Most of us know her as the Divine feminine energy, the raw sexual center and the wild one. The first wife of Adam and fallen out of paradise. Yet Lilith holds a lot more beauty and meaning than this alone.

Deep meaning of Lilith
Lilith is our intuitive center and sixth sense. She connects us to the intangible and the realms beyond this dimension. But she can close off as a result of disappointment and wrongdoings, especially in younger years when we’re still in development and building our sense of self. As we’re not taken seriously for the words that come from deep within, we shift to the primal functioning. We block her ability as we come to believe how others perceive our deep truths : nonsense and bullshit. This results in us not taking our own intuition seriously, therefore becoming rational and assertive beings instead, driven by primal instinct.
Most of us will have to deal with a blocked Lilith at some point, that means our intuitive channel is shut down and we no longer allow ourselves to receive insights and messages. This can cause intimacy blocks and we may start to act from an unconscious place. We encounter our shadow self and the parts of us that we don’t recognize, yet this is the survival mechanism, the deep urge to break free.

Lilith is the courage, the ability to stand our ground and go after what we feel is right for us, without concrete explanation, it’s as simple as a deep knowing and feeling, which makes sense to us, but is seen as odd, stupid and unnecessary by others. Lilith carries ancient memories, wounds and hurt, even trauma. Memories that go far beyond, from places that aren’t earth or human at all. She is the deepest memory of our soul where we store the information of being just a seed at the very beginning of coming into consciousness. She is that voice that we speak from as a child, but our parents don’t take it seriously, or we are not being heard. What we say is taken as plain fantasy. That’s the first time we encounter disappointment for our inner truth, that’s when we may decide to shut off because it may just all be a fantasy as the outer world perceives it that way. But deep down, these words are our individual truth.

Lilith is the memories of being an animal, a rock in the ocean, ancient tribes and places,.. So if you have memories of being a plant or things that aren’t human, un-earthy,… know that you’re not strange, you’re not making up crap.. you’re connecting with your true essence, hear yourself and take yourself seriously is the message.

Lilith placement pointing to the blockage
When Lilith closes, the blockages relate to the house placement. That’s the area of life where you’ll struggle the most, because in essence it’s the way and the place where you receive insights, messages and signals.
Where ever Lilith sits in your chart, is likely to be the area of life where you encounter deep disappointments, often as a result of not listening to your intuition and the subtle signals. It is the area of life where we feel triggered or struggle to trust. That would mean a person with Lilith in the 9th house, may struggle to believe, they may become overly rational and logical and this could have been a result of childhood too. These children need fantasy stories about faeries and magical places. This person may stumble upon big lies, either by themselves or others, they may have to deal with legal matters and all sorts of 9th house themes that become a field of struggle and pain, instead of hope and connection to higher knowledge. A person with Lilith in 7th may feel soul shattering disappointment within their relationships, they may encounter the dark shadow self of another and become confused to who the other actually is, as if they never reveal their true identity. Such person has the skill to spot toxicity in others but may feel drawn to toxic people anyways because there’s a blind spot. And within that hurt they can close off their Lilith, they no longer believe in oneness, something failed them. A person with Lilith in 1st may experience sexual scandals or feels objectified by the outer world, they fight against it, closing off their channel and becoming a man eater or using their sensual body as a weapon to regain power and control. Yet their body is a center of communication, it will give off signals in a physical form such as a skin rash or an infection, as a warning sign that something is off. So these people need to connect and listen to their body. These people need gentle physical touch, but may feel averse to it because they don’t fully connect to their own body, they may objectify themselves but this is a signal of a blocked Lilith.
And so on..

Lilith’s placement is both your trauma and healing ability, as well as your intuitive source. Her placement is where you need to nurture yourself, hear yourself and recognize your own abilities. She links up with childhood memories that left us confused, so she carries the source of our own inability to be vulnerable, with ourselves and others as well.

When Lilith is open, we receive intuitive messages in our own individual language (related to the house placement). She is the portal for transformation and deep connection, in a way she is similar to Pluto, yet different. Both are intimidating and intense, both entail the force of sexual energy. When Lilith is open, we enable ourselves to experience tantra, intimate oneness is experienced as healing and liberating. We no longer fear to express our fantasies and desires. We feel satisfied and fulfilled. We’re heard and nurtured by ourselves and our partner.

An example from my life :
When i was just 4 years old, i repeatedly said “i am not from here, i am from Venus”. My mother is spiritual so she didn’t break down my truth. But this memory remained. What’s significant about this, is that children up to the age of 6, are still open and connected to prior lives, these children can remember things, but when their surrounding disapproves, that’s when the child moves away from their deep knowing and the development of the intuitive channel is blocked.
Later in life i found that my Venus resides at 29° in Libra in the 7th house, which makes sense, not to forget, back at that time when i was just 4 years old, i never even heard the name Venus, i didn’t even know it actually existed, that this was a planet within our solar system. To this day, i still believe this is one of my origins, one of my prior lives as a seed of consciousness. My Amor is right on the Galactic Center, increasing the connection to divine love.

There are amazing stories to be found on the internet, about children remembering who they used to be, some get very detailed and there’s also the fascinating story of Jenny Cockell who was able to trace back her children from a past life and reunited with them in the now. I highly recommend listening to her story, for it inspires and it opens our eyes to recognize that these things are real.

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