To decode

Good things take time.
There are 12 dimensions, you need 3 to create existence.
You get what you need, not that what you desire.
As above, so below, the stars will always show.
3D is temporary, 5D is eternal.
Words are the conscious language of the here and now.
A soul is the library of memories.
Numbers are no coincidence, they are codes.
All is connected, one is a result of the other.
Crisis is a tunnel vision focus of what’s out of balance.
Time is irrelevant and non linear outside of 3D.
Everything exists at the same time.
There are 7 chakra’s
7 Planets
7 Musical notes
7 Metals
7 Days
7 Sins
7 Arch angles
7 Hermetic principals
7 Colors of the rainbow
There is the cycle of 7 years..

Coincidence is a human construct to make logic & chronological sense from that what surrounds you.

Universal truths.

I think the entrance to a parallel universe can only occur if you travel there by soul. The human body is not created to travel that “far”. It’s too advanced as compared to all that exists within the tangible dimension, for the parallel isn’t necessarily composed of the same things as what you know in the here and now. The 3D experience is very limited, there’s only a small percentage of consciousness used to navigate this dome of emptiness.

When we sleep, we’re free from judgement.

Free from the sins that were created along the sensory existence. It’s your body that keeps you stuck, It’s your human perception that creates pain. We are the species of expectation and validation, we are the ones who desire, Therefore we are the ultimate source of wounding.

You hurt you.

Everything here is temporary, not made to last. All things created from earth are promised to decay. Therefore all what you manifest in 3D does not entail the code of eternity, but the code of everlasting changes in the physical form, such as birth and death. To transform. 3D is the lowest expression of consciousness for it’s stained by the Ego. Ego kills the soul,
it numbs the entrance and consciousness to other dimensions, it numbs the inner voice. It responds to all things temporal.
That what you know today, won’t ever be the same as what it transforms into 10 years from now. Here, all things exist within a timeframe, so there is a beginning and an end as the only promise.
If we take the principal of the soul, The energetic essence remains the same throughout every incarnation, that’s how we recognize certain people, even when it’s the first time meeting them. The bodily aspect on the other hand, is a changing source, there will never be one soul in the same body over and over again.

I believe the highest form of evolution, is to master unconditional love. Set free that what you desire so deeply,
Remember it’s the physical aspect that separates you. If one can’t be near, the assumption is that it isn’t near.
No sensory validation means it doesn’t exist if we were to judge from the superficial, earthy aspect.
Disappointment, loss, anger, confusion, sadness,.. is all a result of actions that take place in the 3rd dimension. This is the sphere where we expect to own, expect to possess, expect to feel and to answer upon the sensory requirements.
It’s the dimension of greed, for we cannot survive without food. We must have it, therefore we’re hunters by default.
The soul doesn’t function that way, the soul is energy, it is the source of intuition, the seed.

Your human body is a temporary shell,
The temporary sensation of oneness.
The memory of touch will decompose.
The marks and warmth of your body will never stick once you’re deceased.
The question is, are you genuinely touched, or just swooned by the charms of what’s able to interact with your will and ego.

Interaction means words, used to construct sentences, to express emotion, thought, action, choice, opinion,..
Compare it to truth that’s locked inside a box, you can’t see it, nor hear it.
Truth will only come out once it has been constructed in such a way that’s understood within a specific dimension,
3D uses words, to give meaning to things, we use the codes of letters and numbers, but in a very limited way. It is the only language that we know, but before this incarnation, you didn’t speak the language you’re reading right now. You’ve learned to speak this language within this life’s consciousness, but this isn’t the universal one. It has never been.
The language you know now, is a temporary tool to navigate your life surrounded by others that use the same codes on the surface level.

Language is constructed from logic, things we need to learn and memorize such as grammar, cases, rules,.. To become habitual, autopilot. It’s a language that opposes the meaning of intuition, therefore ; to speak, means to decrease the volume of intuition. If we live too much from the rational, we’ll lose touch with the 6th sense. We construct sentences according to a logic order. Intuition is never logic, or at least, it doesn’t align with what we understand as logic in this dimension. Outside of the here and now, Language becomes gibberish and intuition becomes logic. But earth, as we know it, would never function the way it does if it was to dependent on intuition, for we are made of sins, connected to ego, chronological order and structures, things connected to the senses for it all, has to “make sense”. A search to please and feed in order to stay alive. In order to know, in order to validate. We’re build and function on the exchange that allows us to decode input through the human senses.
EARTH is the game of balance and polarities ; the art of merging both

Deep down we feel things, there is this inner voice, but we fear to trust because it’s composed from our inner truths, these do not align with the world outside, the rules, expectations, assumptions,… The 3D experience is the separation of souls through bodies, space and time. Similar as a maze, trying to reconnect with lost parts of ourselves through a world where energy is boxed into compostable chambers of flesh that we don’t recognize at first. The body as a wall between me and you. The body as a continuous new shell that changes along every incarnation, it changes from baby to infant to teenager to adult to senior all within the course of one lifetime, therefore the beginning will never be the same as the end. But the seed remains the same, yet hidden beneath. The soul.
That’s where the game begins.

If the infinite memory is erased at birth, than incarnation comes with a mission to recover the truth.
We have tools, such as Astrology, numerology, Tarot and what not,.. But all of them require intuition to navigate, to use and translate it correctly. An Astrologer without intuition is worthless, the same applies to any other spiritual practice. These occult codes will give away their truths if we cooperate through the intuitive language. But again, they’re just tools.
Our understanding is evermore connected to whatever we perceive through the senses, why is this the only source of truth that we rely on, while there is so much that we can’t seem to explain through logic.. ?

We have several tools, here on earth, to decode the maze of life.
Astrology, tarot, crystals, frequencies, music, alchemy, occultism, akashic records, past life regression, writing, signing, painting, books, palmistry, animal symbolism, colors, intuition, dreams, soul love,..
There are multiple ways towards the same universal truth.

Think about a collision of one soul split in two bodies, they recognize one another immediately, but the poison of making logic sense out of everything, stains their innate trust. We can turn to Astrology and come to (re)discover, that this is indeed ; a soul connection or a past life connection, but why didn’t you trust your inner voice at first? Why did you doubt whatever struck at the very first encounter? The veil of the body and the tangible dimension.

Earth is like a quest to remember the universal language.
Only if you close your eyes, put aside the sensory perception of everything that you know, that’s when you return to the original codes.

Reincarnation is like the everlasting travel of souls, that have to find one another again through various layers of changing flesh. Do you allow the exterior to blind you from feeling? Do you perceive touch as a validation of the connection?
Do words mean anything really, to you, if you can’t feel the intention in the essence of another?

Think again,

Why do you need those words
Why do you need to hear it
Why do you need to feel it, taste it, see it.

This dimension made you think that you need it, but the truth is always within.

If you can’t find validation in the levels you’re perceiving life through right now, you’ll find it in another level of being, but the deeper you dive, the more trust it demands, for words will fade and eventually dissolve.
The language you’re used to, becomes irrelevant.

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