You’re Northnode is more important than you think, as it’s always opposing your Southnode and creates this dynamic of Discomfort VS Comfort.
In this lifetime we have to grow towards our Northnode which is often a point we havn’t developed yet or experience obstacles. Because of this, people tend to stay in their Southnode energy, but by doing this you prevent yourself from growth. It can cause attraction of difficult karma.

The sign placement = What you gain
The house placement = In what area of life you learn

Northnode in the signs :

NN in Aries : “I am”
NN in Taurus : “I have”
NN in Gemini : “I think”
NN in Cancer : “I feel”
NN in Leo : “I will”
NN in Virgo : “I analyze”
NN in Libra : “I balance”
NN in Scorpio : “I desire”
NN in Sagittarius : “I understand”
NN in Capricorn : “I use”
NN in Aquarius : “I know”
NN in Pisces : “I believe”

NorthNode in the Houses

1st House
Learning how to be alone, developing your personality and being your authentic self. Learning independence, courage and bravery. Don’t let others tell you who you are, you need to discover who you really are.

2nd House
Learning how to manage your money, creating your own sense of security and stability. Create your own value system. Learning to rely on yourself.

3rd House
Communication and environment
Learning how to communicate and connect with people, being openminded towards new ideas and perspectives, learning new skills. Finding meaning in your surroundings. Don’t get caught up in stubborn visions.

4th House
Family and emotional foundations
Learning sensitivity and letting go of control, develop intuition and learn to trust your feelings. Learning cooperation and solidify family relationships.

5th House
Children and self-expression
Learning self expression and develop creativity. Learning positivity and confidence in sexuality. Focus on hobbies and individual happiness in the here and now.

6th House
Giving service, health matters
Learning how to structure and care for your health. Learning the necessity of details and reality. Develop action and sense of duty. Find a routine that works for you. Don’t indulge into addictions and escapism.

7th House
Marriage and business relationships
Learning cooperation, listening to and trusting others. Learning balance in relationships, giving and receiving. Accepting the differences in people. Develop social skills. Learn to compromise and be in a healthy relationship.

8th House
Investigation, death and re-birth
Learning to let go and transform. Learning to share and create stability with a partner. Choosing the soul over material. Finding deeper meaning, learn about the occult, psychology and spirituality. Don’t obsess over money and possessions. Minimalism.

9th House
Education and personal truth
Learning to trust your intuition and knowledge. Learn about philosophy and spirituality. Learn to plan and develop faith. Find freedom in new places by traveling. Don’t overanalyze and overthink, your first thought is mostly the right one. Your beliefs are your personal truth.

10th House
Achievement and reputation
Learning responsibility and balance in emotions. Learning to be independent and secure within yourself. Stick to your goals. Build foundations in (public, business) relationships. Don’t shy away from being a leader.

11th House
Receiving love through friendships
Learn social networking and make healthy friendships. Learn to compromise and listen to others. Learn objectivity. Giving and taking, cooperation. Go after your dreams and utilize your creativity to get there.

12th House
Cultivating trust in the unseen
Learning to dream and relax. Learn to go with the flow. Develop intuition and deeper consciousness. Find balance in work-life. Learn about spirituality and meditation. Develop imagination. Don’t overanalyze and overthink, see the full picture.

Conjunctions to the Northnode

Any planet that is conjunct to the Northnode, is and energy you need to master. Often a person will first undergo the lower vibrations of the Planet that’s conjunct. A conjunction is about finding balance as the Northnode signifies a point that is insatiable, therefore the planet that’s conjunct will often exaggerate it’s qualities.

NN + Sun = Healthy sense of self and ego, leadership. Prevent narcissism
NN + Moon = Intuition, balanced emotions. Prevent self-pitty
NN + Mercury = Rational thinking, prevent overanalyzing and manipulation
NN + Venus = Sense of value and self-worth. Prevent laziness and over-compromising
NN + Mars = Anger management and assertiveness, prevent aggression & violence
NN + Jupiter = Sense of faith and learning higher knowledge, Prevent exaggeration
NN + Saturn = Sense of duty and responsibility, Prevent pessimism
NN + Uranus = Sense of authenticity, innovation
NN + Neptune = Intuition, imagination, creativity, spirituality, Prevent addictions and escapism
NN + Pluto = Conquering trauma’s, use them as a source for transformation and strength, Prevent power abuse

The Northnode is an important point to figure out your life’s purpose and therefore it’s linked to finding your career aswel. More information can be found here .