Annual Profections is a time lord technique that moves the natal ASC one sign per year of life
in which it activates a specific house of your chart. Every 12 years, the Profected ASC comes back to the natal ASC.
If a person is born with Taurus rising, it means Taurus rules the 1st house. So the first year of life (0 years old) Is ruled by Venus. The 2nd year of life will be ruled by Mercury as The Profected ASC moves into the next sign, which is Gemini.
3rd year is ruled by Cancer, so the ruling planet is Moon for that year of life, and so on…

It’s a method that activates the natal promise.

Using whole sign house system only
Using the ancient rulerships
Counting 1 sign/30° per year of life from the Natal ASC sign.
Ruler of the ASC sign = Ruler of the year / Year lord

What to consider

• Look at what house the Profected ASC is in
= Area of life that is highlighted for a year

• Look at what Sign the Profected ASC is in
= The ruling planet of the year / Year lord
= Transits from this planet & transits to the natal planet are more important
= Sign & house placement of Year lord has more significant meaning in return charts (solar & Lunar)

Daychart (sect)
Jupiter most benefic
Mars most malefic

Nightchart (sect)
Venus most benefic
Saturn most malefic

• Planets in the profected house
= If there are any planets in the profected house, than these will be activated

Look at the natal placement of the profected house sign ruler
= Events will manifest in that area of life

• Dignity of profected Year lord
= Dignified malefics medicate themselves more than if they would be ill placed
Such as Mars in Aries or Scorpio in a daychart or Saturn in Capricorn or Aquarius in a Nightchart

Affliction or Bonification
= Is the year lord aspected by a malefic or benefic. is it receiving positive or negative aspects from other planets?
= The condition of the Year lord will determine the outcome of the year : good or bad
= Affliction occurs through applying aspects from malefics in the birthchart : less beneficial results in the profected year

Natal promise or potential
= What does the profected ruling planet signify in your chart by placement, aspects, dignity,..

Retrograde natal planets as Year lord
= Bring delay to the natal promise, could manifest later on in the profected year

Good & bad houses
5, 10, 11 are considered good/benefic
6, 8, 12 are considered bad/malefic

Relevant Topics related to the houses
1st housePhysical/body, health, character, appearance, the native’s actions beginnings, soul searching, new beginnings
2nd houseFinances, possessions, self-esteem, talents, food intake, self-sufficiency, stability, patience, the senses
3rd houseSiblings, communication, learning, short trips, taking a course, traffic, thoughts, rational thinking, writing, reading, important messages, bringing news
4th houseHome, roots, parents, family, deep felt emotions, memories, family tradition, residency, new beginnings through an ending
5th houseChildren, hobbies, sex, pleasures, self-expression, heartfelt things, passion, inner child, your identity
6th houseHealth, works, routines, injuries, reaching for help, working on projects, pets, mental/physical health, duty, service
7th housePartnership, marriage, love, other people, cooperation, moving, getting a colleague, legal matters, open enemies, social settings, consulting
8th houseDeath, inheritance, loans, transformation, finances of others, trust, research, feeling locked up, trauma, introspection, shared finances
9th houseLong distance travel, Higher education, foreign matters, official documents, release/publish, books, education, philosophy
10th houseCareer, public reputation, superiors, authorities, direction of life, building a profession, important people, older people
11th houseFriends, communities, long term goals, alliances, hopes, online matters, building future, seeking your place in the world, stepchildren, social interaction, influence, inspiration, networking
12th houseIsolation, sickness, undoing, loss, enemies, major ending of a cycle or chapter, past life matters, soulmates, secret enemies, hospital, mental illness, suffering, loss, awakenings, addiction

How to use Annual Profections

If you turn 30 years old, you enter a 7th house profected year (see image above). Let’s say you’re born at nighttime with Aries rising, which means your 7th house is Libra.
This means that Venus is the yearlord, because the profected ASC moved into the 7th house in Libra.
You have to look at the natal placement of Venus to determine what the natal promise is in regards to 7th house matters.
Let’s say Venus is placed in the 7th in libra, than it’s a natal promise of luck when it comes to partnership.
Venus is a benefic in a nightchart so it tends to bring good results, but if Venus is placed in Virgo, the results could be less impressive as Venus is in weak.

Check for aspects to Venus (yearlord) in the natal chart to see how it may manifest in the upcoming year. Let’s say Venus is trine to jupiter, ruler of the 9th house. Which could indicate a natal promise of meeting a foreign spouse or a legal contract with a (business)partner.

Next step is to keep track of transit Venus (yearlord) making aspects to your natal planets, and transiting planets making aspects to your natal Venus. These will act as an event trigger to bring you the natal promise.

It’s also helpful to consider the yearlord’s placement in the Solar Return chart for more information and insight.


If Jupiter is placed in the natal 2nd house in a daychart it acts as the most benefic planet. It promises great financial wealth at one point in life. So when the profected ASC moves into the 2nd house (Ages : 25, 37, 49, 61,…) it activates the ruling planet of that natal house, but also the planets located in there, Jupiter. If you have this placement it doesn’t mean that you will always experience great (sudden) financial wealth during every porfected 2nd house year. Look at the placement of the yearlord (ruler of the 2nd house), and if it’s located in the 8th house it means wealth is associated with money of others, death, inheritance,..

If Saturn is placed in the 10th house in a nightchart, there is a natal promise of hardship/obstacle/challenge at one point in the native’s life. When the profected ASC moves into the 10th house (Ages : 33, 45, 57, 69,..) it activates the house and the planets that are located in there. In this case Saturn. if the 10th house ruler is placed in the 1st house, it has to do with a specific action that the native does in that profected year, that possibly affects the career. Possible ending or change.