Jupiter is the planet of luck and considered the great benefic in a day chart (sect). In this post i wish to bring a more realistic perspective on Jupiter’s influence either in the natal chart, transit or synastry.

The basic keywords :
• Luck & fortune
• Optimism
• Travel & foreign matters
• Education & knowledge
• Expansion
• Opportunity
• Wealth
• But…

Jupiter is also the healer, the bringer of insight and awareness. The interpretation is often solely positive whilst in reality the influences can play out completely different and it is possible that the native can feel all but optimistic during a Jupiter Transit. So why is that?…

Jupiter is the one that will bring wisdom to us and the downside of this planet is found in the tendency of exaggeration.
That means if Jupiter aspects another challenging planet (by hard aspect), the issues and struggles get amplified causing the native to overindulge or act overly confident which can lead to dissatisfaction and setbacks. Believe it or not.
However, Where ever Jupiter is placed by house, is the area of life where we’ll gain deeper understanding.
Though, true wisdom does not exist without understanding the dark, that means Jupiter is able to confront us and the transits can be uncomfortable as well, but in a more gentle way.
Jupiter may cause us to take big actions to then run into a problem or something we didn’t see at first or forgot to consider because we were way up high in the sky, thinking all would roll just the way we want to.
It’s able to expand a problem so that we cannot unsee it.

Before we gain the wisdom Jupiter has to offer, we first need to understand perspective and the root of the issue.
These often come to us as experiences of all sorts, because no decent understanding is ever gained without having seen different sides to one issue, we have to see the bigger picture, that means we not only see the positive but need to be open to see the shit too.
We won’t gain if we are not accepting of all the parts and transitions stages that belong to growth, as growth is a journey.
It does not come without trial and error. The experiences are related to the house it’s placed in and able to confront us, but in essence we are being guided to real wisdom if we’re able to open our eyes.

You can look at Jupiter as the journey to healing, which is never a smooth path, but one where we may cry the tears of joy.
Growing the ability to look at our misery from a new perspective, relearning how to stay positive and to see the necessity of experience as the road to mastery.

In my study and practice of Astrology, i’ve learned to observe life and to allow the absorption of knowledge to come to me through various sources and perspectives (so Jupiterian btw). It caught my eye how Jupiter in 8th in a synastry had played out nasty, since this is typically a wonderful aspect to have (by basic astrological interpretation).

Although Person B’s Jupiter was square to Person A’s Chiron, pointing to increasing pain, the house overlay of Jupiter had me thinking twice. In this particular example there was sexual assault involved to person A, the 8th house person.

If you just look at Jupiter as the one who will bring experience, than this already covers the interpretation, but it doesn’t tell what kind of experience. A negative sexual experience belongs to the 8th house and Jupiter is the one who brought that to existence by inducing experience and expansion.

Jupiter is our road to recovery and it can be interpreted as our individual cure by it’s placement in the natal chart. It will guide us onto the path of needing to see things from a different angle, as Jupiter is the planet of perspective.
One cannot call himself a master if he doesn’t know what it feels like (e.g experience expert).

Knowledge is empty without experience.

Yes Jupiter is Wealth, but don’t forget this is the planet of knowledge and spirituality.
The wealth we gain from Jupiter is pure understanding. On earth, that understanding & insight can generate an income, a fitting quote for this is “knowledge is power”, because one can earn a living off of that if recognition is gained too.

Other ways to look at Jupiter :
• Perspective
• Healing
• Intuition (read more)
• Experience
• Mastery
• Gentle confrontation
• Exaggeration & increasing
• Spiritual wealth