Lilith or Black moon is a point in the horoscope that is mostly known for the inner rebel and raw femininity.
It indicates an unknown wound within that revolves around powerlessness, frustration and vulnerability where she opens the gates to profound self awareness and growth. The inner witch in each of us.
Lilith can reveal the darkest within, the part that awakens in times of crisis, anxiety, anger,..
She is subconscious energy, the connection-point with our true self. She exposes parts of us that we don’t recognize whenever her potentials and presence are blocked, ignored and neglected.
Lilith is the root for certain situations in your life which you’d rather not face, but it forces you to see the shadow within.
She is about finding our authentic self and to embrace it wholesome, our personal truths, fearless to express.
When our Lilith closes, as a result of setback, we move into Priapus (exactly opposite to Lilith) and this is the point where
we encounter parts that are keep secret from the outside world, the things you’re capable of when you’re mistreated, it’s the shallow self.

Wherever Lilith sits by house and Sign, represents a sensitive axis. For example : Lilith in the 3rd house means that the 6th, 9th and 12th become the axis of Lilith. So if issues occur related to Lilith, she will than influence all the other houses and weaken their stability. Causing major issues where life may feel like it’s not flowing or not moving constructively. So begin with looking into your Lilith whenever noticing problems in the areas of life that are on the same axis as Lilith.

What Lilith truly represents :
Raw feminine energy
Intuitive channel & portal
Sexual energy
Connection to past lives & other realms
6th sense
Heightened energetic sensitivity
Where your psychic abilities are

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In a female horoscope :
Your feminine power and sexuality, raw expression. The way you protect yourself. The area where you’re challenged by men (mostly) and where you may feel triggered and oppressed. How possible sexual scandals affect you, it shows the strength of your courage. Your dark side and courage. The ability for (sexual) awakenings and tantra.

In a male horoscope :
The type of woman you’re attracted to but often simultaneously afraid of. The way you prefer to have power/control over a woman. shows a wound, how woman take revenge on you. The type of challenges you face with women. It shows the type of woman you would cheat on your partner with. It indicates what you consider feminine and is a gateway to vulnerability, emotional maturity, (sexual) awakenings and tantra. The vulnerability you may fear to face.

In order to decode the shadow of an individual you have to take a look at the condition of Lilith in the natal chart.

Lilith in the signs :

Fire : To reenergize (others), the energetic & creative spheres
Earth : To cleanse the tangible, Materializing, magic touch
Air : Claircognizant, To know, heightened mental power
Water : Clairsentience, To feel, hypersensitivity

AriesSex-pioneer, oozing confidence, sex-obsessed, courageous, self-centered
TaurusSelf-indulgence, lust, greedy, sensual power, heightened senses
GeminiPlayful, tricky, sneaky, gossip, bold, excited
CancerDominant, man-eater, emotional power
LeoGlamorous, narcissism, pleasure-seeking, proud
VirgoContradicting sexual behavior, man-hater, purity-seeking
LibraCharming, luxury, seducer, beauty-seeking, cooperative power
ScorpioFearless, sex appeal, sex addict, sexual healer
SagittariusSexual games, reckless, adventurous, straightforward
CapricornPowerhungry, cold when not getting what she wants, guarded authority
AquariusWeirdness, experimental, anarchist, reckless, groundbreaking, openminded
PiscesSexual illusions, romantic, escapist, indulgence, union-seeking, compassion
Lilith in the houses :
1st houseSex appeal, rebellious personality, sexual object, fighter, independent. Must learn to act constructively
The body as a source for communication with the inner self and the surroundings.
2nd houseMoney-hungry, materialism, possessive, protective, fear of rejection. Must learn to obtain balance and moderation
3rd houseChaotic communication, gossip, incest, alert, poetry, Must learn to think before speaking
4th houseChildhood chaos, work as an escape from home, Must watch themselves to not run away from home
5th houseSexual manipulation, affairs, little interest from children, acting, Must learn to create
6th houseIrregularity, neglecting health, demand respect, chaos, Must learn to take care of themselves
7th houseAttraction of dominant partners, unhealthy relationships, sexual instincts, repression must learn balance and cooperation
8th houseMental issues, secretive, obsessive, abuse of resources, Must learn to live/feel from the soul
9th housePushing beliefs onto others, lying, foreign affairs, knowledgeable, Must learn to practice fairness
10th houseScandals, dislike for authority, morbid determination, Must learn work-life balance
11th houseBullying, desire for uniqueness, fuckbuddy’s, social destruction, Must learn about social justice
12th houseSuppressing issues, mental problems, Escapism, nightmares, introspection, Must learn to be sober
Lilith in hard aspect to Natal planets :

• Sun : Overpowering ego, leader, wholeness within
• Moon : Emotional blackmail, borderline, witchy
• Mercury : Manipulating, lying, go-getter, determined
• Venus : Abuse of love, femme fatal, unconventional love
• Mars : Violence, abuse of power, sexual
• Jupiter : Obsessive religion, overindulgence
• Saturn : Sabotage of structure, own authority
• Uranus : Highly rebellious, freedom seeking, abrupt breakage, freethinker
• Neptune : Drug abuse, manipulation, escapism, addiction, repeating patterns
• Pluto : Abuse of power, manipulating, black magic
Nothnode : Promiscuous, activism, insatiable

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Lilith in Synastry :

Hard aspects to lilith in synastry often result in obsessive and destructive behavior when (self)awareness is lacking.
The energy can be strongly felt and often act instantly as a magnetic force between two people.
Lilith can bring healing or destruction, so it’s important to look at what kind of hard aspects she makes to the planets. Lilith is hard to satisfy as she’s all about standing your ground, the bold one. It’s exactly that what may be strongly felt between a couple who’s dealing with a ton of squares, oppositions or conjunctions involving Lilith.
However the conjunctions are most powerful.

A synastry with lots of squares or hard Lilith aspects indicates a need for sexual healing, but this is likely to be a road of trial and error, filled with obstacles and deepfelt emotions that often have a linkage with an unfulfilled sexlife or a negative past. In most cases lilith’s acts will be unpredictable,  much depends on how the individuals connect to their own Lilith energy within. The key is self awareness if you wish to work constructively.

Lilith conjunct Sun
The Lilith person pushes the ego of the Sun into exile. The Sun person then struggles to reclaim their solar power while they fall deeper into the dark depths of Lilith, their ego consumed by a seductive non-conformist.
It has a direct effect on people and is very intense. It completely reveals the shadow sides of personality, and has a radically transforming effect on the self. After this relationship, people evolve into a completely different form. It creates an irresistible attraction.

Lilith conjunct Moon
The impact of Lilith on the Moon person’s inner self stirs up an emotional storm on both sides. The Moon person feels compelled, tempted and bewitched by Lilith on a very subconscious and subtle level.
Emotional depth emerges intensely. It transforms all aspects of one´s inner world and heart, which have remained in the dark, by surface. It can be extra compelling because the moon is a planet deeply connected with the soul. May cause emotional obsessions.

Lilith conjunct Venus
The Lilith person inspires lustful feelings in the Venus person, and brings out their darkest desires. The Venus person becomes captive in the realm of indulgence, their heart under the spell of gothic romance.
Attraction is very strong, sexuality is intense and hot, creating a dark and deep love. They may be obsessed with passion. It can trigger the instinct of jealousy and possession. The dark side of love emerges, an angle that can be dangerous.

Lilith conjunct Mars
The Lilith person ignites strongly physical, primitive and sexual feelings in the Mars person. The Mars person becomes relentlessly aggressive in taming the Lilith person’s wildly chaotic resistance, instinctually seeking out Lilith’s physical touch.
It´s a very hot interaction. Since it is an angle that draws Mars´ energy into darkness, its negative effects can easily occur; it can lead to violence, abuse of power, and hostility. Care must be taken. Creates incredible intense sexuality and passion

Lilith conjunct Mercury
The mind of the Mercury person becomes captivated by Lilith as a mental image. The mind then feels intellectually attracted to the primal call of Lilith, while the Lilith person probes into the most sealed depths of their mind, and connects with Mercury there.
It has compelling effects on people´s communication, minds and thoughts. There is a telepathic bond where they can feel each other´s darkest thoughts. They can be enemies to each other, if they have a common enemy they can be very destructive together

Lilith conjunct Jupiter
The Lilith person’s tendencies are magnified and expanded via the contact with Jupiter. Jupiter’s morals and ethics end up in a gray area where the higher and wiser self is blurred by dark instincts and primal impulses. Wisdom meets the inner shadows.
There is a possibility that Jupiter´s negative work can lead to waste, fanaticism, indifference, superficiality, and extreme indulgence. Yet Jupiter will soften Lilith. It may indicate a karma that arises from misuse of information.

Lilith conjunct Saturn
Patriarchy, structure and order meet non-conformism in the most dramatic manner. The Saturn person, unable to impose anything on Lilith, experiences a shock in their system as they descend into a vortex of hidden fears,
leading to a de-programming of their karmic habits.
It is one of the most dangerous and karmic interactions, it can lead to brutality. Sexuality is dark and powerful, obsessions can become serious. Karma is very heavy and carries the hardness of Saturn, extremely compelling. People may not be separated from each other.

Lilith conjunct Uranus
The revolutionary Uranus is fueled by Lilith’s non-conformist attitude. Sparks fly as their energies meet, creating a storm in the sky. Lilith brings out Uranus’ most repressed inner rebel and liberates him.
It removes the boundaries of individuals and makes them open to any situation. It creates a very sudden and high attraction and magnet effect. They can do anything together, so danger exists unpredictably, causing impulsive and sudden situations.

Lilith conjunct Neptune
The Neptune person, haunted by the illusory ghost images of Lilith, intuitively reaches out to Lilith’s self-imposed isolation, and connects with Lilith there, beyond time and space, like a dream within a dream.
It reveals the darkest desires and dreams of people. There is a risk of being lost in these dark desires and dreams. The risk of addiction is very high. People can fill each other´s minds with illusions, thus creating psychological disturbances.

Lilith conjunct Pluto
Two factors of separation become one. Lilith finds her home in the dark and passionate heart of Pluto, joining their intense forces and their suffering, transcending their isolation, transforming their pain together.
Very dangerous, extremely karmic and transformative. Sexual attraction is irresistibly strong. They can touch each other´s darkest sides, see and activate even the most hidden evil sides. Has devastating effects.

Lilith conjunct Chiron
You both expose old wounds or may inflict new ones. This may feel like a union of two hurt people that came together for healing and most often that’s the case but it requires a profound level of self awareness and the ability to embrace vulnerability. You have to accept each others pain an learn to be transparent with one another. There may be a tendency to hold on to tightly to one another or completely abstain from connecting as there is a subtle sphere of awkwardness.
Both need to overcome and be patient with the process of transformation that will come with this conjunction.

Lilith conjunct Ascendant
The Ascendant person’s subconscious impulses are drawn out by Lilith in very public settings. Being around the Lilith person tears down their external mask and brings their shadow self out in the open.
The attraction between people is very strong and clear. It brings out all the dark sides of personality, the shadow sides is a relationship theme that needs to be solved. In this relationship, people are very much affected by each other´s identities and postures, experiencing transformation in this field.

Lilith- North Node
In order for people to move on their spiritual paths, their shadow sides must be solved. Although this is challenging, karmic lessons are very important. People go through a very important spiritual change by discovering the deepest of their dark sides.

Lilith-South Node
There is a very deep karmic bond between them. This hash must be completed. They know, feel, and trigger each other´s evil sides. It creates a dark familiarity with a very strong sexual attraction.

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Hard Lilith contacts in Synastry

The square is the most challenging one amongst them when it comes to Lilith.
Initially it creates strong sexual attraction that starts explosively but could wear off after some time has passed and may create a sour ending between two people. Lilith squares can trigger and result in repression of sexuality, anger, frustration, jealousy, revenge, range, shame, guilt. It can be difficult to conquer as Lilith is wild and hard to tame.
The square can bring unresolved wounds and trauma to the surface so if a synastry is Lilith dominant, it can become a very confronting experience and journey.
What’s necessary to handle this aspect?

AWARENESS, VULNERABILITY, EMOTIONAL MATURITY and some sort of spiritual awakening.
This is usually the reason why two people with a heavy Lilith synastry have come together as they seem to trigger these feelings within each other that Lilith stands for. Open communication is a necessity. If one has sexual blockages, shame or is stuck in a certain perception onto sex and the female archetype, then this could create a very toxic situation between two people.

Lilith has the potential for incredibly passionate, intense, soulful and Tantric sex, but first you need to kick out those assumptions, expectations, ill perceptions and especially patriarchy.
Be open, vulnerable, comfortable with your own emotions, your own sexual expression, be respectful and understanding towards each other. Don’t repress.

Lilith can either heal or destroy.

The aspects listed above are mostly about the conjunctions. However a little side note i want to make here.
In the synastry of a past relationship we had a double whammy of Mars conjunct lilith. one is happening in my 1st house, the other in my 8th house. You may think ‘WOW, that’s some hot shit going down there’ . Wrong. We have a lot of square aspects in our synastry that include Lilith, that caused an obstacle for these raw energies to flow.
The sex ain’t hot, passionate or intense. So take all Lilith contact into consideration when checking your synastry for it. Besides that, trying to predict Lilith’s outcome in a synastry is rather difficult, you will never fully know until you dive into the deep…