what’s your most burning question?

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I wanted to reach out to ask you what your most burning questions are. I notice a lot of activity is spent on the pages that have to do with love, marriage, soulmates, spouse, composite chart, etc..
I’d love to write more on these topics with a focus on understanding, (self)analysis, reasons and solutions.

What’s an issues you’re dealing with,
What answers are you’re looking for,
What’s the pattern that keeps popping up in your (love)life,
What do you struggle with most,
What pain, issue keeps resurfacing,

I know these questions are rather personal or sensitive.
You can reply anonymously here in the comment section, or you can send me an email.
take note that it’s solely your contribution to get an insight into what i can write about on my website,
it’s not a personal reading, however you can contact me if you’re interested.
Any suggestions for topics are welcome too!

Thank you for your time!

Take care

Love & Light,
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7 thoughts on “what’s your most burning question?

    1. Hi!

      A 12th house stellium is deeply challenging, whatever chart it occurs in. As a Composite chart shows the daily dynamic and life style of a couple, it shows that there are lots of hidden energies at play between you that trigger lots of unconscious motives, emotions but especially confrontation with aspects from the self and the other. With a 12th stellium it is very important to work on (self)awareness. It’s possible that one or both of you bring up old wounds or (past) experiences that may have been suppressed. You may experience such a bond with this person that’s out of this world somehow, something you’ve never felt before, this can be either good or bad, but the key here is to protect your boundaries as 12th house tends to create sacrifices beyond your values, selfworth, self respect, because it could have this savior-victim type of bond between two people.
      It’s good to stay open to whatever this relationship may show and teach you about this that are buried deep, this relationship happens so you can solve any unconscious issues, struggles,… This house is also connected to that of past lives, so there is a possibility that this connection has exited before, and you may have come back together in this life, to heal what was left unfinished.

      Hope this was helpful!

  1. I wanted to know what a sun conjunct Neptune within seconds would mean in synastry. Would it mean the sun person could idealize the Neptune, or vice versa? Thank you, and hope things have been going well for you 🙂

    1. Hi there! Neptune is an outer planet so therefore it functions on a more subconscious level. the Neptunian themes build up over time. when there is a conjunction between Sun-Neptune in Synastry, it’s the Sun person who is under the ‘spell’ or influence of this energy. Things can feel deeply idealistic with the Neptune person, it may feel like the unity of two souls, a romantic and spiritual flavor. But with strong Neptune aspects, it’s important to stay realistic as sometimes we tend to idealize or see the other for someone who they’re not or things we may not see clearly about them. It’s a wonderful aspect to learn about unconditional loving and it can be creatively stimulating as well.

      Take care 🙂

  2. Hello, first of all I would like to say thank you for the incredible material you are posting! It’s really helpful and I am learning a lot from It! Well done!

    My burning question is on interpreting the love asteroids in the synastry chart. For example, cupid (9th house) conjunct the south node (5th house) in libra is indicative of pass life love?

    1. hi! Thank you kindly, i’m grateful to hear this!
      Asteroid Cupid ; it’s about being infatuated, erotic attraction, often more related to a sexual based relationship rather than love.
      Southnode is were someone came from aswell as past life. So the Cupid person could have been a lover or an affair in a past life.
      Look at the Northnode to understand where it’s going in this life, especially conjunctions are the strongest. if there is no particular strong aspect to the Northnode it’s likely to point out to a meeting with someone you’ve shared some strong (sexual) feelings with before. But aside from Asteroids, the rest of the chart should point in that direction to be sure such as strong venus and moon interaction. 9th house could point to a possibility of a foreign love, a teacher, guru,.. someone with whom you share(d) some differences in background. 5th house is romance which could point that there was some romantic involvement in the past.
      Cupid is like being hit by someone’s beauty or charm and it draws you in

  3. I would actually like to know if you do readings 🙂,
    Thank you for posting so much information.

    Here are some questions I have:
    Are there certain progressed synastry aspects that have to occur so a union comes (relationship)? Ive noticed Sun/Moon contacts is best

    What does having a Sun/Mars/Venus/Mercury In Virgo except my Mars being in Leo mean? I also have all these planets in the 7th but in whole sign in the 8th except mars staying in the 7th.

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