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1st house :
You encourage each others desire for personal freedom, adventure and self expression. It is important that you respect each others free will and avoid the tendency to dominate each other. The Uranus person can help the 1st House person to achieve personal goals and objectives and become more aware of themselves as a spiritual being rather than being dominated by cultural conditioning. This could take the form of mutual interest in metaphysics or yoga, meditation and other spiritual discipline. The 1st House person can encourage the Uranus person to be more forceful and positive in expressing unique and intuitive ideas. The 1st House person will initiate new ways for the Uranus person to become involved in new exciting experiences. You will bring out each others scientific and humanitarian tendencies. You will influence each other to break from routine and tradition.

2nd house :
This will point to the two of you being rather independent in your financial endeavors. It’s possible also that you may take sudden or expected risks. It’s also true you both can come up with some rather innovative ideas in terms of making money. If you live together or are married you may choose to have separate bank accounts in order to keep your financial independence. You may experience sudden or unexpected financial situations together, or there may be instability surrounding your finances. You can have sudden gains or sudden losses. You may also choose to spend your earnings on technology, or state of the art or futuristic equipment. It’s also possible you both may do unusual things to make your money. You will both encourage each other to be yourselves and this can, in turn, increase your self-confidence in yourselves and in each other.

3rd house :
The Uranus person will bring new and creative and potentially even out of this world ideas to the house person. The Uranus person can help the house person open up to new ideas or new perspectives which might be out of the ordinary. This indicates a couple that stimulates each others mind. The house person might find the Uranus person quite brilliant or completely off the wall. The conversations between the two will definitely be interesting and not at all mundane or boring. You may enjoy going to unusual places together and trying new things. You may enjoy speaking about Astrology, or any other of the metaphysical sciences. You can come up with some brilliant ideas or discoveries together. The Uranus person might try to break the house person free of any old outworn fears or beliefs and promote free thinking or thinking outside of the box. The house person may find the Uranus person too out there, and in this case, they may have complications.

4th house :
If the two live together they might opt for an unusual living situation or invest in state of the art, futuristic or eclectic designs. Or you may choose to move frequently, choosing to live in different areas or countries or by something more eclectic and freedom-oriented such as living off the grid using solar or renewable energy, or some sort of self-sustainable living situation. One of you may have a usual family or eclectic family in some way. The Uranus person may stimulate a new way of thinking about home and family aiming toward a more modern or unconventional approach.

5th house :
This is very dynamic, creative and spontaneous position for Uranus. The Uranus may expose the house idea to new and different ways of approaching love, expressing their creativity or ideas about children. If the house person has strong beliefs about any of these areas they might be in for quite a shock to the Uranus person. If this is a love relationship they may allow each other quite a bit of freedom. They will be very supportive of each other’s individualism. If the house person is in the creative arts the Uranus person can certainly help the house person by opening them up to new, unusual and unique ideas. It’s also possible they may choose to adopt children and perhaps from all around the world. Or they may unexpectedly get pregnant if they are not careful. Or choose to not have children at all.

6th house :
The Uranus person can help break the house person free of any ridged routines they might have made out for themselves or any high standards and perfectionism they hold for themselves. Perhaps the house person is overly anal about details or very systematic in their approach to doing things. In this case, the Uranus person will help mix things up may also suggest potential new and more efficient ways to do things. It’s also possible that the Uranus person lacks in structure, neatness or organization which can drive the house person mad. The house person may not take well, to the inconsistency of the Uranus person.

7th house :
The Uranus person will approach the relationship with a certain amount of detachment or may be inconsistent in some way or may be difficult to pin down. Also, the Uranus person might be a different culture, nationality or have a completely different belief system or approach to relationships. Perhaps the Uranus person has a completely different way of viewing relationships and marriage than the house person. The Uranus most certainly will add excitement or instability to the relationship depending on other aspects. It’s also possible that the couple may meet in unusual circumstances, may fall in love quickly and even suddenly get married or elope without much thought. Whatever the case things in this partnership will likely be unusual, different and unexpected.

8th house :
The Uranus person can help the house person free themselves from deep psychological wounds or traumas. The Uranus person can also help the house person overcome any sexual blockages, and open them up to be more spontaneous and experimental. As a couple, you both may choose to keep separate bank accounts or your own financial affairs independent from each other. You will enjoy uncovering mysteries together and discussing metaphysical and spiritual things along with things done in secret or hidden away from the public such as conspiracies, along with death, magic and sexual topics.

9th house :
This is a mentally stimulating placement. It can be challenging if the house person has a fixed set of beliefs to which they adhere too and might not appreciate the Uranus person challenging these. It is also possible that the house person may enlighten the Uranus person as well. This is the house in where knowledge is stored but is also always seeking to expand so typically this is an excellent invigorating and illuminating placement.  Uranus is the genius of the planets because it seeks to question everything and is not a follower of the conventional wisdom until it is proven to be beneficial and true. The house person will likely appreciate the Uranus person for their intelligence and quick mind finding they expand their horizons or at least make them think.

10th house :
The Uranus person may come up with new and creative ways in the area of career or publicity that may help the house person. The house person may appreciate these ideas or find them too far out or unconventional. The Uranus person may challenge the house person to think outside the box in these areas and suggest ways to be more unique in their presentation or to try different ways of doing what they do. It is up to the house person to accept this influence or not.

11th house :
The Uranus person may influence the house person in areas of friendships and perhaps introduce them to new social groups or widen their circle of friends with those that are more kindred spirits or even eclectic or different in some way. The house person may find the Uranus person’s strange, unique or different than their own peer group. The Uranus person will be very accepting of the house person and will encourage their unique self-expression.

12th house :
The Uranus person can help the house person overcome many of their subconscious fears or self-doubts that have been holding them back. It’s also possible that the Uranus person can help free the house person from any unhealthy addictions, or psychological issues. The house person might be shocked about what they learn about themselves through the interaction with the Uranus person. The Uranus person can open the house person up to many of the spiritual or metaphysical sciences that may help assist the house person in alleviating self-sabotaging tendencies in their subconscious. Along with helping them break free of any outworn or outdated belief systems that contribute to their fear of taking action in their life. As well as uncovering hidden talents. It is also possible that the house person will be the one to help the Uranus person with any of these things.


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