Here i’ll list down the most common signs when you encounter your other half, to help you distinguish if this is indeed a Twinflame connection. This is written from my own perspective and experience as well as the stories i’ve heard from other Twinflames that crossed my path.

Feeling an echo before meetingBefore meeting, you feel a subtle echo oozing throughout your life, feeling partly whole. Once you meet them either virtually or physically that echo becomes solid, validated and you feel calm in such a way that you’re no longer in search for the meaning of that echo. It can also feel like a calling which you cannot pinpoint what it is, but it’s somehow loud, but it feels gentle, soft and safe.
Vivid dreamsIt’s possible to have vivid dreams about them before meeting, you wake up feeling homesick, you may struggle to figure whether these dreams were real or not, you may even mistake it for reality. Upon waking you feel that whatever you’ve felt and seen in your dreams, is true or will become truth one day. This type of dream sticks to you, difficult to forget. These dreams can be repetitive or periodical. The energy is nurturing, sensual with a strong sense of oneness. During the day you may feel that presence still with you, your mind wanders off. It can feel like a shake up or that you were reminded of something that you forgot because it was too painful.
Personal similarityYou will share a lot of personal things in common, too much even. This can variate from personality, lifestyle, philosophy, name, date of birth, numerology, habits, interests, vocabulary, humor, preferences, body language,… you may have done similar things in the past or there is a similar family dynamic, family members having the same name or being born on the same date,…
You may have a very similar rhythm and way of responding to things, you may often find yourself having the same opinion on stuff.
Catapult & life changingThe moment you meet, your life changes drastically. Life will never be the same as what is was like before meeting your other half. You may feel like you’re being catapulted onto a stream of high speed evolution, there’s a lot of inner death and crisis involved often times. Meeting them feels like waking up to your real self. This connection makes you do things you’d never thought you had the courage for, such as leaving a long term relationship.
Physical sensationYou may feel your other half as if they’re in the room next to you, or you may feel their heartbeat inside your chest,.. It never feels like you’re apart, even when you’re separated over countries. In some way they are always nearby.
Eternal feelingsYou’re feelings about them never change, you may deny it especially in the stage of separation or when one is in a relationship. In your core, the other remains your divine partner and counterpart. It is an undying love. There is never a day that goes by without loving them, even when you moved on. The other remains a vivid memory. Your feelings for the other are steady, solid and deep. it’s like an inner fact.
ForgivingNo matter what happens, you’re both deeply forgiving. A healthy Twinflame connection will win over jealousy, anger, revenge, disappointment, fights, coping mechanisms, unhealthy behavior, distance,… Because deep down you know you’re devoted to one another and nothing can change that feeling. You cannot stay mad at one another, for love goes way deeper. Love wins.
HomeThe other half feels like home, you feel comfortable to express and expose all sides that belong to you. When you’re with them, whether virtual, physical,… you feel completely at ease. It feels like a warm embrace, you feel empowered, strong and united with yourself. The both of you see each other as the human form of home. A twinflame represents eternal safety.
Sex with yourselfWhen you’re physically together, intimacy feels like you’re having sex with yourself. You are one entity, you both intuitively know how to touch one another. All desires get the chance to be expressed and experienced without any shame, guilt, insecurity,.. Eye contact is intense, deep and easy. You don’t need much to get turned on, or you may find yourself getting turned on by unsexual things, such as when the other is discussing something. It’s the soul that turns you on, the physical body is just extra. Sex is incredibly healing, it’s a type of sex that you cannot experience twice with anyone else.
Shared dreamsYou can have shared dreams, or one has a dream and a few days later the other half receives the same dream. Dreams are often a way of communication with one another when you’re in separation. Dreams is how you subconsciously send out messages to one another when reality doesn’t allow you or circumstances creating physical blockage.
ObstaclesAt some point there are powerful obstacles between you, such as living in separate places, one being in a relationship or married, health related issues, financial issues,… Something is prohibiting you from being in union and this is initially the start of the separation stage. It is meant as a stage to do inner work, alone. This is also the underlying reason to catapult individual evolution, you cannot evolve if you cannot say goodbye, set free.
Separation achesWhen in separation, you’ll have moments of intense pain vs feeling neutral about it. There is always a core that remains, and that is that you’re halves to one another. There’s a deep truth that’s embedded and unable to be erased. At times this connection feels like both a blessing and a curse, some days you’re able to deal with this truth, other days it weighs down on you, heavily. You may experience loss of appetite, depression, health issues,..
Living rent free in your headDepending where you are on your journey, it’s likely that they cross your mind on a daily basis, randomly or by a reminder. There can be periods that these thoughts become obsessive and hurtful, you may feel consumed by the connection, even when in separation. They are a part of your daily thinking and thought process. No day passes by without them on your mind.
Intuitive connectionYou can feel one another intuitively. You receive symbolic and telepathic signals, such as feeling when you need to reach out because something is going on, or feeling that you both feel the same way about something. You’re able to spot unspoken truth in the things they say, you’re able to read between the lines so to speak. You intuitively get each other, you both know when and what to say.
Repeating symbolismThroughout the journey, you’ll encounter repeating signals, this will be your own language which you need to decipher. For example, my twinflame was born on valanetine’s day, i’ve been seeing 214 or 142 on repeat for years. Whatever you do, whichever way you go, you’ll always stumble upon subtle symbols that directly or indirectly point to the other half. During separation this becomes very challenging and confusing.
MagnetismNo matter what path your life takes, you’re always magnetically drawn to each other, whether you admit it or not. The other half is that loud and big ‘yes’ inside you. They are a fact, nothing can change this feeling within. The roads somehow always recollide in some way. You’re deeply attracted to one another from a soul perspective. The connection is very addictive and passionate.
Instant recognitionWhen meeting them, whether this is in your dreams, online or physical, there is an instant knowing and feeling, you recognize their energy immediately and it is felt as ‘you are me, i am you’ or ‘home’. Initially you’re drawn out of curiosity because you will feel that something is otherworldly different about them. At some point the recognition kicks in completely, this happens rather quickly after meeting. You don’t doubt them being your twinflame or not, it is a fact, a deep truth. You discover and recognize that you’re twinflames the moment you’re having personal contact, either virtual or physical. It feels like you’ve known each other through many life times.
Mission and purposeYou both may have a very similar view onto the world or a specific philosophy. you can strive for similar things or may want to achieve a very similar thing in life. There is a shared mission between you. For example both my twinflame and i have this mindset “to reality slap people”
IrreplaceableNothing compares, nothing can replace. No matter what path you take, the other half remains a deep memory. If you were to ask yourself whether you could peacefully die, without holding them one last time or saying that you love them, the answer would simply be no. Your soul urges to love, but the difference is that you don’t need to hear it from them, because deep down you just know, you don’t doubt the shared divine and multi dimensional love, ever.
TelepathyA twinflame connection is deeply telepathic, that means one may think something and the other verbalizes it. Or you may do the same things at the same time. You may sense their feelings on a distance, as if you get a message inside your head.
Telepathic sexWhether in your dreams or during the waking state, there are moments of telepathic sex, that is climaxing at the same time, getting aroused at the same time (without knowing from each other), or having a sexual dream in the same time period. You can easily reach a climax without them ever touching you. You’re leaking out of your genitals because of them.
Chaotic, messy and turbulentThroughout the connection you experience intense ups and downs. There is a strong push-pull dynamic. You can hurt one another like nobody else ever can, you confront like no one else have ever done before. One of you may run and the other is chasing, there can be periods of cutting off contact. You have heated, wild and passionate arguments, you may find yourself getting hysterical.
DifferencesCertain differences between you may revolve around age, such as age gab, this can also apply to a cultural gab. One may be tall, the other small or one is thick and the other is very skinny.

Feel free to share your experiences! 🙂

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