From Mythology
Psyche was the wife of Eros. She was worshipped for her purity but didn’t find love, nobody wanted to marry her.
Eros was told to push her into a meeting with the most negative person, but when he saw her he fell in love. They married but Eros never revealed himself to her, so she had no idea what he looked like.
One time she wakes up in a beautiful castle filled with beauty and luxury, but she’s left there alone. Psyche had two sisters and she was missing them. One day her husband Eros allowed her to invite her sisters over, when they were there they naturally started to feel jealous because of her outstanding beauty and purity. Her sisters wanted to mess with her and started to talk shit about Psyche’s husband for the fact he didn’t show himself and left her alone in a castle, that he must be ugly and vile. She got worried and went seeking for her husband at night with a candle to see for herself whether the rumors were true or not. To her surprise she discovers that Eros is the most beautiful man she had ever seen.
She fell to her knees as she felt overwhelmed with grace, but meanwhile the candlewax started to drip on Eros which awoke him from his sleep, but as there was an agreement to never see each other he than felt that their trust was shattered and broken. He said “love cannot exist without trust” and he takes off.
Psyche goes to Aphrodite for advice to get her husband back, which is the mother of Eros. But Aphrodite was the one sending out Eros to mess up Psyche’s life in the first place, so the situation was a bit odd and strange.
Aphrodite made Psyche do all sorts of tests and tasks in order to see whether she is worth it, worth her son.
Psyche did well on her tests and Aphrodite was not pleased with that, so she sent Psyche to the underworld to Persephone whom than takes some of Psyche’s beauty which she agreed upon as she wanted to do everything to get her husband back. Psyche than returned to Aphrodite but she was still not pleased as Psyche was still beautiful and told her she won’t ever see Eros again and would enslave Psyche.
The gods had seen everything happen and sent Hermes to Eros to inform him about what his mother had done to Psyche.
Eros was touched and the betrayal of trust was immediately broken. Psyche and Eros get officially married and as a wedding gift, Zeus made Psyche immortal and became a Goddess.

In Astrology
The essence of your soul, the purest version of yourself. She connects to our own psychological evolution & processes.
She indicates the path of realizing our true potential. This can be seen by the house and sign placement of the asteroid Psyche (16) . It shows where you feel most at peace and at home, where and how you blossom. Who you are in the deepest parts of yourself. The topics you feel drawn to without much explanation, an unconscious drive to walk a certain path.
She represents the part of us that longs for a soulmate and pure love, selfless and faithful love. The sign & house placement can indicate in what direction you may find your other half or to whom you’ll feel this soul tie with.
The house placement shows in what area of life you’re most pure and loving and how you express your love.

You can look at the aspect between Eros and Psyche in your birthchart to see their interaction, this will help you to understand how you grow towards becoming one with your own soul, how your desire for oneness can get you closer to your deepest self. In synastry the aspect between Eros and Psyche will show an intense connection that’s hard to break.

Aries / 1st house :
The soul is Raw, childlike, doesn’t hide but got bruised along the way. A love & attraction for independence, courage and passion.

Taurus / 2nd house :
The soul is a Nature-lover, sensitive to city-life, loves to walk barefoot. A love & attraction for stability and self-worth.

Gemini / 3rd house :
The soul Dances with strangers. strange places feel familiar. music. A love & attraction for mental stimulation, communication and versatility.

Cancer / 4th house :
The soul loves Memories and is melancholic. Stuck to the ones they love. A love & attraction for nurturing, protection and sensibility.

Leo / 5th house :
The soul loves Adrenaline, the atrical, arts. A love & attraction for expression, creativity, loyalty and authority.

Virgo / 6th house :
The soul feels home in the Animal kingdom, non verbal, needs a purpose to push itself. A love & attraction for detail, service and care.

Libra / 7th house :
The soul needs Love, seeing it everywhere, made to share. A love & attraction for harmony, union, socializing and equality.

Scorpio / 8th house :
The soul is a One-way mirror, watch the world while being invisible. A love & attraction for transformation, intensity and investigation.

Sagittarius / 9th house :
The soul is a Nomad, nowhere and everywhere, wandering. A love & attraction for truth, wisdom, foreign places and strength.

Capricorn / 10th house :
The soul is a Savage, rare to find a place where it’s safe to reveal what’s underneath. A love & attraction for determination, dicipline, order and status.

Aquarius / 11th house :
The soul is Questioning, wandering, echoes of own voice. A love & attraction for freedom, humanity, revolution and innovation.

Pisces / 12th house :
The soul is Dreamy, untouchable, own made world. A love & attraction for spiritual realms, compassion, imagination and intuition.