Divine transits as portals

Pluto  conjunct Union – This happens every 5 years

Union is an asteroid and symbolizes unions, merging, twins, fate,…
Pluto is intensity, soul, transformation.
Slap these two motherfuckers into the mix, than you get
intensified union, transformational merging, Merging of souls,…
A union of mirrors a.k.a Twinsouls if you will.

CoiNcideNtalLy i met my other half last time this transit occured in 2017, on the exact date.
It was right on top of my natal POF, talking about being born at the right time.
Either way, i believe this transit to be a portal for divine unions, it just makes to much sense, knowing that when such conjunction occurs every 5 years, other planets decide to be in a conjunction aswell, and it’s not ‘just’ planets, but often involve planets that have a relationship to love and connection. (see dates below)

Now the reason for making this post, is to let you know ; hey there is an epic transit ahead of us, pretty soon…
But also to reach out to you, and ask for your experiences. Please feel free to share what happened for you around one of these past dates and if it  made any (tight) conjunction to any of your personal planets, angles or points.
leave a comment below, or send me a DM via instagram ; start your message with ‘website’ , i’m very very hermit..

12° Sagittarius September 4th 2001 + Sun conjunct Destinn
25° Sagittarius November 4th 2006 + Venus conjunct Sun
6° Capricorn December 11th  2011 + Lilith conjunct Jupiter
17° Capricorn January 13th 2017 + Venus conjunct Neptune
27° Capricorn February 11th 2022 + Venus conjunct Mars
6° Aquarius March 12th 2027  + Amor conjunct Chiron & Jupiter conjunct Southnode
14° Aquarius April 11th 3032 + Mars conjunct Chiron
22° Aquarius June 1st 2037 + Venus conjunct Jupiter


Don’t you think it’s rather significant that on this particular ‘rare’ conjunction other conjunctions occur too?

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ok goodbye

4 thoughts on “Divine transits as portals

  1. Nice to see you back! Hope everything is ok i have been using your site for learning On how to read a composite chart 🙏😁

    1. Ah how nice! thank you for your comment 🙂
      Hope you’re finding the answers and insights that you’re looking for, either way i’m working to add more info soon!
      Take care 🙂

  2. Yay I’m glad you’re back! I’ve been referring to your article on Lilith a LOT, and I was wondering if you were curious in delving into how one’s Lilith placement relates to the goddess Lilith herself, as in where you might meet her or she might reach out to you and manifest herself in your life.

    1. Thank you! 🙂 that’s a very interesting question, first thing popping into my mind that would make the most sense is when the Natal lilith is aspected by a conjunction or square to have her energy manifested in your life, this either by transit or synastry.
      The house placement of Lilith can indicate the life area of frustrations, such as an individual with Lilith in 4th may have experienced some sort of drama or trauma in childhood, or the mother that embodied typical Lilith traits, here it shows that the Lilith energy may manifest through family members. the native with lilith in 4th could shy away from 4th house matters, a lot has to do with the actual vulnerability underneath and the ‘darkside’ of Lilith is often expressed through suppressed vulnerability, once our own fragile self is recognized, her actions become constructive, powerful and courageous.
      Thinking about activations by either transit/synastry is how i found her energy to be most prominent and indeed manifested.
      It highly depends on natal aspects that Lilith receives inorder to determine what a person is capable of doing when they feel insecure, threatened, belittled, betrayed,… Or simply how they camouflage their wounds.
      Lilith is raw feminine sexual energy in her core essence, so Lilith square uranus or neptune in the natal chart may indicate a person who could explode and act ‘reckless’ when sexual needs are neglected, this is just one example. The sign placement is important to understand how someone approaches and handles their inner Lilith energy. Lilith in Taurus may build strategies slowly over time and may have a very heightened senses, Lilith in sagittarius may approach with a wild and eccentric view upon life or may bend the truth to benefit themselves,…

      The ways you’ll meet your inner lilith is for sure when someone else’s planet(s) are conjunct to your natal lilith!
      It may start of powerful, than it may drag you down into a dark rabbithole of forgotten trauma’s, and than if you’re both willing and strong enough to face the dark, it eventually becomes a healing connection.
      Thanks for your comment again! very inspiring to dig deeper and write more about Lilith!

      Take care 🙂

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