Why can a harmony filled synastry fail?

A post devoted to partner compatibilities and the overload of harmonious aspects, and the genuine constructively intended öpinjon i have on such. I’m inspired by an example i’ve seen in the relationship between two people.
Briefly : a happily married couple of many years, childeren, yet divorce at some point.

“but we have so many trines and everything was so easy and without any worry, we had it all…”

I feel the shit boiling inside my Virgo Moon penetrated rectum canal, the amount of blind the trines can serve.
An absolute “HECK so many sextiles and trines” – edition. Excuse my language beforehand.

The wonderful Trine aspect :
Let me put it simple, a trine is ease of flow, pleasure, being similar to one another, agreement, comfort.
A trine means Tolerance, acceptance and a lack or inability of seeing faulties. A trine may even support what’s dysfunctional in nature.
Having a certain amount of trines is actually wonderful to have, because you sense one another, you go hand in hand, feeling understood. Depending on the individuals involved in the relationship, an overload of trines can work for a long while between two people, but more so ; A LOT depends on the individual awareness of the self.

Let’s say you got Venus square Uranus, a classic indication of one who needs different, a love for the odd and quirky, and especially nothing that fits the standard. But if this awareness of a personal inner truth is dormant, a person can stay in a Trine infused relationship for longer than necessary. It simply continues to live onto that dormant sense of self awareness.
And the longer they stay, the more their personal development and evolution is being put on hold. Okay, nothing wrong with that, we all have our own rhythm of evolution.
After all, we are here, incarnated onto this ball we call earth, for the purpose of growth.

Growth only occurs when we’re triggered, when we become aware of something deeper, put into uncomfortable situations, through confrontation with the self and others. Growth never comes without any effort.
The same principal applies to this : You would love to grow an indoors basil plant in that one room without any windows. If you want it to grow, you need to either put the plant into another room with a window, or put some sort of glowing lamp nearby, and not to forget ; water it on a regular basis, and also, make sure the soil is fertile.

SO, growth requires the right ingredients. The problem with the trine is that there is no effort put into the principal of growth because whatever situation, you will consider it perfectly okay, even when it’s toxic, your trine infused ass will accept the toxicity and don’t see any point of changing it, escaping it,.. eventhough it’s depriving the quality of your life.
With a trine aspect there is no fertile soil to grow anything new from, it only serves a comfortable place to continue what you were doing. It’s like a routine, doing something on repeat. To much trines means to be tolerant of whatever the other does, whether it’s peeling and eating their own crusty dried pieces of blood that’s hanging on their shin, the habit of not flushing the toilet after taking a shit, expecting you to bring in the money into the household and spending all of it onto the spa and nice clothes,…
The trine will be like “yeh sure fine, no problem”

If your horoscope indicates the need for this type of monotone, than please forgive my harsh vocabulary. May it be a source of nice information or a good laugh. Please continue if you did so…..

Anyway here is your example of the Harmony overload love synastry i’m talking about :

Squares are even more wonderful :
But, first of all i’d love to make clear that inorder for a square to be constructive, it requires self awareness.
Because there is an essential difference between feeling triggered & annoyed or feeling out of your comfortzone and willing to try something new or work on an issue.
With the square there is this choice between :
“shall i fuck off” or “shall i see this as an opportunity for growth” ?
A square is wonderful to have in your synastry as it’s like two lovers pushing one another into new perspectives, new waters, new ideas and ways to look at yourself.

Taking the same example as with the trine : if your lover leaves the shit floating inside your chamber of feces, a square will act upon the distasteful experience and correct the behavior of the other ;
“hey, consider that i don’t like to see your rectal splats hanging off the sides” or
“i find it uncomfortable and nasty when i’m face to face with your floating aborted anal inhibitors, can you flush that next time before you leave the bathroom?”
Maybe it feels personal and uncomfortable when your partner would say something like that, but a perfect example that when you’re open to see things from a new perspective, that sense of discomfort you experience is only the first step into the gateway for constructive change. It puts the awareness onto reconsidering own behavior leading to acting upon it by either constructing and fixing the issues or breaking up because you think a lover should accept the faces of your feces.

Having a certain (balanced) amount of squares in your synastry is nothing to fear. But remember it does depend on both individuals involved :
Are one or both meant to face many struggles in a relationship, does the horoscope point into that direction?
Are you self-aware enough to accept discomfort as your place of learning?
Are you open to correct yourself and learn new things?
A square ignites adventure, life, opportunity, change, growth,…
The deeper we feel, the more we grow.

When a Venus square Uranus person is neglecting their true self, the truth of what they need and feel attracted to, whilst being in a trine infused relationship, it will be the force of the natal square that will awaken at some point, because stagnation of your consciousness works against the purpose of incarnation ; evolution.
The suppressing of your personal truth, will lead to a culmination where you’ll be forced to deal with a square, either by transit or the activation of the dormant natal square.

Synastry VS Composite :
They say a good composite can make up for a worse synastry and a good synastry cannot fix a bad composite.
It is very much true, yet the synastry is where the chemistry begins. So, don’t worry if your synastry is a square overload or opposition attack, have a look at the composite chart, maybe it shows a good sun-moon aspect. A classic indication for the potential of survival, although not stable enough.

A relationship begins within, the priority is to understand yourself, know what you need, desire, but also… what’s promised in the natal chart. Some souls have chosen a life of battling and despair… because it’s the soul that knows about the necessity for growth. (Only possible when triggered :3). Relationships are a source of discovering who we are, yes you can do this is complete solitude too, yet at some point we do need others to figure what needs to be learned, healed, to understanding our preferences, learning about boundaries, etc.. Others can navigate us through our blindspots by experiencing confusion, hurt, disappointment, disagreement,…
It’s like our parents, they get angry and correct us as a kid when we break something or misbehave. But that’s how we learn about respect or gravity if you will…

Spot the toxicity :
There is a difference between enduring bullshit and facing some challenges with your loved one.
For a square aspect to be positive, there has to be mutual respect. Both people need to be openminded and willing to communicate through difficulties and disagreements. But if one is dominating the other, or forcing their point of view, than you’re dealing with toxicity or someone that’s projecting their own dysfunctions onto you.. There certainly is a limit to the amount of healthy clashing that is able to provide mutual growth. If there’s only pressure and no space to breath, than there is no chance of survival. Set your boundaries and limits, you can’t learn all and everything at once, so be gentle on yourself too. See it as a a balance of black and white, night and day,.. Having only the night would prevent us from seeing clearly, having only the day would prevent us from serenity and tranquility to process things. Having only sugar could result in addiction, leading to nutrient deficiencies and something in your blood levels which i don’t remember the name of, likewise having only salt could result in water retention, high blood pressure all leading to prevention of a healthy functioning body and brain.
The concept i’m portraying here, is moderation.

In conclusion :
Shit some squares, it’s good for your development.
Don’t fear the discomfort, allow it to show you the way to yourself.

Pain, discomfort, and all the sad things about life and human relationships or the ability to fall in love.. is inevitable.
We fall in love, because we feel a connection, but even deeper into the layers of love, is that our soul recognizes the people we can learn vital lessons with and from.
You chooz to incarnate here (lol) (somewhere deeeep inside the unconscious part of our consciousness), deal with it (lollol). So much inspiration to be found in misfortune, struggles and things beyond our comfortzone.

Much love,

Sincere handshake, Virgo Moon wanker

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