Vertex – AntiVertex

Point of fatedness, The Vertex is always found on the right side of the horoscope. The Vertex axis functions as an angle, just like the Ascendant and the MC. It is also considered the axis of destined or fated encounters with others.
It indicates what other people bring to you beyond your own control. The antivertex is always found on the left side of the horoscope and acts like a second ascendant, this indicates hat you bring to others.

Pars of Fortune 

It indicates an area of life that is a fortunate one for the native. The house in which the Part of Fortune is placed indicates an area which is likely to be a successful one for you;  where the applications of your skill will bear fruit. Where and how you will find good luck and happiness. It is a very sensitive spot in the chart and is associated with the physical body and health. When you develop the qualities of your POF it will bring abundance (the type depends on the element). It can bring major happiness if we dare to do what we fear as POF is often a trait, characteristic we desire to achieve but fear to begin. More info on the POF

North Node – South Node ☊ ☋

South node is where you came from, your past life and early experiences. The sign & house placement shows our comfortzone. North node is where you are heading, the future.  The sing & house placement show what qualities you need to develop, but this point feels very unfamiliar and uncomfortable to most, so people tend to act out of their Southnode often times. The NorthNode gives courage, against the norms, against society. But both south and northnode need to live in harmony ; using the skills of the southnode to achieve the purpose of the northnode.
More info on the Northnode

Lilith / Black Moon ⚸

Represents the blind spot when in opposition of a certain planet. For example : Lilith opposite Venus = not seeing certain ‘hidden’ things about your partner, and in love.
It is the rebel in you, the one striving for freedom within the area it is placed. It also represents your raw sexuality.
Lilith is courage, taking back power, especially in a female chart. In a male chart it shows the type of woman he feels attracted to but is a bit afraid at the same time.
More info on Lilith