A lunar event is when the Sun an Moon make a specific aspect to each other, such as conjunction or opposition. Which results in a new or full moon. However, not always we realize how incredibly powerful these events are and how you can easily predict with lunar cycles.

Lunar events

New Moon = Reset, renewal, beginning
Full Moon = Peak, intensity, completion
The week before and after usually bring events, depending on how it aspects your natal chart.

Solar Eclipse = Fresh start or chapter
Lunar Eclipse = Letting go, cutting off the old
Influences of an eclipse can last for several months after it occurred. It carries a powerful energy of transformation.
They represent turning points in our life.


Increased awareness
Radical change
Major news, shifts
Sudden events

A Solar Eclipse’s effects start 3-6 months prior and can last for 1 year
A Lunar Eclipse’s effects start 6 weeks prior and lasts about 6 weeks.
Any event that occurs within 10 days of an Eclipse will be memorable, however when this occurs in the days before an Eclipse the events tend to be fated and rather unexpected.
Usually when an Eclipse makes an aspect to one of your natal planets, it will take a next trigger (by transit) to activate the energy that the Eclipse stimulated.
Triggers :
Transit Mars or Sun square to a Natal Lunar Node
Whenever an Eclipse occurs on one of the Angles (ASC-IC-DSC-MC) it has huge importance and significance and can bring about major change for good or bad.
When an Eclipse occurs on your Natal Sun, it will bring more power to you, however if it’s opposing your natal Sun, power is taken from you through circumstances beyond your control, most of the time.

Understanding the skies : New & Full Moons

Before diving into the interpretation of a lunar event to your birthchart, it’s wise to first have a look into what’s actually happening in the transits.

Sign of the Moon
This shows the energy and emotional theme. The Moon is exalted (strong, aware) in the sign of Taurus. It’s in fall (weak) when it’s in Scorpio and it’s in domicile when it’s placed in Cancer. this is necessary to consider as it reflects how we deal with our emotions.

Degree of the Moon
Deeper insight into the nature of the events. Using the Degree Theory. An example ; if the lunar event takes place on 11 or 23 degrees in a sign, it could indicate change or a cut off of something, especially during a full moon.

Ruler of the Moon
Whatever sign the Moon is placed in; look at the ruling planet of that sign and consider it’s condition.
This will shows whether the purpose of the Moon is supported or being challenged. If the ruler of the Moon happens to be retrograde, than the expression of the Lunar event will be more inwards, keeping emotions and feeling to yourself or having confusions around them. Effects could take a bit longer to manifest. It’s advised to use the traditional rulerships and only use the modern rulers for a more psychological understanding.

Aspects to the Moon
This indicates the challenges or ease in the emotional experience and expression. It shows the issues that are brought to the surface. If Chiron is in aspect to the Moon, it indicates a focus onto your wounding and possible suppressed shame, it’s highlighted to seek healing. If the Moon receives a hard aspect from Mars it could mean that the emotions are fiery and fierce, patience is lacking and decision making isn’t thought through well enough.

Lunar events to your Birthchart

House placement
1st = self, physical, personality, expression
2nd = finances, possessions, values, worth, food intake
3rd = siblings, neighbors, communication, school, speech
4th = property, mother, emotions, housing, home environment
5th = creativity, children, romance, self expression, pleasures
6th = pets, routines, health, debts, things you’re used to
7th = relationships, open enemies, business relationships, love
8th = trauma, taxes, sex, transformation, shared resources, loans
9th = travel, foreigners, higher education, knowledge, documents
10th = status, career, authority, father, legacy
11th = friends, community, online, wishes, longterm plans
12th = loss, confusion, isolation, dreams, subconscious mind

What’s also important to consider is if the Moon falls onto a housecusp, begin or end degree of any house in your natal chart. When a Full Moon takes place at the end of the 1st house cusp, it could bring some sort of crisis towards the self, restlessness.

Longterm transits
As the Moon is an event trigger, it could add more flavor to the whole picture to check if there are currently any longterm transit aspects from outer planets. If Saturn happens to be square to your 7th house ruler, it already indicates a relationship going through some difficulty and obstacles. If than a Full Moon takes place in the sign that is ruler of Saturn, it becomes a trigger.

Conjunctions in transit
If a lunar event takes place and it happens to be conjunct to another planet, than check what house this planet rules in your natal chart. this can give more information regards the matters that are involved. for example : Full Moon conjunct Mars, but Mars happens to be the ruler of your 12th house, it could indicate accidents (Mars), or an intense feeling of losing touch with yourself, subconscious suffering,..

Conjunct to your natal Moon
If a Lunar event takes place in a conjunction to your natal Moon, it suggests something important will happen.
The closer the conjunction, the more powerful. If your Natal Moon is at the very early or last degrees of a sign, than only consider a conjunction of the lunar event when it’s in the same sign as your birth Moon. An orb of 0-3 degrees is most prominent.

Lunar event in a sign
If the Moon is in Aquarius but there happens to also be a longterm transit of Saturn (ruling planet of aquarius) square to any of your natal planets, it acts as a kickstarter of the transit. It amplifies and puts the focus onto that specific aspect.
A square aspect is tension, the Moon will eventually break the tension and create change, especially if it’s a full Moon or an Eclipse.

Past lunar event
Let’s say there is a full Moon in Leo, than look at the last time a lunar event took place in the same sign ; new Moon in Leo. Most of the time situations that occurred back than , are brought back to the surface to revisit and re-evaluate the issue. Often it’s a checkup of what happened and to see what fruits you harvested during the 6 month time period.

What’s involved
Once you know in which house a lunar event takes place, you’ll know what themes you can expect. Often times the Moon and Sun will make aspects to your birthplanets and this is where you can figure out more.. here is what to check :

• What natal planet receives an aspect and what house does it rule over?
This could indicate the people that are involved. for example if the Moon/Sun aspects the 5th house ruler in your chart, it means children or lovers are somehow involved in the matter. It could also show an area of life that’s affected due to the actions that are taken through the houseplacement of the transit Moon.

• What natal planet receives an aspect from the ruler of the Moon?
This shows who or what is involved.

What happens
Considering the aspects that the Moon and it’s ruler makes, it can give you better understanding on what to expect
Square = frustration, action, breaking point
Opposition = choice, attraction/separation
Conjunct = intensity, mostly your actions
Trine = talents, opportunity
Sextile = easy, cooperation


1) What type of Lunar event? = New – Full – Eclipse
2) What house? = Affected area of life, the matters involved
3) In what sign is the Moon? = Emotional flavor and expression
4) What is the degree of the Moon? = More information about the possibilities
5) What aspects from the Moon? = Expression of the event
6) What aspects from the ruler of the Moon? = The possibilities
7) Dignity of the ruler of the Moon ?
8) What houseruler is aspected by the ruler of the Moon? = People or matters that are involved
9) Is the Lunar event conjunct to a natal planet? = Amplified matter
10) Any longterm transits from outer planets? = Moon acts as a kickstart
11) Is the Moon in the sign that rules the planet of the longterm transit? = Kickstart
12) Past lunar events in same sign? = What took place around that time, matters arise
13) Is the Moon conjunct to another transit planet? = What house does it rule in your chart?

Example :

Transit chart of a Full Moon in aquarius on 11 degree (=change, cut off, freedom,..)
It takes place in the 11th house, but as it’s a full Moon it also affects the 5th house which covers matters of romance, children and pleasures. The 11th house is about long term goals and the way you want to build towards your happiness in life through achieving your dreams and ideals. So this area of life is highlighted for the native ; “my ideals, hopes and wishes”. The Moon makes a square aspect to Mercury, which is the ruler of the 6th house in whole sign house system.
This indicates that an action (square) is taken as a result of frustration (square) that has to do with the longterm goals (11th house) in which the daily routines (6th ruler) are affected and changed (full moon, 11 degrees). A point of completion. Mercury is also the ruler of the 3rd house, meaning it happens through communication or messaging. In general Mercury is the significator of communication so there is a double emphasis in this chart. The ruling planet of this full Moon is Saturn, whom is making a square aspect to Venus, the ruler of 7th. This means that it involves a partner.
Again the square aspect indicates a point of frustration that has build up (Saturn=slow moving, longterm transit), and it comes to a point of completion during this full Moon in which action is taken, changes are made in an existing partnership.
As Venus is also the ruler of the 2nd house, it means that the native’s finances and self-esteem are possibly affected.

Using common sense, this chart shows change in a relationship. As Saturn is squaring the 7th ruler, it already shows a timeperiod in which relationships are tested and become less pleasurable. It’s all a matter of time in which the Moon became an event trigger. Within 4 days after this event the relationship ended.

Two friends who met up and had a deep converstation about partnership and the wounds that were involved.
The Moon took place in the 7th house in the sign of Scorpio, giving a peak and intensity in partnerships. Here is a VERY simple overview on how literal it manifested in reality :

The Full Moon Scorpio = Showing a peak of past pain, sexual matters, grief
It took place in the 7th house = Topic of the life area where the pain is involved
It was conjunct Mercury(3) in 7 = Communication about partnerships
Mars(=scorpio) conjunct IC = It took place in the home of the native
Saturn(11) square Mercury(3) = Communication with a friend