as a sort of guru. The house person admires the Jupiter person intelligence, ideas and knowledge. There is much attraction based on similar views and is very good for a long term relationship because they get along on most matters that truly matter.

10th house :
There is a deep admiration and attraction. You might find great success through working together.This often reflects a couple that looks good together and others think so too. There is often a mutual attraction and admiration for one another. Mutual respect and admiration for each other are seen by this placement. New ideas and an increase in social reputation is likely with this position. The Jupiter person brings luck and expansion regards the house person’s career.

11th house :
You enjoy being together, and find a lot in common. You may get involved in groups together or pursue things of a philanthropic nature. You will mix friends well and you both can expand your network as a result of your friendship or relationship. You also will be very supportive of your partners hopes and wishes and find that you have many things in common and because of this make very good friends and supporters.

12th house :
There is a strong unconscious bond that exists between the two of you that can be very deep and meaningful because your relationship exists both in this plane and the ethereal. There can be a strong psychic connection and a intuitive understanding of each others inner most needs. The house person won’t be able to keep any secrets from the Jupiter person, and may find themselves opening up and expressing things they have no idea why, or normally wouldn’t with others.  This is a very spiritual and psychic placement. You may even have a better night’s rest when you are sleeping together.


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