Transits are the planets that currently move through the skies. They make aspects to the planets in your birthchart and called Transits. This creates new beginnings, endings, periods, opportunities, growth, transformation,..
“People are permanent transits”

The inner planets (fast moving) 

Sun : Stays in a sign for a month
Moon : Changes sign every ½ days
Mercury : Stays in a sign for 15-60 days. (Retrograde)
Venus : 1 month in each sign. Always within 40-45 degrees from the Sun
Mars : 2 months in each sign up to 7 months. (Retrograde)

The outer planets (slow moving) 

Jupiter : 1 year in every sign. Jupiter return every 12 years
Saturn : 2 and a half years in each sign. Saturn return every 29-30 years
Uranus : 7 years in each sign. 84 years to go through all the zodiac signs.
Neptune : 14 years in each sign. 164 years to go through all the zodiac signs.
Pluto : 10-20 years in each sign. 248 years to go through all the zodiac signs

It’s important to know how each planet influences certain area’s of your life. These are symbolized by the houses. For example: Transit Saturn going through your 10th house, means it’s a good time to make changes or set up a functioning and stable foundation in order to achieve happiness within your career on the long run. Besides that, every aspects needs to be carefully looked at as these show whether you’ll experience frustration or ease. For example: When transit Venus is making a trine to your ascendant, it means that you feel happy and are comfortable within yourself. OR when transit Jupiter is conjunct to your ascendant, you have to look out not to gain some weight in that period (for about a month).

Planets their influence in aspect

Sun : 
• Hard aspect : Egoism, conflict, dominating, highlighting
• Soft aspect : Stamina, optimism, strong, creative, vitality, creativity

Moon : 
• Hard aspect : Events trigger, fluctuations, mood-swings
• Soft aspect : Secure, attachment, positive feelings

Mercury :
• Hard aspect : Nervous thoughts, technical problems, mental friction
• Soft aspect : Mental stimulation, contracts, social contact

Venus : 
• Hard aspect : Laziness, disappointment, insecurity
• Soft aspect : Financial gains, artistic, attraction, harmony, creativity, beautify

Mars : 
• Hard aspect : Energetic, impatience, accidents, quarrels, dominant, fights
• Soft aspect : Energetic, courage, attraction, initiating, action

Jupiter : 
• Hard aspect : Over indulgence, exaggerating, stand-still, opportunity, big actions
• Soft aspect : Expansion, support, optimism, luck, education, opportunity

Saturn : 
• Hard aspect : Breaking-points, testing structures, hardship, depression, loss
• Soft aspect : Constructive stamina, realistic approach, determination

Uranus : 
• Hard aspect : Unexpected change, rebellion, unconventional behavior, (abrupt) breakings
• Soft aspect : Brings opportunity for freedom, new perspectives, innovation

Neptune : 
• Hard aspect : Delusion, addiction, health problems, sleeplessness, confusion
• Soft aspect : Romantic, artistic, psychic, dreamy, spiritual development

Pluto : 
• Hard aspect : Brutal breakings, painful transformation, fear, crisis
• Soft aspect : Courage, rebirth, going inwards, research, growth

Which areas of life are affected

When looking at transits, it’s important to consider what house the transiting planet rule in your birthchart.
Usually we tend to just google ”Transit Saturn square Venus” and we get an explanation of this specific transit,
however it’s just the basic flavor of these two planets in aspect without any linkage to what they represent in the birthchart. Transits play out differently for people, this because of the rulerships.
Example :

Transit Saturn ruling the natal 6th house :
obstacles, challenges, difficulties (Saturn) of matters related to the health, daily routines, pets,.. (6th house)
Square means tension, conflict, action
Natal Venus ruling the  natal 10th house :
Matters of career, public reputation, authority figures,…

Next step is to analyze in which house the transit planet is in. if it’s for example in the 12th house, it means loss, confusion, things hard to pinpoint or even sleeping pattern. in this example it could mean the native is suffering insomnia (12th),
Which is affecting the health (Saturn the ruler of 6th house) which creates tensions (square) in the native’s career (Venus the ruler of 10th).

As Venus is the natural ruler of Beauty, love and money, it could add this flavor to the mix. Such as the partner having an influence on the native’s sleeping patterns, or struggles with money that keep the native restless at night.

A square means conflict, a buildup of frustration within the native in which they themselves might undertake action for change or their behavior triggers others to push the native into a specific position that forces the native to take action.

Life changing or Temporary

Fast moving planetary transits

Such as Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars
These will manifest more directly or as daily events.

Slow moving planetary transits

Such as Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto
These will manifest on a more subconscious level over time.
Especially the outer planets tend to manifest life events.
Transit Pluto square Venus is a transit that could last up to 5 years, depending on the retrograde motion of Pluto.
With the involvement of Pluto we know that massive change is inevitable as it represents transformation, endings, rebirth,.. However it will manifest slowly by a buildup of little things. Often the outer planets take place in our psyche, But it’s safe to predict that the native’s life will be completely changed within a specific area of life (depending on house rulerships), after these 5 years.

Whatever Pluto touches by conjunction indicates a big event that will happen. The fated change, the break of your life. An example is when transit Pluto is conjunct natal Uranus, it brings the change of your life, nothing will be the same after this transit has passed. Transit Pluto trine Venus brings the lover of destiny, this does not mean the one, but someone you have to meet that will turn your life upside down.

Retrograde transits

Retrogrades create a time of delay, confusion, obstacles,…
We are most known with Mercury retrograde, being a time of going inward mentally to re-think, re-evaluate, re re re.
The best way to interpret a Retrograde transit is all things RE-doing, RE-visiting, RE-membering.

However retrograde outer planets, work a bit differently. There is always a specific pattern.
First retrograde motion aspect : bringing the issue to the surface
First direct motion aspect : acting upon the issues or continue to buildup, repress
Second retrograde motion aspect : Final conclusion and result of the issue

A good example is when i personally experienced transit Saturn square my natal Venus. Within that time period i broke up 4 times with my partner. But it wasn’t the final result until the last breakup that happened under the last retrograde aspect from Saturn to my Natal Venus, and that was the final outcome. 

When a planet is stationary it can manifest an event.

Remember :
Transits from outer planets to your 7th house ruler or Venus, test the structure of your relationship.
If a relationship breaks under these influences (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) it means it’s just not meant to be.
But if you survive these, it only strengthens the relationship.


Predicting a romantic meeting with Transits 
Trine, sextile, sometimes conjunction

• T Uranus through 5th or 7th house
• T Uranus – Venus
• T Uranus – ruler of 7th house
• T Saturn through 7th house
• T Saturn – Sun
• T Jupiter through or in aspect to 5th or 7th house
• T Jupiter – Venus
• T Venus through 5th or 7th house
• T Venus – ASC or ASC ruler
• T Venus – Sun, Moon, Mars, Saturn
• T Venus – NN or SN
• T Sun – Venus, Uranus
• T Chiron – Venus
• T Chiron through 5th or 7th house
• T Juno – Venus
• T Juno through 5th or 7th house

Predicting the start of a new relationship with Transits 
Trine, sextile, sometimes conjunction

• T Juno through 1st, 7th house
• T Venus through 1st, 5th, 7th house
• T Venus – Moon, 7th ruler
• T Uranus through 1st house or conjunct ASC
• T Jupiter through 1st, 7th house
• T Jupiter – 7th house cusp
• T Moon through 7th house
• T Uranus trine Moon
• T Uranus – MC
• T Uranus – Saturn
• T Uranus – Venus or ruler of 7th house
• T Uranus – NN, Pluto, Mars
• T Juno – Moon, Sun, Ceres, ASC
• T Juno – Uranus or 7th house ruler
• T Juno conjunct Vertex
• T Venus – Sun, Venus, Juno, Vertex
• T Ceres conjunct Moon
• T Saturn – Moon
• T SN conjunct SN
• T Chiron – ASC

• Anytime the transit ruler of your natal 7th house makes a positive aspect to you ASC

• Positive aspects Through 5th and 7th house. and positive aspects to the rulers of that house

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