Several Researches

I’m seeking people who’d like to contribute to my researches.
All information that is given to me in confidence remains anonymous
and is solely used to understand specific topics for which i’m writing articles on.
I’m not here to judge, i’m here to understand the human psyche
And how it’s indicated in several charts.
The more charts i’m able to research the more correct the findings will be.
You can find more information below on the topics :

1) Cheating VS being cheated on
– To understand the difference and the triggers in Astrology
• The solar year when the event occurred
• The lunar month when the event occurred
• Short description : who-how-where

2) Fetishes / BDSM
– Understanding linkage between Degrees-Signs,…
• Your fetish(es) or Kinks
• How it developed (short description)
• Research on birthchart

3) Twinflames
– Understanding soulconnections & Pastlife
• Via Synastry (need both people their birth information)
• Via composite
• Short description : How you met, any symbolism,..

4) Sexwork
– Understanding the triggers & Indications
• Niche (Camming, femdom, porn,…)
• Research on birthchart

5) Name Asteroids
– Understanding Name Asteroids – Spouse
• Date of meeting spouse
• Date of marriage
• First name of Spouse (it should be in the NameAstroid databank)
Here is the Name asteroid databank

In all cases i will need the birth information :
• Birthdate (month written fullout)
• Birthhour (exact)
• Birthplace

You can contact me on my Social Media accounts i’f you’re interested in helping me out with these typically Plutonic researches 😉
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

All help is deeply appreciated.

April 28th 2021 : participants still welcome! contact me via social media