> Where you stimulate eachothers mind and creativity.

1st house :
You will inspire easy communication with your partner. The two of you will be quite talkative with each other. You both think a like and have much in common. Communication will be very important in your relationship together and you will share many of the same ways of thinking, you both just get each other. You will enjoy local traveling and socializing with others together.

2nd house :
The Mercury person will easily give compliments to the house person which can enhance the house person self esteem and they may feel more confident as a result. They both see talent in one another and can help each other utilize these talents to make money or acquire resources together. They will come up with many money making ideas together and can inspire one an others more creative side.

3rd house :
If your Mercury is in your partner’s third house of a synastry overlay, you are a real chatterbox around them. You enjoy long conversations over coffee with them since you find it easy to “let it all out” around them. The house person gets your gears turning. Your partner will usually enjoy your conversations just as much, unless the partner is a very shy or introverted type.

4th house :
The Mercury person will have many ideas about their idea of family and home. There may be something familiar about the way the mercury person speaks, thinks or communicates which makes the house person feel at home with them. This can also be the other way around, the house person will make the Mercury person feel very comfortable in discussing personal matters and sharing much about there family and early upbringing. They will feel at home communicating with each other.

5th house :
This placement creates a environment between the couple where they can easily express themselves and feel comfortable doing so. They will have fun and playful conversations. This placement indicates similar views on how to raise children, it can also indicate the desire to have a child with partner. Overall the couple really enjoys each others company. They may enjoy talking about children, past times, playtime or sports.

6th house :
This is a helpful position. The Mercury person will enjoy talking to the house person about their daily activities and will be very helpful or want to be helpful to the house person. The house person can help the Mercury person become more organized, refined or manage their time more efficiently. This is a good placement for the day to day activity that couples that live together may experience such as doing laundry or chores together.

7th house :
This is a excellent position for both a business or romantic relationship. They will both enjoy talking to one another about most things. The Mercury person can help the house person with business matters, by suggesting ideas. They make a good team and find value in one another. They may enjoy talking about relationships of the past or their relationship and their view on how relationships should be. They will both be willing to listen to one an others opinion and the give and take in conversation should be balanced and fair.

8th house :
This is a deep placement for Mercury and indicates that the couple will share many things with each other that they might not otherwise with others. The Mercury person can stimulate the house persons interest in deeper more taboo subjects things around sex, taxes, secrets, and hidden agendas or conspiracy. They will talk openly about sex and may even enjoy talking while having sex. They may also talk about psychology, mysteries, or enjoy researching things of this nature together. The Mercury person might have insights into the house persons secrets and will help open them up to talking about these.

9th house :
The Mercury person will stimulate larger thinking in the house person. The house person might appreciate the Mercury persons for their wealth of knowledge, or intelligence. They both will enjoy talking about esoteric, religious, or culture and will end up learning a great deal from one another. They will share many similar views, philosophies and ideas. They may talk about world travel other cultures, principals and things that expand their minds.

10th house :
Talking about life goals and direction will come easily to this couple. They will enjoy talking about work or career and what they wish to do together. The Mercury person will likely speak highly of the house person to others being a sort of PR person for them. The Mercury person can give great ideas on how to attract attention in business, or help them in their Career. They will have a mutual respect for one another and will see the value in their relationship.

11th house :
Conversation will be open and come with ease. You both think alike and share many of the same hopes and wishes, or ideals. This is the best friend that you can talk to about everything and feel that you are understood, or they just get you.

12th house :
This placement can cause many misunderstandings if both people tend to assume what the other is thinking rather than ask direct questions. Often one or the other person needs some sort of healing, with Mercury it can be things of a mental nature, phobias, fears, anxieties or otherwise. This is also the house of the subconscious, and spiritual so there is usually a intuitive connection or the couples conversations might surround spirituality, otherworldly or psychic phenomena. It’s very important that the two communicate clearly this can not be stressed enough. You may have difficulty communicating having many misunderstandings. This will likely be a spiritual connection.


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