Karma is not that simplistic as “you reap what you sow”, it is way more complex.
Karma means lessons for the sake of our soul’s evolution and development, it’s not that narrow-minded as getting punished for wrongdoings from the past. Karma, in fact, entails more beauty then this heavy idea most likely instilled by your local gossip magazine, or the idiot clan of woke bitches.
When we talk about Karmic debt, we refer to lessons. May this perception sooth the fear that surrounds the whole principal of Karma.

Challenges & lessons
Soul’s development and evolution
To balance
Involves at least one other person
A result of (poor) decisions

Finishing off Karma, can last from one life time to many lifetimes, that means a karmic debt or lesson is only achieved & succeeded when we realize what was out of balance, when we come to understand that what’s beyond our comfortzone, when we learn a (hard) lesson,.. Yet that does not mean that in one snap, all karma vanishes into nothingness. The whole point of Karma is to grow into a better version of our self and to make better choices that are in alignment with our soul and essence. Overcoming, so we can evolve.

Karma in the Birthchart

There are many ways how our birthchart shows Karmic debts gained from the past. Most commonly known are Saturn and Southnode.
Saturn = fears, insecurity, lack
Southnode = overemphasis, negative traits, comfortzone
Sign on the 12th cusp = themes of negative experiences from the past
Planets in the 12th house = themes that need healing
Outer planet aspects = psychological dynamic & problems

Saturn challenging personal planets or a Node
Pluto challenging personal planets or a Node

So what does this mean when you have any of these? That you’re currently experiencing an incarnation that revolves around the need to learn specific lessons that may not be easy. But, lessons that are easy wouldn’t be life changing lessons that evoke growth, right? See this as your gateway to balance out something that’s prohibiting you from harvesting the spiritual fruits, the enlightenment of consciousness.

Level of consciousness
It’s important to note that the level of intensity and challenge, is determined by the maturity of one’s soul and consciousness. That means people who have not experienced their first Saturn return yet, are likely to struggle more with Saturnian themes, such as displaying the immature side of Saturn’s Sign and house placement.
An old soul is seen through planets that sit on the 29th degree, but still it depends on our own choices, how we choose to deal with our internal energies and challenges. It happens that people who have the 29th degree tend to behave more childish or ignorant, yet this is often a reflection of feeling worn out and down by life, resulting in neglect of whatever is influenced by this 29th degree planet (or house cusp). People who are not fully self-conscious or refuse to look at their shadow self, and… especially those who put the blame onto someone else, are likely to have a more difficult time dealing with their Karmic debts. Again the reason for such is that one needs to be willing to see the ‘negativity’ as a source for learning, the ability to see our own flaws.

It’s difficult to state who owes who, yet if you keep your mind open and your intuition sharp, you’ll be able to feel and see why you have attracted a certain relationship. In fact, your birthchart shows…
Karma teaches us not to think “why me?” but instead “what can i learn?” .

Sign & house placement
The placement of both Saturn and Southnode will indicate the message, the memory, the theme of these Karmic debts.

Saturn’s placement is about a fear we may have experienced, therefore leading to a lack or insecurity. In this incarnation we are here to overcome that fear through hard work, hardships, in some cases loss, jealousy,.. we need to (re)learn something that relates to the sign and house, and make it our strength in a constructive and enduring way.
Because of the fear of Saturn’s placement, we may tend to (first) express the negative side of Saturn, which is all about pessimism, judgements, isolation, refusing, blocking off,… Yet it’s exactly that which we need to move past and overcome.
We may feel a burden in the area where Saturn sits, a sense of being left out, misunderstood or a memory of a negative experience that scarred us. Saturn will also teach us patience within this department of life, to slowly build and grow our way out of this negative mindset.

Example : if one dies.. it may be hard to find any sense of logic within this loss.. but what it teaches us, is to appreciate life. If we are ‘forced’ to care of the ill, maybe that’s because we had to learn compassion, this could be a result of one being murdered in a previous life and now we come to learn the lessons of care taking instead of destroying. Karma, is all about balancing out, learning to see the other side of the scale, learning to broaden our understanding. Karma is ever with the purpose of love.

Southnode points to an overemphasis, in essence this covers our natural talents and abilities, things we have achieved in a past life. This also reflects our comfortzone and where we may tend to gravitate towards, but in this incarnation these tendencies may prohibit our growth, which is shown by the Northnode.
The Southnode can also represent our wrongdoings from a past life, but ever so often we still come to portray our Southnode traits in the here and now. Again, here the purpose is to find spiritual meaning and fulfillment, to move beyond our comfortzone so we can learn, to see the other side of the coin, the scale, the story,…
We can utilize our Southnode talents constructively to provide growth in our Northnode. The Nodal axis is a great example of how everything revolves around the need for balance. Any overemphasis is likely to attract more ‘misery’, resulting in a longer more challenging duration of Karmic lessons.

Outer planets
These are slow moving, therefore the effects tend to be subtle, subconscious and affect our psyche. A whole life may revolve around one specific issue or a theme. Karmic debts shown by outer planets, only apply when :
In a hard aspect
To personal planets (sun-moon-mercury-venus-mars)

Saturn = fear, inability or lack from the past
Uranus = the need to move past our comfortzone (also applies in soft aspects)
Neptune = the need to learn compassion, find spiritual enlightenment
Pluto = Impactful past experience, need for healing, loss

Hard aspects between a personal planet and an outer planet, often result in tension, struggle, overdoing, neglect,..
This is often a (psychological) result of a negative memory or experience from the past, seeking out recovery and healing within this life.
• Someone who has Uranus square Venus, will feel this restless oozing beneath their surface, these people may stay in a long term (and boring but stable) relationship, but chances are high that they explode at some point, why? Because they have to, they have to leave the ‘mundane’, they have to explore, they need to discover new ways. It is inevitably part of their lessons and soul growth.
• Hard aspects involving Pluto, require us to move past deep seated fear and trauma, these aspects exist so we can transform and redefine that what has caused deep scarring in the past. Transcending the pain. To find spiritual value in things, to cut away old psychological dynamics and coping mechanisms. Learning to think constructively.
• Hard Neptune aspects exist so we can find spiritual meaning, to develop compassion or even artistic abilities to cope with our suffering in a more constructive way. Learning to se the whole picture.
• Hard Saturn aspects exist so we learn to take responsibility for our self, for our fears and insecurities. To move past them, learning to see the necessity of patience and building solid foundations. Getting rid of assumptions.

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