Structured Astrology

There is A LOT of shit you have to take into consideration when it comes to love.
Finding out whether a relationship will last, if that one person is the one for you, how the relationship will develop over time, etc etc. Doing a romantic compatibility is NOT easy.
I will list down how to start an interpretation.

1) Birthchart : Who are you, what do you desire
> More info : The basics
2) Birthchart promise : What type of person is promised to be your spouse
> More info : Spouse
3) Your sexual needs : Who are you in the bedroom
> More info : Sexual style
4) Synastry : How do your planets interact, where are the strengths & weaknesess
> More info : Synastry
5) Composite : How is the relationship in practice
> More info : Composite
6) 9th Harmonic : What is your actual marriage life. Purpose & future
> More info : D9
7) Sexual difficulties : could be caused by hard Lilith aspects..
> More info : Lilith
8) Karmic connection : Is it a past life thing?
> More info : Soulmates
9) Reality : How do you feel with this person, do you feel fulfilled?
> Listen to yourself, is the relationship balanced?


When Astrology, Gypsy cards, Tarot, Dreams, Symbolism, Reality ALIGN
You know what to decision to make.
Remember, Astrology is a Tool for understanding, However reality still plays a big role into how things play out. YOU are still the force within your own life that takes the steps towards a certain direction. Always be true to yourself.
Every relationship should be an honest reflection of who you are.