The Lunar Return is a chart that can be made every month, when the Moon comes back to the exact degrees of your birth Moon/ Natal chart Moon. This is a predictive technique for a whole month. The Lunar Return can bring more clearance within a Solar Return chart, which is loaded with information for a whole year. Inorder to find out what months could be more important to you, is when the Lunar Return chart comes in handy.
The Lunar return charts is a series that relate to eachother and it’s useful to interpret such chart along with the LR charts prior to a certain month.
“the monthly beginning of the lunar cycle that started at your birth, which is the cycle of your response to your environment, including your emotions, feelings, interactivity, social well-being, and generally how creatively you react to the challenges and opportunities of life”

• Major monthly themes
• Moon = The body
• Daily events via transit Moon to Lunar planets
• Planets on the angles = Most active/theme

How to interpret a Lunar Return chart 

1) House the Moon is in = Area of life that will be fluctuated, activated house
2) ASC = Description about the theme of the month
3) In what house is the ASC ruler located
4) Stellium : House or Sign = Area of life that will be important that month
5) The degree of the ASC = More description about the phase you are in
6) Aspects that occur in both Lunar and Natal chart = Extra important
7) NA + LR  = Which NA planets receive most aspects from LR

Next step is to use transits on the Lunar Return chart to see when certain points are triggered by the Moon. The Moon is the most important Planet. When it conjuncts to a Planet, Point or Axis within the Lunar Return chart, that area or that energy of the Planet is triggered.

The planets 

Sun = Area of focus
Moon = Area of vulnerability & insecurity
Mercury = Area of focused thoughts
Venus = Area of attracting
Mars = Area that needs more assertiveness
Jupiter = Area of protection, easy flowing
Saturn = Area of karma & restriction
Uranus = Area of sudden freeing
Neptune = Area of healing, unfinished business
Pluto = Area that needs transformation

Moon in the houses 

1st house : Feeling more in control (life & activities). Emotionally expressive
2nd house : Focus onto finances, watch out for compulsiveness
3rd house : Mental activity. Trips and travel possibilities
4th house : Focus on private life, responsibilities, being at home more
5th house : Focus on personal creativity & children, pregancy
6th house : Busy month of tasks and routines, health oriented
7th house : Focus on relationships, meeting & interacting
8th house : Money issues, bills, endings, transformation, research
9th house : Expansive activities, publications, spirituality
10th house : Focus on career, recognition, working
11th house : Social events, going after desires, focus on friends
12th house : Isolation, frustrations, meditation, spiritual matters

Using the Lunar Return charts to find an important month 

Fast and simple 
If your Lunar Return has the same ASC sign as your current Solar Return, it shows this to be the key month of the Solar Year. Research your Solar Return chart on what is promised to happen within that year, and check how the Lunar Return adds more information on the matter.

If your Solar Return chart shows that there will be a new romance within the upcoming year, you can check the Lunar Return charts for those 12 months, and find the triggers. You can do a Synastry of a Lunar Return chart with your Natal chart inorder to see where the romantic triggers are.
The Axis are one of the most important points to take inconsideration.

• LR ASC conjunct DSC or in 7th house of Natal chart
• A fated point of LR conjunct to Natal ASC
• LR Venus conjunct Destin, Vertex, Union, ASC or in 7th house
• Union conjunct Union, ASC, DSC,or in 1st or 7th

Most of the time the LR ASC will be Libra, Taurus or Leo in the months that may contain romantic triggers/events.

Will be continued.. .. more research needed