Solar Arc Directions is a technique to predict major life events. It functions like a transit chart, but the only difference is that you use your own birth planets as transits. For each year, the planets are moved 1 degree a.k.a The solar arc planets move at the speed of the Progressed Sun. With this technique the outerplanets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) will be useful since they move, which does not happen in the progressed chart.
The axis are the most important points for predictions within this technique.

When a planet or a point is conjunct with an exact degree to an Angle, it means the energy of that planet will manifest within that area of life in the upcoming year.
This means that if a planet or point is conjunct within 2 degrees to a certain point, the event will take place in 2 years.
Aspects matter too, if a Solar Arc planet is making an aspect to one of your Angles or your Natal planets, it also means that something important or a change will happen.

Conjunctions are the strongest aspect to look for.
Usually an event starts to manifest when it’s in an applying aspect of 1 degree.
1°00′ = 1 year
0°05′= 1 month

Conjunctions = Once in a lifetime event

When a Planet aspects any of the angles they tend to manifest as visible events.
This technique only uses the ”square family” as they will make things happen:
• Conjunction, semisquare, square, sesquiquadrate, and opposition.
• Conjunctions tend to leave things as they are.

Predicting an important event with solar arc uses the orb that separates an Arc planet form a Natal planet or angle.
The degrees are read as years.
Example :
Solar Arc DSC conjunct Natal Venus with an orb of 2 Degrees,
means an important development within love matters will happen in 2 years from now.

Sun : Acts as illumination
Moon : Shift in emotional needs
Mercury : Development of an idea
Venus : Development of love
Mars : Determination
Jupiter : Rewards and opportunities
Saturn : Ambition, hardship, maturity
Uranus : Change of status, innovative change, individualism
Neptune : Inspiration, confusion, ego wipe-out
Pluto : Empowerment, rebirth, death
NN/SN : Important connections

In this chart:

• SA NorthNode is conjunct to the Natal MC, which indicates a fated meeting in the upcoming year
• SA Venus & Jupiter conjunct Natal Pluto, a deep transformative event, with a love partner
• SA Moon is conjunct with a 2 degree difference to the Natal DSC, a powerful and emotional event will take place within 2 years that deals with partnership and marriage
• SA Sun entering Natal 9th house indicates long distant journeys in the upcoming year