NameAsteroids research/Book

⚠️ I’m looking for people willing to share their NameAsteroid story with me.
Contribute to the information that reflects reality, from a human point of view

✨All information remains confidential and anonymous. You’re safe 🙏

📩Contact me OR leave a comment below

I’m writing down all my findings, experiences, researches, knowledge,.. about these tiny spacerocks and combine them into a structured book for (self) education and learning. To interpret your charts and help to understand the unrevealed meaning of spacerocks that are named after the people we love, befriend or have a difficult relationship with.

I began the slapping down of informat in a word document and drift into stardust,.. let’s see where this project will go and how it evolves. I’m motivated by the actual lack of information about NameAsteroids so I figured I should bring my approach and insights to you.

If you get in contact with me to contribute your story anonymously :
• I’ll need your details of birth (date/hour/place)
• The Name(s) which you wish to share a story about, this can be about yourself too

For example you can describe a (significant) person in your life and what impact they had on you, or you can describe yourself + a quote or a saying of yours, you can share a story of the great love of your life or someone you had a difficult connection with, a story about someone that left an imprint or just the Names of people you live with or share a friendship with. OR if you traveled longterm or settled abroad you can share your story as places also happen to have their own NameAsteroid (not always)

You can also send me a copy of your natal chart where you’ve added the NameAsteroids (than i don’t need your details of birth)


What i’m covering in that book :

• What are NameAsteroids
• How to find them + tips
• How to use NameAsteroids
• Aspects including Minor aspects explanations
• NameAsteroids in Houses & Signs + examples (in depth)
• Planets in aspect + examples
• NameAsteroid to angles and other asteroids (briefly)
• Observation on 50 people in a long-term relationship
• Separative forces & death + examples
• Name to Name examples
• Degree theory + examples
• The 18th and 29th degree + examples
• Retrograde NameAsteroids + examples & difference explained to 29°
• Asteroids of location + examples
• Observation on the Composite chart (third party people)
• Stories of your own NameAsteroid
• and so on….

Currently at 88 Pages full of structured information to help you interpret your NameAsteroids.
Lol that’s way more than you’re able to find on here :3
Keep your eyes peeled…..

Aside from that, there are more projects which I’m working on :
– Book about Twinflames (personal experience)
– Deck of quotes

➡️ anyone who has published a book or a deck, please get in contact with me, I’d love to learn how to best approach this project.

Cheers! 🖤🦂
Eva-Desiree // PlutonicDesire

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