> Where you light up eachother’s life.

1st house :
This usually points to two people that have much in common, and they may express themselves similarly. The Sun person would likely encourage the house person to be more expressive or to take more action. This can be an active relationship where they both enjoy spending time together doing things. The Sun person will feel comfortable with the house person like they can be themselves around them. Your approach to life may be similar and because of this.

2nd house :
The Sun person may want to impress the 2nd house person and might help the house person financially or with gifts. This position indicates a warmth between the two and may even point to a certain amount of possessiveness if this is a romantic relationship. There is generally a lot of attraction to each other, or a feeling that the two might be better working together toward a common goal. It can be a very supportive relationship and they both might learn a lot about there talents through this relationship as well.

3rd house :
This is a mentally stimulating placement, where the couple has an understanding of the way the other thinks. They may enjoy communicating often and sharing ideas with each other. One may remind the other of a sibling, but this is not always the case. They both will respect each other’s mind and can work well together on writing projects. When together they may enjoy walking around the neighborhoods and visiting local shops. This is a highly communicative placement but also active.

4th house :
This placement indicates the possibility for a very close relationship in which you both are very supportive of each other. There is generally a certain amount of comfort between the two, so much so that you share much about your families and early childhoods with each other. The Sun person is likely to feel very at home with the house person. In some cases, either person might recognize similarities in the other with someone in their family. It’s also possible that they live together at some point even if this is not a romantic relationship there is a familial type bond, that if one needs help at some point the other will likely offer.

5th house :
The house person will see the Sun person as fun and the two will enjoy many good times together (of course if other aspects allow). The Sun person might encourage the house person to be more expressive and creative. This does not always point to a romantic affair, although it is the house of romance, it can point to friends that you simply get along with and have lots fun with, going to parties, playing games, or entertaining others. The house person might also provide the Sun person with a safe place to express themselves, and be supportive of any creative endeavors the Sun person might be interested in. This is typically a fun placement, if this is romance then the two of you will have a lot of fun together, but you may also negatively try to compete with each other.

6th house :
The Sun person may encourage the house person to be more active, health conscious, or organized. The Sun person will want to be helpful to the house person. The house person, on the contrary, might be the one helping the Sun person become more organized, and be helpful when it comes to health matters. The two of you may talk a lot about these matters, such as health, fitness, and wellness. Sometimes this can point to one person that is ill and the other that is of service to the other. This is a good placement for the daily routine of a couple that lives together, they are able to work together and share household chores and responsibilities. The Sun person typically is willing to check in on the house person to see if there is anything they need help with.

7th house :
This placement is great for relationships of all kinds, love, friendship, the family you name it. The Sun person may have much in common with the house person. The house person will see the Sun person as relationship material in whatever sense that may be. You will work well in together. The Sun person will display personality traits in which the house person admires and the house person may find the Sun person as someone they want to partner with or in a love relationship may find them attractive. You both add balance to each other’s lives and the differences you have complement each other.

8th house :
There will be strong sexual themes between the two and an openness to discuss things related to the sharing of resources, psychology, sex, conspiracy, or topics of a deeper nature. The Sun person will likely be generous with the house person but watch for strings attached. If both people are evolved and on a higher path this relationship can be very powerful, deeply intimate and transforming in a good way. If both are prone to game playing, jealousy or control issues then the opposite is true and you can easily end up enemies. There is something primal about your attraction and you both will draw out very strong feelings whether for better or worse.

9th house :
This makes for a couple that shares a very similar philosophy or at least a deeper understanding and even mutual respect for one another. There is a mutual respect with this placement and a desire to seek, learn and expand their knowledge and experience together. They may both enjoy traveling together or trying new things. Religion or spiritual matters, law, government or politics may also be topics in which they enjoy researching or learning about together.

10th house :
This placement usually brings about much admiration in each other and a lot of attraction. You both appreciate one another for each other looks, talents and just the way about them. You also feel good and even more confident as a result of your relationship especially by the way in which others respond to you while together. This is an excellent position for a couple that enjoys the public life, or that decide to work together.

11th house :
This makes for a fun and friendly companionship. You will both share many of the same hopes and wishes or at least be very supportive of one another in reaching theirs. You can talk about many subjects and share many of the same ideas, past times and social groups. You can talk about anything and everything with each other, you are two of a kind. If this is a love relationship you will be both friends and lovers. This is a good position for a long-term relationship however as always other compatible factors need to apply.

12th house :
There is something elusive, mystical, magical, or undefinable about your Partner and it’s possible your partner may feel this way about you. You have an intuitive connection, and much of your relationship might take place behind the scenes in secret or not very public. You may confide in each other, things you normally would not with others. The house person might help the Sun person release old karma, uncover hidden talents, or heal through an unconditional love, or acceptance of the Sun person. You can feel weary of each other, confused about one another’s intention, or find the relationship or interaction uncomfortable. If the first applies the two of you likely have come together to learn about unconditional love, spiritual matters or psychological matters. It is also possible there may have been a past life or karmic connection that needs healing. You may have met in a unique way, you will both share very intimate details with one another. There is also likely a spiritual or unconscious connection that exists between the two of you even if you are apart. You may idealize one another, or see things in another that no one else can see. This house holds both the soul-mate and the enemy so it’s always best to proceed with caution in any love relationship.


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