In response to people who undergo repeating patterns of unfortunate events in their lifetime,
i wanted to shine another light onto why this occurs and how you can learn from it.
We are more than reality, more than the 3 dimensional flesh we’re in.
This is why it’s necessary to consider symbolic links.

It always shows up in the charts when something impactful took place.
However, not always a negative event is triggered by hard aspects.
 Solar Arc

Most importantly is the awareness of the type of event
 Physical injuries
 Emotional damage
 Mental damage
 Damage of property/possessions

After the awareness comes the part of analyzing why a specific area of you is being touched, receiving negativity.
Often it’s either linked to the karma you were born with, such as ‘you’re destined to have this experience’ and in a way it’s true because before you’re ever able to harvest the fruits of your own suffering, you need to undergo the darkest part first. It’s only when we feel deeply, that we can learn. See it as a child, that doesn’t know yet that playing with fire hurts and burns. it’s only when they feel the heat burning their skin that they become aware of the fact that fire hurts. You Need the experience of either good or bad, to know what it really means.

Eventually, everything is connected, unconsciously.
And the purpose is always to have balance within you.

When a certain emotion, thought, negative person,… becomes a highlighted theme in a specific time period of life,
it gets the main focus, and not always are we aware of that.
By the fact something negative or harmful is getting the main attention,
it creates more focus and attraction, which builds up.
But whatever is being build up, will eventually explode.
This is the most simplest law of nature. This is the truth of human life and life in general.
Nothing can bear everything eternally,
everything needs to be released or channeled at one point.

You are the beginning. You are also the end.
Every negative cycle that starts within you, will eventually seek a way to release itself.

In a way this is spiritual psychology.
Example :
no way that your therapist will ever tell you that you were hit by a car, broke your tailbone
as a result of allowing long-term sexual abuse. (example from my own life)
It needs open-mindedness in order to see the links.
The pattern which has one theme as the outcome.
Everything wants to be in harmony and have balance, so if one negative thing occurs it tries to compensate through something that’s completely opposing.

A few examples :
Worrying = Head injury, headaches, scalp disease, insomnia,…
Sexual issues = Std’s, injury of ‘root chakra’, issues with genitals,…
Suppressed emotions = Anger outburst, aggression, imbalance,…
Nervousness = Accidents,…
Possessiveness = Theft, materials getting broken,…
Unrealistic = Emotionally painful encounters,…

Ofcourse some of these examples have a psychological result, such as trauma.
But what’s often not being realized is that trauma is a communicator of your deepest self.

In the end, the unfortunate results you’re getting, all have the purpose that you have to realize what needs to be worked on, what needs to be listened to, what needs to be healed,.. within you. In which people have lost touch with their inner-self, as it attracts events outside of your power to face you with your own truth.
Feeling misfortunate can come through experiencing crisis, but crisis is just heightened focus. All energy is directed towards one thing specifically, because that thing is out of balance. you can see it as a scale ; the negative experience is weighing down all other things so much that all we can see and feel is the negative side of the scale. So now it’s only a matter of taking the time, to look at the issue (aka crisis or misfortune) and see how you can lighten the heavy weight through taking constructive action.

If something within you is not strong enough, such as your voice to speak up, it will attract more impactful events in order to push you to raise your voice. As an explosive result of you not listening to yourself and bringing balance within you in the first place. 

What happens internally, will always have a way of showing you externally.
Simple example :
Bad skin, acne, pimples, rash,…
It’s a result of : poor diet, poor sleep, a defect or issue in one of your organs.
The same theory applies to impactful events.

Seen from an Astrological Perspective

The Southnode :
Before we develop our awareness decently, we tend to go back to our Southnode.
Example :
A person with Southnode in Taurus will have Northnode in Scorpio. But the Northnode is the point that feels so uncomfortable to us. In this case the person has a natural tendency to collect materials, save up money, focusing to much onto physical and material matters. This means the person is vibrating at the lowest level of his/her own capacity.
Growing means to get out of our comfortzone, a.k.a ‘letting go’ of our Southnode tendencies and obsessions.
The opposite of Taurus is Scorpio, which is a ‘destructive’ sign. so the longer the person keeps indulging into the Southnode (possessive, materialistic), he/she is not growing in any way. As the Northnode is a point that is unsatisfied, unstoppable, it will create events (triggered by transits, progressions, lunar phases,…) To wake the person up.
Such as giving crisis, house catching fire, theft, a possessive spouse, etc etc
This way the person is shocked, and faced with the loss, the loss that’s needed in order to be able to look at the their side.
Northnode Scorpio, what is all about what happens on a soul level, the money you share, the money you receive of others, the support you get from others. That’s the purpose.

I would advise to have a look at your chart, where is the Northnode placed?
• House placement = Who/what/where
• Sign placement =
• Conjunctions =
Positive quality you need to develop

See if it makes sense. Do you often end up in relationships that leave you unsatisfied, karmic relationships, painful relationships,.. ? Maybe you have Southnode in Libra or 7th or conjunct Venus.

Many times, feeling misfortunate is linked to the Nodal axis, as one tends to (over)exaggerate what these points stand for.
An example :
A woman in her mid 60’s has southnode Aries in her 1st house and northnode Libra in the 7th. She has always been more focused onto her partnerships, to the point of neglecting and losing touch with herself. She served her partner and was prey to his will and demands. BUT there is one important factor that had lead to this type of extreme behavior (living to much in her northnode). She used to be a wild and energetic child, but at one point her mother made a remark when she was playing loudly ; “don’t be so egoistic”. THAT moment marked the native to twist their focus, which resulted in a lifetime of ‘misfortune’. from that moment she made a promise to herself to never act out of ego (southnode aries), she took it so seriously that it influenced her life drastically, leading to unbalanced relationships and infidelity from the partners, as she completely dissolved her own identity, sense of self and will to put boundaries. The thing is, a child is sensitive to what you tell them.
With the nodal axis, it is possible that just one thing may lead to neglect of either side (north/south). but the behavior specifically WILL create misfortune, why? because you have to learn to bring them back into balance. The nodal axis exists as an exam, to check if you’re doing it right.

Many times the misfortune you feel, is an event that can be indicated by your natal sign and hose placement of the Lunar Nodes. you have to learn to work with both sides, bring them to harmony. cooperation.

Planet conjunct to the Northnode :
It shows what positive skill you need to develop related to that planet. I will list down the lower and higher vibrations of each planet

PlanetLower vibrationsHigher vibrations
SunEgoism, demanding, bossyGenerosity, positive expression
MoonOveremotional, defensive, dependentNurturing, intuition
MercuryOver-analyzing, indecisive, superficialService, rational, creative curiosity
VenusLazy, over compromising, idealisticArtistic, co-operation, balance, diplomacy
MarsAnger, aggression, sex addictions Assertiveness, courageous
JupiterOverindulgence, exaggeration Protective, caring, wisdom
SaturnCritical, depressive, unorganizedDetermination, stability, responsibility
Uranus Insanity, restlessness Insight, innovation
NeptuneAddictions, escapismArts, music, intuition, creativity
Pluto Destruction, abuse of power Construction, transformation

Jupiter square Pluto

One of the most common natal aspects that induce ‘misfortune’ or a heavy existence, is Jupiter square Pluto. The trine or sextile is a harmonious one, often leading to a life of excess, benefits and wealth. But the square is a rough one to deal with. Here the challenge is about beliefsystems that are amplified by obsession, fear, and control. The ultimate purpose of this aspect is to learn to let go. Shedding what’s outdated. Challenge your current beliefsystem, and is it really a constructive one? Ask yourself what you’re obsessed with, or obsessed to control because you have this deep instilled fear in you. What philosophy, view, lens, vision of life do you have, and is it realistic, does it serve the masses constructively? Circumstances, often beyond your own control, will push you to to transform, often it occurs in a big loss or crisis of exactly that which you’ve been holding onto way to tightly, or that which you’ve taken for granted, that which you may have unconsciously choked to ‘death’. The principal of indulgence needs to be reconsidered with this aspect, it’s important to learn moderation and gratitude with this particular aspect. Stay positive, open-minded and willing to surrender, to recognize in what area of life you’re stubborn and stuck in specific ideals and beliefs.


There are many ways of communication and learning in this human experience and the biggest one, if not more powerful than words, is symbolism. When things are not going well, it will show. Maybe in the form of a physical issue, night horrors, specific insects repeatedly appearing in your environment, seeing a specific number a few times a day.. you name it. These symbols are there to awaken you, to learn to tap into more subtle spheres of human existence and consciousness.

Open your perspective and do your research. Anytime something specific pops up, take a moment and look for answers.
A very simple example of symbolism is when you keep getting genital issues for example. realistically, it often means your partner is cheating. Boom, that’s it. that’s the unspoken symbolism or sign that something is off. Adapt to this way of looking at life, this type of silent communication is present in everything.

Your body, is the communication center between your subconscious and the conscious.

Some examples :
Nausea = Disgust, inability to digest information,..
Headache = Bumping into the same issue, receiving to much information,..

Effort without result

Sometimes we work so hard to achieve something we desire, but despite the effort, nothing is manifesting. Or you seem to be blocked in some way, as if there’s constantly something working against you or holding you back.
It may sound easy and cheesy, but consider this :
Open your perspective to what’s allowed to exist and hat isn’t.
You cannot endlessly pour energy into something that’s a dead end. or something that’s not harvesting the fruits. Yes sure, we have Saturn energy and it is true that some things need time in order to manifest. Yet years of effort without any progress is a clear indication that maybe you should let go.
That what isn’t manifesting, can be seen as a protection, because it may not be meant for you as you’re currently in a state of blindness or numbness to seeing the whole picture.

Language without words

I think the most common wordless language most of us know about, is numerology. But just like those random numbers that appear out of the blue, there are many other forms of communication between you and the higher realms. There is more to us, our existence than what we can sense physically.

Body language
Sign language
Facial expression
Eye movement
Vocal intonation
Symbolism (glyphs,..)
Animal symbolism (totem,…)
Insects (grasshoper, spider,…)
Expression (art,…)
illness or disease
fear & phobias

If you look around you, what do you notice. We as human beings, living in the rat race of the mundane, have become so numb to real language.

Sometimes, what we should do, is represented by the struggle or inability to achieve something. A beautiful example of a dear friend of mine who had been experiencing some intense struggles within her relationship. There was a situation where they both were living in neighboring houses for some specific reasons, one such as housesitting. In the real world it comes down to a literal brick wall being physically between them, separating them. Now the question is to broaden the perspective to WHY is that brick wall between them. What a brick wall could symbolize :
Boundaries, invisible, untouchable, divorce, protection, hard, parallel, steadfast, stable, petrified, layered, isolation,…
Now it’s up to the individual to make sense out of that, but this does require awareness, of the self. but also the ability to look at their situation from a bird’s eye view. Objectively so to speak. It requires work to be able to set aside those hurt emotions in order to see what it’s all trying to tell you. so take the time. It is perfectly alright to take a step back and be with yourself so you can analyze in all tranquility.

An extraordinary example

A man and a woman are married. The husband cheats on her. His penis gets a kink and is bend in such an angle which resulted in discomfort to have sex. It’s symbol for the damage and rupture within the flow of sexual energy between the pair due to infidelity. The wife forgave him. One day her key broke into the keyhole of the front door as a result of a heatwave. Years prior to her husband cheating, he once told “when there is infidelity between a couple, the magic is broken”. The broken key is symbol for his penis (with a kink) and the broken connection within their sexlife. his access (key=penis) is broken to her house (the divine vagina) to which this door leads.
One day the curtains spontaneously fell off the windows in the living room of this couple’s house, a symbol for the unveiling of what’s happening.

So, imagine this is you. your key just broke into two pieces, you’re irritated because now you have to get it all repaired but it’s a sunday, there’s no one you can call to get it fixed. Now you can’t leave your house as you cannot close the door anymore, so you won’t be able to go to that party you were invited to. “aah damn, this is so shit, i feel so misfortunate”
well no, have a look at what’s happening in your life and how you can connect the dots, how you can connect the situation of the broken key into circumstances that are happening within your life.

This is exactly what i mean by considering symbolism in misfortunate situations.

Open your eyes, my dear