> Where you feel comfortable and what you love doing together. Where the love is felt mostly.

1st house :
Also known as ‘love at first sight’ The closer Venus is to the ascendant. You both have a lot in common. You have a way of making your Partner feel attractive, and confident around you. The house person may feel like they have met their “ideal” this is assuming there is a mutual attraction.The attraction from the house person is likely to be quite intense.

2nd house :
The Venus person makes the house person feel invaluable and uniquely talented and in return, the house person shows the Venus person appreciation by way of offering gifts or things of value. The Venus person is very complimenting to the house person increasing the house persons’self-esteem. You will likely indulge in the finer things in life, or at least bring out the desire in each other. This will likely be a very creative relationship, where you both will want to put your creativity together to make money.

3rd house :
You will respond to each other with grace and concern. This position can make you uncomfortable with verbal arguments and, therefore, you tend to gloss over any issues which are both good and bad. Venus will appreciate the house person for their keen mind and the house person feels appreciated. Venus here is often seen in couples that write love letters or leave notes and cards around, for each other. You will enjoy your communications with each other, showing similar interests in cerebral matters and the Venus person will stimulate the mind of the house person which can make their conversations dynamic and interesting.

4th house :
There may be many commonalities between the both of your families or early childhoods. You both may have family similarities in which you both can relate and this brings comfort, ease, and familiarity. This is a great placement for merging of families in situations such as long-term partnerships, deep friendships and love and marriage. Living together will be pleasant, and you will both enjoy having beautiful things of comfort in the home.

5th house :
The house person will adore the Venus person, always wanting to show her a good time. Fun, Love, and romance will be the theme of your relationship. This is a very affectionate place for Venus that adds a child-like quality to your affection for each other. This adds a light romantic playfulness to the interaction between the two of you. Holding hands and plenty of kissing and cuddling are a normal part of this position unless other aspects of the individual charts block the natural nature.

6th house :
The Venus person will help the house person find better and more efficient ways of doing things. Working together on the day to day activities, running errands, daily chores or working out together will be areas that bring the both of you pleasure doing together. The Venus person will enjoy assisting the house person and taking care of them in these areas.

7th house :
The house person sees the Venus person as their ideal mate if other attraction factors apply. Love and appreciation for one another are expressed with ease and you are both likely to be very supportive of each other’s long-term goals.  You both feel better with each other. This is a genuine love and like of each other. The relationship should be based on equality and is highly beneficial for a long-term partnership if other aspects allow.  Both take the relationship seriously. If this is a mutual love relationship then marriage is possible.

8th house :
The intimacy is deep, and sharing comes easily and naturally.
You will feel both emotionally and psychically bonded. Sex will be intense, passionate and emotionally fulfilling.
There will be a mutual interest in taboo subjects, the occult, mysteries, sex, and secrets.
You will discuss things with each other you might have difficulty with others. The house person will benefit monetarily and emotionally from the Venus person. You will share many secrets with one another that you dare not with others. You could become obsessed with eachother or to possessive.

9th house :
You both probably share a lot of the same interests, in areas of religion, beliefs, philosophy or travel. Honesty and truth are very important in your relationship. You will both enjoy searching for answers, researching conspiracies, or finding answers to life’s big questions. You will grow exponentially through your relationship because you are always seeking new experiences. You will both love to travel together.

10th house :
The house person is enamored with the Venus person and will find that the Venus person adds a bit of glamour to the relationship, the house person might like to be seen with the Venus person or they both appreciate the way in which others respond to them in public.  There may be a bit of idealization of each other within the relationship. You both make each other look good, so this relationship will likely be public. There is much respect for each other, and even admiration.

11th house :
You get along famously. You will simply love hanging out, chatting and having fun together. You both have a lot in common and just simply like each other.  However, if this is a love relationship the house person might treat the Venus person like a buddy. This depends on the level of comfort you both prefer and if this relationship is for the long run, then being best Friends is a good thing.

12th house :
The Venus person will be highly complimentative with the house person which will help increase their overall self-confidence. The house person will feel good with the Venus person and they will share a psychic connection that is quite powerful. It is possible that the house person may not trust the Venus person’s motives. This usually indicates a secret relationship of some sort, or you tend to be private. If the Venus person has good intentions and is a good person, they can help the house person uncover many of their hidden talents or parts of themselves they may not have been previously aware.


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