Pluto is the lord of the underworld, the king of death and misfortune. To most Pluto is a planet that’s feared or one that we feel deeply uncomfortable about. Though, this differs from person to person, those who are Plutonian in nature will feel at ease or more comfortable within the Plutonian themes that inevitably come with life and existence.
Pluto is located in the darkest of space, far away from life here on earth. Pluto is a deeply unconscious planet and it takes a lot of trial an error to fully understand how it operates as it’s the planet of mysticism and taboo’s.

Wherever Pluto is placed at birth, by sign and house, determines the area of life where extremes tend to occur, where we feel crisis and a sense of living on the edge, we may experience feelings of dying repeatedly resulting in despair, powerlessness and inner turmoil.

The lessons of Pluto

The power of Pluto is inevitable and we will be faced with its force multiple times through our life. For Plutonian beings this is a daily duty and especially those who are Pluto dominant will die and get born again constantly, they may even thrive on this everlasting cycle of transformation and come to love the intensity as a gateway of true evolution.
Pluto represents repeating cycles, therefore we will often experience the same issues over and over again that relate to the house placement of Pluto.
For Pluto, change and crisis means life, to reside in a constant means to die. Pluto ignites transformation and this is his eternal duty. Because of this natural tendency, some people may experience a sense of total destruction, especially those who are resistant to change and intensity. The more we fight the urgent need to shed our decay, the stronger the forces of Pluto become.
The essence of Pluto is to gain absolute self awareness, so Pluto is not about control, power and gains. We may think Pluto represents these things, but the real core of Pluto is to understand and achieve spiritual values, to transcend the material plane and find meaning within the intangible. For human beings, this concept may be a great challenge as we are used to sensory perception, we are used to cause and effect, that when i ask you something, i’ll receive a verbal answer in return. Yet Pluto is about going inwards, wandering the space of our unconscious mind in order to find the answers within.
Pluto has the natural inclination to make us feel discomfort, either material, psychological, physical or emotional, but the crisis exist so that we come to understand that change is an absolute requirement for evolution.

Pluto is the planet of extremes, therefore we will often experience inequality, disharmony, disruption and destruction within the area of life that he influences (house placement). This exists so that we gain absolute awareness of ourselves.
He teaches us to achieve comfort towards our own darkness and inner waters, because that’s were the answers lie to understand external destruction, the need to see and understand that our own choices are at the root of creating destructive and uncomfortable experiences.

The Tale of Pluto is about a beautiful flower that resides on the surface layer of earth, this to attract Persephone’s attention. Yet, this is how she came in contact with the lord of the underworld, Pluto. This tale teaches us that the shiny surface won’t ever truthfully reflect what’s beneath it all, it teaches us that we may choose something that appears beautiful but carries darker secrets. This also reflects why Plutonian beings tend to attract superficial lovers or people, because of their alluring beauty, people are hypnotized by the oozing aura of the Plutonian, but often they are not willing to truthfully look at what’s behind the superficial mask. It teaches us that we may choose something that appears positive but as a result of our own (superficial) choices, we are now faced with the absolute dark side of life and our self, our shadow self.

Pluto will serve us the same issue over and over again, until we’ve learned, until we are face to face with who we really are. It strips down all the layers until the soft core is reached and that’s where Pluto wants to take us, the depths that are usually kept private and locked away. If you refuse Pluto’s guidance into the dark, you’ll discover that Pluto does not tolerate your lack of courage to look within. Therefore we will only attract more intensity and extremes until we learn to surrender to his guiding hand. Pluto teaches us that power can only be gained if we fully understand all aspects of who we are, that means we have to come face to face with our own dark side and the ugly within.
Pluto is the psychological ride into our own fears, trauma’s.. Stripping down to the actual reason why we may desire control and power so much. There is no power to be gained if the intention is negative and destructive, therefore Pluto has his own ways to backfire and break down that what’s ill and negative in nature.

Let go of the idea that Pluto is here to hurt you, because that’s not his intention. Pluto wants you to embrace the wounded inner self and gain awareness of such. So that you’ll make choices that are constructive and feed your evolution.

Pluto teaches us that mastery can only achieved through repetition.
Pluto teaches us that death is part of the cycle of life.
Pluto teaches us that evolution can only come through crisis and necessary change.
Pluto teaches us how we can translate misfortune into beauty.
Pluto teaches us that crisis is the result of that what’s been repressed for too long.
Pluto teaches us to look within and therefore gain profound understanding of the self.
Pluto teaches us that we are the creator of life.
By being present in the pain, we gain awareness and deep understanding of the self.