Update : July 2022 – Currently writing a book on Twinflames from own experience, perspective where i’ll include my astrological findings through research, symbolism, coincidences, etc.
A soulful book with a practical approach for learning.
Stay tuned

The twinflame connection is something most of us strive for, to find our Divine Masculine or Feminine,
to feel whole again with a romantic partner. Yet this connection is a reflection of yourself in the other, which can be very confronting and challenging.
There are a lot of things, which indicate the twinflame being present in your life or when it’s about to happen. There are also certain degrees of Twinflame relationships (which i am still researching). The Twinflame relationship is a challenging one, the other being the exact reflection of yourself as if you are looking in the mirror. Both enhance and weaken each other’s up and downsides, which makes the bond extremely difficult at times. This union is meant to show you true love, It teaches you to love unconditionally, and to let go of the standards. Let go of control and trying to own the other, because the beauty is within letting go.

Instant familiarity

Most common signs

1) Age gap
Most twinflames have an age gap

2) Unusual meeting
In most cases they meet each other in their dreams. These dreams are incredibly realistic, possibly sexual and you will remember them vividly when you wake up. It leaves you homesick. Mostly these dreams occur 1-5 years before actually meeting each other either online or in real life, and you will (instantly) recognize your twinflame. You know it was that person from in your dreams. These dreams occur more than once and always have a very similar setting and vibe to it.

3) Similarities & oppositions
A possibility of having a similar name. Starting with the same letter, female-male version, same sounding names. Having similar facial structure or vibe. Same hair color. One being clearly taller than the other. Even in their birthchart they deal with similarities & oppositions, such as having sunsigns square/opposite. Having planets in the same sign or element or the opposing ones. More on the astrological indications of Twinflames .

4) Separated
In most cases they are separated over miles and countries, To even having a different cultural background. Life for some reason wants to challenge you by putting obstacles and boundaries between you both, because that’s the purpose of a twinflame union : to shift the shit out of your life and to make changes happen that are necessary for both your individual growth. If for some lucky reason you don’t live that far apart , you will face a phase in which you get separated due to circumstances beyond your control. Every Union goes through a stage of separation which is also called ‘The dark night of the Soul’. This to find inner balance and self-love.

5) Major life changes
Around the time you meet them, things will start to change. Such as relationships that end, changing job, quitting job, starting a new or long desired hobby, moving house, working on yourself, going into rehab, changing certain bad habits, childbirth, adapting new positive behaviors,.. But all by yourself. Twinflames are not co-dependent.

6) Symbolism & ”coincidence”
Seeing double numbers to the point you go insane. That was a joke, but it is possible that it confuses you to desperation.
All sorts of little details that are linked & remind you of your twinflame will pop up everywhere around you. Such as seeing their name, seeing their birthday number, suddenly seeing ads on your feed about their hobby, country, culture to even something you recently discussed with your twin. A song they recently shared with you that starts playing on the radio, smoking same brand of cigarettes, having birthmarks or bruises on the same spot, seeing symbolism in animals (example : grasshopper) that indicate a change you should take, having symbolic dreams (example : him appearing in green colors/clothes = renewal and growth), Seeing the color patterns which the other loves so much. The list goes on, and on top of that, this symbolism occurs a few times a day, every day.

7) Instant recognition & attraction
You will feel HOME when you meet your twin. It might be difficult to understand it at first, especially when you’re not very spiritual or not even aware of this stuff. You’ll feel something, and it’s different than usual. More so like : Out of this world.
Their eyes will come across as very familiar, as if you’ve looked in them before, sometimes the shape and eye color are the same. There is an intense magnetic attraction between the both of you, and intense desire to be with that person and spend time together.

8) Telepathic connection
If your twin is having naughty thoughts, you sure as hell will get aroused out of nowhere. You feel each other from a distance as if you’re not really separated by distance at all. Knowing when they are going to contact you, Having an orgasm at the same time. And yes it’s possible you even feel each other physically on a distance such as feeling your twinflame’s heartbeat, or having a headache at the same time. Choosing the same picture from google. Knowing that the other is doing something without knowing from each other that you know.

9) Feeling the echo:
Throughout life you know and feel that something is lacking. Your soul knows and feels that someone is out there, yet you haven’t met them, but the knowledge sooths the absence. The echo becomes more clear and eventually disappears when reuniting. You can either recognize their echo by the melody that is present in the way they speak, the music they make, the way they write and make up sentences, the body-language that seems familiar or is even the same as yours.

10) Physical traits you’ve seen before:
Throughout your life you meet a lot of people, some of them are memorable, and from own experience, all of those people had something in common with my Twinflame. Some of the example are : Same hairstyle, same music preference, personality, character, hands, voice, habits, same sunsign / rising sign,..
The Twinflame literally being the perfect blend of all the positive traits, melted into one person.

11) Seen and done it before:
It is very possible that when you meet your Twinflame that you suddenly realize that you have done something before, such as ‘coincidentally’ learning their language at a certain point of your life. Or that you both have been at the same place in your lives without knowing that the both of you were present there, it can either be in the real physical world, such as travelling to a place or visiting the same exhibition. But it can also be online, such as being on the same social networks and forums (not talking about facebook). Having an attempt at a hobby which seems to be theirs when you meet them for the first time. Been interested in something the other does, culture, religion, education,..

Examples of my Twinflame :

1) Dreams : 5 years before knowing of each other’s existence
2) Music : I recognized him by the music he makes (he is an artist)
3) Online : Started talking, LDR

1) Same brand cigarettes
2) Same name : male/female version > Ivo and Eva
3) Similar events in past
4) Same music taste
5) Same numerology

Differences / oppositions
1) I am small, he is tall
2) 6 year age gab
3) Cultural difference

Life events
1) Childbirth (3 months after i met my twin)
2) Being home from work long-term
3) Broke up with my partner
4) Moved house on my own
5) Started studying astrology
6) Learned how to produce my own music
7) Founded PlutonicDesire
8) Started writing a book on our journey

1) Davison chart = B-day of my first boyfriend
2) His Sun & ASC = I’ve met alot of people with the same combination
3) Sunsign = Same as a karmic soulmate
4) Our Moons exact conjunct
5) Same atmakaraka, amatekaraka & darakaraka
6) Past life as married couple (SN conjunct Juno)
7) We both had soul-reunion transits when meeting for the first time (online)
8) Transit Venus conjunct Composite Venus (real life meeting)
9) Transit Venus conjunct my natal NN (real life meeting)

“Coincidences” (as signs & hints)
1) Appearance = similar to my first ‘true love’, seems like mature version
2) Facial traits = similar to first online boyfriend
3) Technical issues at the same time
4) Getting sick in the same week
5) Eating same food without knowing it from each other
6) Seeing each other’s birthday number pop up everywhere, every day
7) Started talking more on same date when i lost virginity
8) I watched LDR video’s out of nowhere 1 year before meeting
9) I had 2 coworkers whom were in an LDR
10 ) seeing both the same number pop up