Your career and purpose in life can be seen by 2 things such as :

1) The sign of your MC
2) The house and sign placement of your NothNode

The 10th house represents your career and reputation. It goes hand in hand with your second house, which represents your own money and income, aswell as your attitude towards making your own money. When the ruler of the 2nd house makes a harmonic aspect to the MC or the 10th house ruler, it simply means that you will be able to make good money for yourself. Especially when Jupiter makes a good aspect to the MC or is in the 10th house, it can indicate a good career-life. Bad aspects from Saturn can indicate a career late in life.
The hard aspects that are made to the MC and it’s ruler indicate obstacles along the way your path to a career. The point or planets that make these aspects represent of what nature the obstacles will be.
For example : If the ASC ruler is square to the MC = You will be your own obstacle. If it’s the ruler of your 6th it indicates your health being an obstacle.

Northnode is your soul purpose and karmic destiny. It is the astrological point that breaks laws inoder to achieve it’s goal. The sign and house placement of the Northnode represent the direction you should go in life. When it’s placed in the 6th or 10th house, it will have benefit on your career, when it’s placed in other houses, the impact is not so big on your career life.

• The house and sign placement of Saturn and Chiron
• The 2nd house ruler and occupying planets

The house and sign in which your Saturn in placed, show where you doubt yourself and the area where you are challenged. It shows what you need to learn and work on. And sometimes you end up using that in the professional field.
For example : if someone has Saturn in 6th in Cancer, it can indicate someone who struggled with health and weight, and want to become a coach for people with eating disorders or diabetics. Chiron acts in the same way. Chiron is the wounded healer, the house and sign it is placed in, show in what area of life you have a painpoint. When you overcome that pain and heal from it, it can trigger some individuals to use their knowledge about this painpoint to help others.

The second house shows your attitude towards money and work, it represents your work ethics. As mentioned before, it goes hand in hand with the 10th house. The planets occupying the 2nd house can show in what nature the individual prefers to make money.
For example : when Mars is in 2nd, it shows an individual who is determined to work hard for the money he earns.
When there are no planets in the 2nd, you have to look at the sign on the cusp of the 2nd house and see where it’s ruler is placed within the chart. Also check what aspects are made to that ruler to see the challenges and the benefits.
For example : if the sign on the cusp of 2nd house is taurus, than Venus is the ruler. If Venus is placed in the 7th house, it can indicate an individual who prefers to have a good work-life balance in their career. Aswell the individual can have financial benefits from the partner when good aspects are made from Jupiter or the 7th house ruler.

The sign of your MC (the ruler of the sign it falls into) 

MC in Aries : Self-employment, sports
MC in Taurus : Sales, beauty, food, arts
MC in Gemini : Journalism, research, media, writing
MC in Cancer : Caretaker, cook, mindfulness
MC in Leo : Leader, creative sector, self-employment
MC in Virgo : Healthcare, service, animals
MC in Libra : Arts, beauty, lawyer
MC in Scorpio : Healer, psychologist, spy
MC in Sagittarius : Teacher, travel, politics
MC in Capricorn : Business, spirituality, CEO, boss
MC in Aquarius : Technology, ICT, renovation, acting
MC in Pisces : Musician, Arts, biology

Northnode in the signs 

NN in Aries : “I am”
NN in Taurus : “I have”
NN in Gemini : “I think”
NN in Cancer : “I feel”
NN in Leo : “I will”
NN in Virgo : “I analyze”
NN in Libra : “I balance”
NN in Scorpio : “I desire”
NN in Sagittarius : “I understand”
NN in Capricorn : “I use”
NN in Aquarius : “I know”
NN in Pisces : “I believe”

Northnode in the houses 

1st house : Independence
2nd house : Self-worth
3rd house : Communication and environment
4th house : Family and emotional foundations
5th house : Children and self-expression
6th house : Giving service, health matters
7th house : Marriage and business relationships
8th house : Investigation, death and re-birth
9th house : Education and personal truth
10th house : Achievement and reputation
11th house : Receiving love through friendships
12th house : Cultivating trust in the unseen

How to find your career 

1) Atmakaraka * = Soulplanet, Soul purpose, Soul lesson
2) Amatayakaraka *  = The force to get you there
(NOT: Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Southnode)
* More explanation here
 What do these planets represent?
 Check in what sign & house both these planets are = what aspects they make

3) 10th house/MC = What you are here to do, what kind of authority will you have
 What sign is on the cusp, what does it represent (Capricorn = manager,…)

4) Ruler of 10th = In what sign & house
Where will your authority be taken place in (4th = home business,…)

5) 11th house = Where you will gain your authority from
 The source from your authority will be from the 11th house
 Placement of 11th house ruler = through what you will gain your authority

6) 3rd house = The effort you will put into your career
 Placement of 3rd house ruler = the strength of your courage and effort
 Having Mars in 3rd or 10th is very beneficial

Other ways to find your purpose 

1) Where is the most concentration of Planets
 Left/Eastern side : “I”
 Right/Western side : “You”
 Top/Day side : “What comes to the light”
 Bottom/Night side : “What lies in the dark”

2) In what element are the most Planets
 Fire : Intuitive (Active, impulsive) 
 Earth : Sensation (Practical)
 Air : Thinking (Intellectual, communication)
 Water : Feeling (Empathic, sympathic)

3) In what houses are the most planets
 Cardinal : Activity & enthusiasm
 Fixed : Stamina & stability
 Mutable : Flexibility & adaptability

4) What planets are in 2, 6, 10th house
 2nd house : Material security
 6th house : Work & health
 10th house : Position & reputation

5) The ASC and its ruler’s placement
 Shows in what areas you want to present yourself
 What are the characteristics of your ASC
 In what house is the ASC ruler
 What aspects are made to the ASC ruler

6) The Planets in sign, house and aspects

Sun: What is the central theme in life?
Moon: What do you need to feel fulfilled and content?
Mercury: What is your mental attitude?
Venus: What are your artistic and social qualities?
Mars: In what areas do you use your energies? Where do you  become active?
Jupiter: In which areas can you expand and develop yourself?
Saturn: What are your obstacles, fears and responsibilities?
Uranus: Where do you need variety, originality, sudden insights and impatience?
Neptune: In what areas do you use inspiration, instinct, sensitivity, imagination?
Pluto: Where do you express or feel control, power and powerlessness?

Example chart

I’m still researching how valid it is to work this way, but here is the chart of a woman who was a spiritual/religious teacher in elementary school. In this example i’m working with the degree theory.

MC = Sagittarius = Teaching, education
MC = 29′ = Leo degree = Creative, children,..
MC ruler at 1′ = Aries degree = Physical, self, ‘in front of’ ,..
Jupiter in 8th = Transformation, depth,..
Jupiter in Sagittarius = Religion, spirituality, morals,..

Do i have to say more? it’s very VERY literal in this woman’s chart, mindblowing!

So if this is a valid method, than this means that…

Sign of MC = What you do, the action/expression
Degree of the MC = What’s involved
Degree of MC ruler = How you do it
House placement of MC ruler = Theme of what you do
Sign placement of MC ruler = Subject, topic, sector

Let me know if this works on your chart!

3 thoughts on “Career

  1. Hi.
    I’m trying to figure out about my career based on the info you provided. Since I was a kid it was always law enforcement, got education for it and was trying to get in. Based on some information I got from my chart and trying to disect it with your website, I think it points to that as well but I just need help.
    I have Aries as NN (10th house. MC) but I got no planet in the 10th house it just says Node. I have Leo as ascendant and its in 1st and 2nd house but again no planets. All my planets r on the other side lol bottom right in Sagittarius pretty much. Im a libra born 10.10.86 Im kinda stuck at this point as to how to go about what I want to do. I was hoping u can explain to me about the missing planets because without them I can’t find other information you wrote about . I want to have as much detail as possible/as straightforward as possible.
    Couldn’t find answers on the web either.
    Thank u.

    1. Hi! for the information you gave me i’d say that with both your ascendant & MC (both fire) you’re likely to have leadership abilities, but this is rather broad as it means you could also start your own business for example. if most of your planets are clustered in one spot in your chart, it’s likely that you’ll have a stellium going on, often times this points to passion, because of an intense focused energy in your chart. for you this must be sagittarius which is indeed Law, but also culture, travel, foreign matters, publishing (about whatever you’re passionate about for example), truth, teaching, education, horses (caretaking or riding or even healing with horses, they are very special creatures)..
      If you have your northnode in 10 it means you need to learn how to trust your inner authority, but also build solid foundations for yourself. getting out of the ‘comfortzone’ and dare to speak up, don’t be afraid to be seen in public, the outside world,..
      It may help to check the degrees of your ascendant and MC too. you can find more info about degrees on the section “diving deeper” , the degree theory could be helpful aswell. there is alot to consider ofcourse inorder to get a grasp on what path to choose for your career, tho often times, passion leads to a career. Hope this could help you a little further on your search. Best of luck to you!

  2. I’m still trying to find my passion and what I should do in life. I tried to follow this but the options listed I feel like I cant do it or I’m not really interested in doing that. Do you recommend an astrologer who offers services that could help me fill in the gaps? I’m lost!
    6/16/88 1:45am Tallahassee,fl

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