Personal life update. An honest brief letter.

August 9th
Dear visitor and those whom have contacted me regards readings :

All things are on hold as i’m currently facing the reality of becoming homeless.
Where i live the housing market is a crisis (probably everywhere).
I have been struggling with depression for years but it increases tremendously as right now i only have 22 days left before i need to leave my current house with a child under my wings.

Be patient with me..
I will only resume my astro work once my life is normal again,
At this point i do not know when that will be.. But i’m hoping for an actual miracle.

I’m only (occasionally) active on my art account, you can find the link in ‘about’ .
Art does not requires human interaction as i genuinely don’t have much energy left to help others,
i am in need for help myself.

Thank you for taking a moment to read.
Thanks for your understanding.

If you feel generous and want to support, you can donate, buttons everywhere on my website..


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