Past life connections can be seen within a Synastry chart of two people.
The SouthNode in a chart is the prior point for finding past life connections.
Saturn is another very important significator of past life, “the father of time”.
To have a past life connection with someone, isn’t always positive, sometimes the two of you meet up again to pay the karmic debt, and finish the job together in this lifetime.

• Conjunctions to Vertex, SN or NN
• SN or NN conjunct to and angle
• Planet, SN or NN falling into 12th, 4th or 8th house
• Retrograde planet falling into 12th, 4th or 8th house
• Chiron in aspect to SN or NN
• Saturn conjunct Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus
• Aspects to the Nodes

Past life connections through Synastry :

SN-Sun = Father, child, employer, employee, brother, cousins
SN-Moon = Mother, child, wife, sister, familymember
SN-Mercury = Neighbor, acquaintance, siblings
SN-Venus = Lover from past life, affair
SN-Mars = Sexual partners
SN-Jupiter = Teacher, student
SN-Saturn = Authority figure, father, teacher
SN-Uranus = Influencer
SN-Neptune = Spiritual teacher/healer
SN-Pluto = Controlling figure
SN-Juno = Spouse from past life
SN-ASC = Possibility of being married in past life, soulmate indication
SN-DSC = Soulmate linkage, strong relationship of many lifetimes
SN-MC = Possibility of an (important) social status in past life together
SN-IC = Family members, marriage partners
SN-NN = Family members from past life

Venus-Axis = Past life lovers, came back to pick up where they left
Saturn-Axis = Past life connection that was aborted prematurely, continuation of that bound in this life
Mars-Axis = Past life relationship with combative nature, meeting again to fix this
Jupiter-Axis = Husband-Wife / Father daughter / Teacher-Student

When a planet or angle touches the SouthNode of another person within synastry, the energy of that planet pulls you back into familiar territory, it’s something the both of you are well known with, but it does create a sense of something missing because the SouthNode lessens the focus of the planet that is touched.
When a planet or angle touches the NorthNode of another person within synastry, the energy of that planet pulls you forward into the lessons that you should learn. It amplifies the energy of the planet that is touched by the NorthNode, making it a prominent theme within the relationship.

Aspects in the natal chart ; Planet-SouthNode :

This shows what traits your are well known with within yourself, what confidence you have brought into this life from the past. Behavior that naturally belongs to you, things you have learned in a past life. South Node-conjunctions cut off aspirations but stress the most natural powers an individual possesses.
• SouthNode : Natural abilities, gifts
• NorthNode : Challenge, purpose

Sun : Arrogant but naturally confident, strong will, unique
Moon : Moody but naturally in-tune with emotions, psychic, good instincts
Mercury : Chatty, superficial but naturally rational, curious and logic
Venus : Narcissistic and love-sick but naturally charming, great sense of beauty
Mars : Impatient but naturally active, energetic
Jupiter : Preaching but naturally ethical, wisdom, bringer of faith
Saturn : Serious and cold but naturally responsible, steady, realistic
Uranus : Eccentric but naturally original, social, intuitive wisdom/knowledge
Neptune : Dreamy and delusional but naturally compassionate, spiritual
Pluto : Secretive and manipulative but naturally researching, strong, warrior
Chiron : Bitter and anger towards the world but naturally wise, problem-solving

Past life in the Natal chart :

• SouthNode = pastlife karma
• Moon
• Saturn = karma in this life, the challenges
• The Angles / Axis = conjunctions are most important
• Many Retrograde planets = old soul, karmic leftovers that needs to be finished
• 29th degree = old soul, the last ‘exam’, karmic cycle to be finished in this life

Moonsign = Past life ascendant
Ascendant = Past life sunsign
Sunsign = Future ascendant

Past life birthchart :

Change the birthtime (forward) until SN conjuncts the MC (exact)
You read this chart the same way as a birthchart.

• Ascendant : talents you’ve mastered in a past life and brought with you into this life
• Conjunction to ASC : qualities that are part of you
• ASC ruler houseplacement : Desires you’ve had at the end of past life
• Stellium in Sign/house : Theme of past life or important area of pastlife
• Planets in 10 : The things you achieved in a pastlife

Past life with a significant other

With this chart you can also check pastlife connections with other people.
Do a synastry of your pastlife chart and the natal chart of the person you’re interested in.
Any planets of the other person that are conjunct to your housecusps, will indicate a strong pastlife linkage between the both of you. The planet shows the nature of the pastlife connection.

Past life in another country :

Astrocartography may shine more light onto the specific feelings you have towards a certain place on earth. This is shown by the Northnode, Southnode and Moon.
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