> Where you energize eachother.

1st house :
Your mars in your partners 1st house is a highly energized position. You tend to invigorate and energize your partner. There is much sexual attraction with this position. The Mars person especially if a woman would be highly attracted to the house person. The house person will find the Mars person someone that will not be pushed around and will find that sexy. The Mars person is typically the aggressor when it comes to sex and the house person feels very sexy because of this.

2nd house :
There is usually a mutual respect or appreciation for one an other’s talents and going into a business together might prove profitable. The Mars person might stimulate new money-making opportunities or ideas for the house person in which they may benefit from.  The Mars person will also see the house persons many talents and take an interest in whether or not they use them. Mars will likely want to talk money and business or in the negative cost the house person money. Regardless the house person will likely be quite generous to the Mars person because they feel much more confident around them.

3rd house :
This is a very talkative or chatty position for Mars so depending on how both people relate will depict how this truly plays out. It is possible that the house person may find the Mars person to aggressive when communicating, over talking or talking more than listening. However, if both people are conscious or mindful then this can be a very stimulating aspect.

4th house :
Both people will spend much of their time talking about home or family. Both people might have similarities in the way they were both raised or there may be strikingly similar things about one another that reminds them of home, early childhood or a family member. There will probably be a strong, desire to set up home together and if you both live together your family life will be invigorating.

5th house :
This is usually a very romantic, passionate and playful position for Mars. The Mars person will stimulate the house persons sense of fun, and play inducing laughter and love. You will enjoy spending much of your time being playful. You both will spark one an others creativity but will also encourage one another to express it openly. You will be very supportive of one an others natural expression, this is a very encouraging placement. Sex will be passionate, and having children may be on your minds, when the time is right.

6th house :
The Mars person will stimulate the house person to take better care of themselves, or will be concerned about the house persons health and well being. The house person will provide the Mars person with more productive ways to utilize their time, perhaps by making more efficient suggestions. You will both want to take care of one another, and although your expression of affection might be more practical it is no less, meaningful. You will show your love for one another by caring practically for one another, in the day to day, health and perhaps of being of service always there to help.

7th house :
This placement stimulates the desire to partner, with one another but this house is not always romantic.This is the house of equal partnership, where you both decide to work together towards a mutual goal. If this is a romantic interaction then Marriage most certainly is possible, because you will both want to get serious, if other factors allow.  You will both stimulate one another, by having a lot in common and perhaps many similar goals. On the negative the Mars person may be to aggressive with the house person, or argumentative however, being mindful of one another will make all the difference.

8th house :
This usually ignites much sexual attraction to one another, and a interest to dive deep into all things hidden and mysterious. Deep open sharing of all secrets are possible, and if both people are mature and mindful then the level of depth they can reach will be like no other, openly sharing all things both emotionally and materially. The Mars person may pry too much into the house persons psyche making them feel uncomfortable, or may use money as a way to keep the house person attached to them. It is also possible that the Mars person could dig to far, or turn the relationship to heavy to fast or the focus could be too much on sex and the darker more taboo subjects. Sex will be intense, risky and perhaps even taboo.

9th house :
Mars stimulates the house persons desire to explore and experience all things new. This shows common interests and similar philosophies, in which you will both enjoy travel, learning and exploring. This is a expansive, optimistic position for Mars which indicates much happiness in being together if other aspects allow.

10th house :
A strong desire to be public together, perhaps you both have similar career goals, or have similar ways in which you present yourself. The Mars person may help the house person reach new career goals, and will more than likely offer assistance. The Mars person will enjoy sharing ideas, but may also work as a promoter or PR for the house person in their career. The house person will appreciate the Mars person for their talents and may even admire them.

11th house :
You will both likely share a mutual set of friends or will enjoy intermixing your friends with one another. Mars person will feel accepted by the house person just as they are and a true friendship is very possible. In a romantic interaction this indicates the Mars person will be very supportive of the house person goals, hopes and wishes, you will both not only be lovers but also friends with many of the same, favorite past times and interests.

12th house :
This can be very good or very bad and it truly depends on the individuals involved, and their Karma. Typically the house person may be able to provide the Mars person with healing on a very deep level, by helping the house person over come the ways in which they may sabotage them self, or help them overcome their fears. However, the Mars person will have insights into the house persons unconscious, and can trigger old hurts and even encourage their hidden fears on the negative. You both can point out talents or strengths of the house person which may help them heal as well. This house is the house of undoing, and the nature of the people involved will tell you more about whether or not the interaction will be positive or not.


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