Nodes in Taurus-Scorpio

From January 18 2022 until July 12 2023

This is about the global, CollEctiVe and individual ‘karmic’ shift for a year and a half.
It indicates the shared purpose for all of us. Automatically things will be pushed into the questionzone of Taurus and Scorpio :
Is it worth it? Do i earn that and how? What do i value and am i valued? What do i desire and what’s the fear?
How do i take care of myself? Is what i want, truly something i desire or deserve?
Is what i desire a projected expectation of others?
Is my desire really something that’s in alignment with my essence?  How am i using or losing my power?
What does money actually mean and am i able to sustain myself? Who is responsible for my stability?
How is the relationship between me and my body? Do i get what i worked for? What do i earn?
Am i overeating but why is that, what fear am i holding onto?
Power, powerlessness and surrendering, to reconsider what’s real value and what’s trash.
Both signs rule various areas of life, yet inevitably connected.

The Nodal axis moves backwards in relation to the movement of the planets. So when you pull up a chart, the nodes will move clockwise. That means the nodal axis starts at the most intense energy of a sign.
aka 29° Taurus-Scorpio. It’s like working your way back to the core essence of things. Starting from what you currently know and moving back to the basics to reconsider, relearn and remaster.
See it as a checkup : do you have your shit together?

In both the North and Southnode, crisis can be expected as it’s about our comfortzone (southnode) and all what’s beyond that (northnode). It can take several attempt to loosen the breaks that are in our southnode in Scorpio, which is about deep rooted fears, phobias, trauma’s, things that were installed incorrectly in prior years or even lifetimes. Eventho most may consider this transit as one that’s generally connected to finances,
it has a deep psychological root, which first needs to be understood before we can create stable results with our Northnode in Taurus.
The focal point, Northnode, is in the first zodiacal sign of Taurus. This means to have a checkup, learn and stabilize your current or nonexistent foundations.
In order to experience all that good Scorpio stuff, how well balanced and learned is the core in Taurus?

Matters like sexuality will pop up for many people, the way we share and trust,  the way we build our income, the prices we pay for actual materials, but also the psychological prices paid for the things we share with or lose through others that are of emotional value.
The ultimate question when it comes to Sexuality…
Is the way i share sex, rooted out of selflove or is it a traumaresponse?
Is my sexual style a coping-mechanism, why do i prefer dominance/submission? what childhood trauma is behind?
Do i have sex to keep our relationship running? Am i neglecting my needs for the sake of keeping peace?

How do i share my body, is it loved by both me and my partner? is it respected?
Am i using sex for power or for transformation? Is sex my way to money and why?
What have sexual experienced done to my sense of self and selflove?
Am i using sex to validate my selfworth? Is sex my escape from something that i repress?
Is there balance between sensuality and sexuality?

Is sex destroying or healing me?

In astrology, the sign Taurus comes before Scorpio in zodiacal order. Scorpio is 7 signs ahead of Taurus.
That means Taurus is the ‘basic’ energy, the essence where it all starts, Taurus is the root for Scorpio, because without Taurus, there would be no Scorpio.
Put it simple :
Taurus is our senses, selfworth and sensuality. If we don’t value and connect to ourself, how are we possibly going to ever experience tantric sex (scorpio energy)?
You first need to understand how to please the senses, love yourself (Taurus) before you can reach the soul, love another (Scorpio).

The same principal applies to the money matters.
Taurus rules money and self esteem. Both matters are connected, because it takes self appreciation to be able to make, own and hold on to money, healthily.
It has been a topic that’s boiling up more ; frustrated self employed people, short reels on instagram humorously displaying the public rant over expensive prices for articles that required craftsmanship to be created.
It’s common sense, it’s respect, it’s the value of one’s own work translated into numbers that apparently signify money.
To own and to share, to give and to take, equally

Whilst the Northnode travels through Taurus, so does Uranus, since a while..
Things will shake up in the department of finances. either the economy will fail, or people collectively rebel against current ways of how we use, earn, spend and save money. There is crisis in the world because of pressure created by people in power or outdated and constipated ancient rules within existing societies and governments.
The gab between rich and poor has become so big that it created this current crisis, and that’s why the Northnode and Uranus are in Taurus. We are a revolutionary species, technology here, fast delivery there.. but our way of financing it may need to be reviewed to what works long term.
People seek financial freedom, but the question is on how we will become that, what do we need to do in order to reinvent our perception of money and value.

Whether Northnode is in Taurus or not, you have to consider what’s in Scorpio first. The fears that have been keeping you from creating a new source of income, the fear that has been keeping you of nourishing your body well, the fear of trust, the fear of supporting yourself, to do it on your own, manifesting your desires not that of others.
Codependency, sexual escape, manipulation, traumaresponses, childhood experienced which still have an influence onto how we go about money and selfworth..

The endgoal is to find and create lasting stability in your sense of selfworth, finances, selfcare,…
But first you have to dive deeper into the darkside to get rid, let go, transform and heal what’s toxic and does not support the desired endgoal.

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  1. Good questions! It takes some time to know or speak the answers! It goes to the bottom of a human and his life. Worth to meditate on it and then act on it!

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