The essence of your soul can be seen by the house and sign placement of the asteroid Psyche (16) . It shows where you feel most at peace and at home, where you bloom. Who you are in the deepest parts of yourself.

Aries / 1st house :
The soul is Raw, childlike, doesn’t hide but got bruised along the way.

Taurus / 2nd house :
The soul is a Nature-lover, sensitive to citylife, loves to walk barefoot.

Gemini / 3rd house :
The soul Dances with strangers. strange places feel familiar. music.

Cancer / 4th house :
The soul loves Memories and is melancholic. Stuck to the ones they love

Leo / 5th house :
The soul loves Adrenaline, the atrical, arts

Virgo / 6th house :
The soul feels home in the Animal kingdom, non verbal, needs a purpose to push itself

Libra / 7th house :
The soul needs Love, seeing it everywhere, made to share

Scorpio / 8th house :
The soul is a One-way mirror, watch the world while being invisible

Sagittarius / 9th house :
The soul is a Nomad, nowhere and everywhere, wandering

Capricorn / 10th house :
The soul is a Savage, rare to find a place where it’s safe to reveal what’s underneath

Aquarius / 11th house :
The soul is Questioning, wandering, echoes of own voice

Pisces / 12th house :
The soul is Dreamy, untouchable, own made world